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Matt's Montreal Mania (reports and photos) Now with a smoking Safin photo!

Volcanic Tennis
08-08-2009, 11:51 PM
I'm not as photo-crazy as before :lol: I only took a dozen photos, mostly of me and players haha :lol:
But today it's hard to report much. Nadal and Federer practiced, but the crowds were too big so I didn't bother watching.
Levine was quite in a bad mood in the first part of his match, questioning all line calls, as if the world was against him :o He got his grip together though and sailed through with his determination.

Llodra's match was also interesting. At 5-7 *5-4 deuce, he misses a shot so it's BP. He yells out 'putain' (roughly french equivalent of the f word) and then perhaps mutters something. A line's judge runs up to umpire to say something as Llodra gets ready to serve at BP, and then he calls over Llodra, and there's a big debacle. Apparently he might've sworn again, or something :o and the tournament supervisor was called. Llodra was so angry, arguing to the bone with the umpire. Then the chair umpire called "Llodra - point penalty - obscenity." so it was 5-5. :o
Had he not won the set in a tiebreaker he would've been quite mad indeed. :o But Chudinelli suffered in this one, because he was not the same afterward in the match.

That's about all of note that will interest people. But I must mention:
Youzhny and Melzer both took photos with me, they were really nice about it too. Melzer is so sweet, he signed for people while on the phone! :hearts:
Aspelin and Hanley practiced for a while together too, and also took photos with me. I was kind of quirky on the photos :lol: (you'll see) and they laughed at me - they were really smiling on the photos which makes me really happy, because it didn't seem forced. Hanley recognized me from facebook :lol: he said, "Hey, how are ya mate?" (God, I love the Aussie accent.)

I really glad to get these poses with the players :) They're all such nice people!

Well, I'm absolutely exhausted now, off to bed early tonight I think :lol: Big week ahead of me.
and I can't wait for the doubles - ALL the matches look good! Especially looking forward to Aspelin/Hanley vs. Lopez/Verdasco, what a match-up! Sad it's first round but it's going to be wonderfully amazing.

08-09-2009, 08:11 AM
Thanks! Llodra swearing like a trooper is nothing new, good to see he doesn't always get away with it.

Volcanic Tennis
08-09-2009, 11:42 PM
Today, I had a chance to see De Chaunac play Hernych. Hernych was playing super well, hitting a lot of winners, whereas De Chaunac was spraying a little bit. But it was an overall quality affair, I was really impressed with Hernych - I knew his name, but nothing about his game, but he has game! (Or at least he did today!)
Then I went in for Benneteau/Lapentti . At 5-0, I figured this would be a rollover, so I left at 5-2 (only to come back later and find it had become 6-7 :lol:) The end of the match saw Lapentti make a few errors that pushed him over the edge, which is a shame because he had been playing well from what I saw.

I saw Ram practice with Mirnyi; Mirnyi still a class act, and Ram grew on me a lot today. He has a lot of charm, he smiles a lot when he plays - you can tell he has a passion for our sport. They were doing doubles drills which I LOVE about having the men come here - women never do the drills (except, say, Black/Huber). Fun to watch.
I also saw Aspelin/Hanley practice against Coetzee/Melo (or at least I thought it was Coetzee, he isn't in the draw so ??) which was entertaining. It was a basic doubles warm-up. But I can watch Aspelin/Hanley play for hours, I just love their game.
In front of them was Youzhny and Andreev playing a practice match. The area was quite crowded (as these two courts don't have a lot of observation room) because Nadal was going to practice there. So I skidaddled quickly. Federer was also going to practice nearby, and the crowds are just so large (I get agoraphobic, a little bit, so I stay away from Roger and Rafa because I've seen them before luckily)
Marat Safin was practicing with Garcia-Lopez, near a court where Mathieu/Serra were practicing. Garcia's got more game than I imagined from what I heard, he really grew on me today and I'm hoping he can do well here. Safin is what he is: amazing to watch. The area is also small-ish around where he was practicing, so the crowd was quite large. A girl said during a rally: "Marat, we love you, muah muah!" He just kind of snickered as if to say "WTF?:o"
I waited out with my friend to get a photo with Safin; I know he's retiring this year so it was my last chance. He stayed chatting with Garcia for a little while; Garcia came out, and then Safin. There was tons of people, and he was signing for people but making his way out quickly you could see :lol: So I ask him "Hey, Marat, can I have a picture with you?" so he says, in his accent, "Too many people here, we cannot take photo!" I was disappointed, but remembered his sister saying the same thing to me last year :lol: Like brother, like sister?
So I'm walking down the way with my friend unconsciously following him, and see there's NO one around him. So I ran after him, and said, "Marat! Marat! There's not lots of people here now, can we have the photo??" So he said "Sure sure but fast fast!!!!" And as we were taking the photo we was kind of backing away :lol: But it's still a great photo he's so lovable!! :hearts: One of my greatest memories of Parc Jarry probably :hearts:

Also saw Dodig/Ferrero which was good quality. Dodig has a big serve, nice strokes, but hurt his wrist. Which was too bad. But Ferrero still had the upper hand on most rallies, the longer they went.

And saw the best match, Raonic/Llodra! How amazing :hearts: Raonic's serve is just massive. But today, admittedly, Llodra was not on top of his game. He made a lot of stupid mistakes, and I think expected Raonic to roll over and let him win. But Milos' big serve didn't allow much room for that. I like Milos; calm on court, not a showboat, doesn't get too over the top about winning. He signed autographs for just about everybody on court, and everyone waiting outside. We were sitting near his mom who was just so adorable when he won :hearts:

All in all, it was a WONDERFUL day =)

Volcanic Tennis
08-10-2009, 01:08 AM
From today:
Marat&Me <3<3<3!!!!!

Can't seem to upload yesterday's photos yet (odd!)

08-10-2009, 01:43 AM
Very good the reports and the photo with marat :yeah:

08-10-2009, 02:27 AM

08-10-2009, 03:30 AM
geez Matt so jealous. I hope you root Frank on!

Volcanic Tennis
08-10-2009, 11:43 AM
Koolman: I want to but I don't have center court tickets for any day this week except Tuesday morning. Hopefully though, as a second night court match, I can ask some people leaving to hand me their tickets. :D

08-10-2009, 01:31 PM
Llodra got called for a footfault (first time in the match) after a huge first serve on set point. That's what set him off.

Here's a blog post I did on it (

Volcanic Tennis
08-11-2009, 12:03 AM
Oh, right - I don't write things down and I forget because the days are so long :lol:

Volcanic Tennis
08-11-2009, 01:20 AM
Today was also a wonderful day :)
It was drizzling this morning, so I was scared the start would be delayed. But it wasn't, thank God, and the day went on without much rain at all - overcast, which is great to watch tennis :)

We started off watching Tursunov/Andreev which was good tennis. But poor Dmitry, he really seemed unfocused, and not into the match due to his injury. He's such a witty guy though, a ballboy slid on the court and fell at one point getting a ball, and when the ballboy when to reach for another ball he said "Careful now" :lol: He was chuckling and smiling a lot. A ball of his was called out and he said "Really? By how much?" the chair said "An inch maybe" He said "Really? Really? I do that all the time in practice and it's okay", everyone on court was laughing :lol: Felt sorry he had to retire, it was aiming to be a good match.

Next I watched Bhupathi/Knowles practice with Ullyett/Soares. Bhupathi swore a few times on missed shots, I was surprised! And Knowles was really not happy with his performance, he threw his racket over the park fence and it landed outside the park. A city worker was like what's a racket doing out here??? It was quite funny. The worker threw it back into the park :haha:

I spent a bit of time watching Nadal and Verdasco practice together; I waited first in line to get a photo but got tired of waiting when the practice extended to two hours so I left. I saw Aspelin/Hanley practice again, and got them to sign up the photos I posed with them, blown up :) They were super sweet, they signed at good spots on the photo and signed well (you can tell it's their autograph in other words.)

I also got a glimpse of Llodra/Tsonga vs. Robredo/Ferrer - the second set and tiebreaker. It was a good match, but overall, Tsonga made too many mistakes in the breaker. Robredo is quite an impressive doubles player, I was really surprised! He's got good returns! Should give Daniel & Nenad a run for their money.

I saw the second and third sets of Lu/Chardy. Lu was more impressive than I thought, I was sure he'd be a pusher but he actually has good strokes. Needs to work on his serve a bit though. Chardy has a BIG game, and I love his BIG game :hearts: I was shouting Allez Jeremy the entire time, people we're looking at me oddly. And my friend was shouting Jia You to Lu, so we were drawing a lot of pairs of eyes :haha: I was really into this match though. Lu threw it away in the last game, though, making 4 mistakes :o Chardy posed with me after his match, although looking half-dead (understandably, big day!!)

I then saw Nadal/Roig vs. Djokovic/Vemic. The old man's not bad :lol:! I felt sorry for Vemic though, seeing as how he's a doubles specialist. They all played really well, the crowd was really into it (and what a crowd! It was amazing how many people were drawn into this match, amazing) I thoroughly enjoyed this display of tennis :) A man kept yelling "Vamos Francisco!" every time he made a point haha.
During this match, I ran out to catch the end of Safin's practice. I was SO incredibly lucky to leave right when I did, because he ended his practice a little bit early, and I caught him right as he left. He signed the blown-up printout photo of him and I, and he was sweet in signing it; he looked at it for a second, paused, figuring out where to sign, and signed in the BEST spot, and well (you can tell it's his signature!) I was really overjoyed that he got to sign it :hearts:, now that he'll never be in Montreal again :sad:

We went home after, because tomorrow will be a big day and my mother didn't particularly want to watch Querrey or Zverev. More tomorrow!

08-11-2009, 11:33 AM
I wouldn't particularly want to watch Querrey and Zverev either, but their opponents were worth a look!

Thanks a lot again for the reports. Since you're quite into doubles, I'd be interested in your impressions of the Kohli-Wawrinka/Dlouhy-Petzsche match today if you happen to see it.

Volcanic Tennis
08-12-2009, 04:36 AM
Sorry, didn't get to it - other stuff going on :)
Today, the first match was Davydenko/Mathieu. It was very good - they were of even caliber today. It was quite entertaining. Not much more to say haha, I left after a set... (I'm so exhausted at the moment :lol:)
I then ran to see the end of Melzer/Hanescu. Poor Jurgen looked absolutely crushed... but it was close in the last game. Hanescu just has a really big game, or at least he seemed to today. Jurgen sat in his chair for almost six minutes before vacating, he looked devastated truly.
I then ran to the end of Robredo/Bogdo. Tommy's game is just so seamless, I love watching him! :hearts: Boredo? Not at all. He hits well, deep, consistent but can turn to attack easy. Bogdo asked the umpire about a close call, she said she didn't see it - he said "well, you know you haven't overruled all match long" (it was the last game) She answered "I'm well aware of that fact" :lol: The exchange was quite witty. I managed to run after Tommy and get a photo with him, he's super sweet on it :hearts:
I watched Verdasco/Lopez for a while after that. Poor Feliciano seemed to not be able to overpower his friend today, except in the second set. The rain falling during the tiebreaker was quite dramatic I must say :lol: Lopez's facial expressions just kill me, I adore watching him. After the rain delay, he just lost two critical break points. He went off to wait in the cart to be taken off, but the players were waiting for Fernando (who was signing autographs and being interviewed) so Feli got pissed. "Why should I have to wait for him?" He was let go with apologies, poor guy. Fernando must've signed and posed for hundreds of people, too bad I was on the wrong side :sobbing:
I was going to watch Haas/Karlovic but I got agoraphobic. The stands are too mashed together, there were too many people, so I went to watch Ferrer/Troicki instead. Viktor just couldn't string it together today, he was clearly frustrated as well. David was as intense as ever, and I predict he will stumble Rafa big time tomorrow night. David was very fan-friendly after the match, and I got a wonderful photo with him :hearts: Vamos David =)
Then it was time for the match I was waiting for all day (well actually, all the matches today I was greatly anticipating!) Nadal/Roig vs. Ram/Mirnyi - great great great. The crowd was immense once again (well over 5000, past capacity) and the tennis was good quality. Roig's net game is good enough, and Nadal was good at the baseline. Ram/Mirnyi were surprised at the level of Roig, I think - they aimed mostly at him but he came up with lots of clutch shots. Mirnyi's serve held up, and all in all it was a great match. The crowd was really into it, as well. I was torn between running to the player exit to get a Nadal photo, or watching the tiebreaker... the doubles fan in me stayed to see the wonderful tennis (which it was). But then I was in the second row of the fans, and I didn't get my photo with Rafa - had I gone in the first row I would have (sigh!). Mirnyi/Ram didn't sign any autographs, poor guys :hug: I would've asked too had they offered (I was quite verbal in this match supporting them :lol:)
Then it was Gonzalez/Raonic. This was just amazing. We couldn't leave, the crowd was intense (especially the Chileans... oye, the crowd was cheering them both on at some times) and I was in the first row :hearts: My lungs are empty right now from cheering Millos on. He just has a seamless game - his backhand is iffy at times, but the forehand is huge, and the serve comes through. But most of all; he doesn't waste energy on needless celebrations, he focuses on each and every point, and he stays level. He doesn't get upset ever. It was quite something. His mother was really into it too, getting the crowd to cheer, got to love that! Gonzalez was the character that he is, and added to the wonderful quality of the match. :)

I quite enjoyed today ~ It was a fine display of tennis from everyone on the grounds, and I can't wait for tomorrow. Finally I get to see what I was waiting for since Friday: Lopez/Verdasco vs. Aspelin/Hanley :drool:

Volcanic Tennis
08-12-2009, 04:52 AM
Pics from before that I didn't upload :)

08-12-2009, 02:33 PM
Thanks for the reports :wavey: Hope you'll be there again today :cool:

Volcanic Tennis
08-13-2009, 04:40 AM
Today, I saw the beginning of Youzhny/Isner. Isner's big serve was there, but Youzhny was just chipping it back into play, neutralizing the serve. I left around 4-3, but it was very high quality tennis. I saw the end of Verdasco/Mayer, which left me feeling terrible for Mayer (who was a good sport however). Fernando must have signed for everyone on the court haha!! I just missed getting a photo by a bit though (wrong place at the wrong time haha)
Then I saw the end of Dancevic/Duclos vs Davydenko/Kunitsyn. It was good quality doubles, and the match tiebreak was super exciting. It's all kind of a blur now, but Frank was really happy with the win, as was Pierre-Ludo. Frank said, "wow, 90 ATP points, I think I have a doubles ranking know" :haha: He posed for a photo with me :)
Then it was Robredo/Petzschner. I didn't know Phil, but he has a really nice game. I love watching Tommy though. It was a really even match, neither leaving the other too much ground to work with. Tommy was super frustrated at the end of the match I could feel, Phil's serve came through in the crucial moments of the match.
I saw Youzhny win against Isner then; he was so pumped you could hear him from Robredo's court. :lol: He did the typical salute and signed autographs for the fans, he was visibly super happy.
Mirnyi/Ram finished a practice and posed with me :) They were talking about buying acres of land.. ????? Quite confusing !! Zimonjic/Nestor were also practicing. Nestor looked winded a lot, and I'm wondering if he's injured as he said. He didn't look 100% today, but you never know by watching practices. They both signed this newspaper clipping I had from when they defended their Wimbledon title, they both smiled when they saw it. Super cute!:hearts:
We watched the end of Hanescu/Kohlschreiber as well. Hanescu just has a booming serve, what can I say! The guy never quits. Phil was playing well, but Viktor just let no ground up on his serve. He was very pumped up at the end of the match, he posed for a super cute photo with me :)
Then it was time for the match of the week in my eyes (mostly because I'm such a big fan of all the players): Aspelin/Hanley vs Lopez/Verdasco. Wouldn't you know it, I was sitting right next to the Spanish camp (who were loud and never ceased talking :o) The rallies were of the highest quality, the serves unrelentingly fast; some of the shots they hit in the rallies were outstanding. The crowd was capacity; we were ooohing and awwwing like you wouldn't imagine. I love Fernando and Feli, but everyone was cheering so much for them that I had to cheer on my guys Paul and Simon. I felt terrible for Paul/Simon when they lost, they were visibly upset at not having capitalized in the tiebreaker. But Feli/Fernando really wanted to win this one, you could tell. Today confirmed what I knew: Simon and Paul are really, really good doubles player. I had never seen Simon play live, but he's just a wiz at the net and his serve is AWESOME. (which is why he's my favorite doubles specialist :)) Paul is also handy, quick with his hands. They just lost by a thin margin today (mostly due to the Spanish having more aces at bigger moments). But I am confident that on a good week they can win a Grand Slam together. :)
I watched Ullyett/Soares vs Petzschner/Dlouhy after. Kevin/Bruno were playing well, but Lukas was just ON FIRE and so was Phil. Phil's serve boomed as usual (his service games took under a minute) and Lukas was very agile and quick with his hands today. KBruno let up a little bit at the end when he needed to be on his feet the most, and he left the match visibly upset. But Phil and Lukas were ECSTATIC. Phil posed for a photo with me and Lukas said "Smile, eh?" and he said "I am ALWAYS smiling" (and indeed he was... but unfortunately I had left my zoom on my camera so the photo looks blurry :o)
Haas/Gonzalez was good while it lasted... quite short. The crowd from CC had come over only to leave. :lol: But I did walk into Melzer/Coetzee vs Bhupathi/Knowles. After the first set, they let us come down so I was in the second row behind the baseline. That is just an AMAZING seat, I cannot describe it, you feel as if you are right behind the player as they hit... I'm still dazed. The match was good quality, but Jurgen would miss shots and lose his mental. He put too much pressure on himself tonight. He even had a little outburst that Mahesh was receiving for every deuce point (all the while Jurgen was always receiving for the deuce points too :lol: It was an odd exchange between the four players) On the way out, Mark posed with me (but I had to take the photo myself - luckily I didn't miss, and with the flash and the lighting it turned out the be one of the best photos I've gotten this week!:))
Until tomorrow, adios!

08-13-2009, 02:28 PM
Very interesting update. Thanks :wavey:

08-14-2009, 10:25 AM
Thanks again, it's very appreciated, you see lots of matches we have no livestream for.
If you saw the doubles match Mirnyi-Ram/Dlouhy-Petzsche yesterday, there was a longer break at one point, was the scoreboard having a bug or was there a medical time-out?

Volcanic Tennis
08-15-2009, 04:02 PM
I already forget what I did Thursday :lol:
I watched Andy Roddick and Andy Murray practice, as well as Garcia-Lopez and Lopez. Garcia was looking at me funny, he must wonder why I watch him so much.
I went to watch the end of Del Potro - Hanescu, I thought Juan Martin had quite a big game today. Viktor just looked at a lost against the hard hitting of Juan. Juan signed a lot of autographs, it was really sweet. Poor Viktor though, I felt bad for the guy.
I ran off to see Bhupathi/Knowles practice; Bhupathi left the court early, so I asked him for a photo. I said "Good match last night" as I clicked the photo, and he actually smiled on the photo (It's really nice!) Then Knowles practiced alone. He hits a serve (which was booming nice) and he says to his coach "Is that good?" so the coach says "well you didn't really do what I told you to do" so Mark muttered "That's funny I thought it was a f-king awesome serve". Then the coach was feeding balls and Mark said "Don't feed them so high, I am capable of attacking high balls after all" :lol: I was having fits of laughter.
He came to sit in his chair and said 'Hey how are you' to two girls watching him (we were only 3) He was super social, took photos with the people, and signed the photo of us commenting that it was a nice photo :hearts: (which it was, too)
I watched Nestor/Zimonjic practice against Raonic/Bester - Daniel is just a hoot! He is so sarcastic but funny. At one point when Raonic missed a return he said "And you had match point on Gonzalez?" :haha: But it was all in good fun. The young Canadians won one game at most. I got a photo with Nenad which was nice :)
Somewhere along the line I got to take a photo with Marin Cilic but he was kind of prima-donna like. He said "Sure, but hurry up" and he looks disgruntled on the photo. I felt guilty for asking :o I also got one with Fernando Verdasco at some point, after his practice, but he's not looking (it's too bad because it would otherwise have been perfect!)
Davydenko/Gonzalez was a good match; not much separated those two. They were on even terms throughout, just a little bit of an edge to Davydenko's consistency.
Then I got to see Mirnyi/Ram practice and got their autographs on the photo of us three :) I was disappointed a bit with the photo, I wanted to take it over but I didn't want to be a bother :o
Lopez/Verdasco vs Moodie/Norman was a great match. Fernando was visibly bothered and tired from his singles loss, and Lopez was his drama queen self. Dick and Wesley were level throughout, which was to their credit. The match was really even, big serves from all four players, and I can't say Fernando/Feli were outclassed. It was only the difference of a few points. Fernando is the one who missed the most important shots in the second set breaker though, he felt HORRIBLE after this one.
We watched Mirnyi/Ram vs Petzschner/Dlouhy next. This was such bad scheduling. Phil was EXHAUSTED from his past two days (two singles and one doubles) and got medical treatment at 1-1 for his knee. And really, there were about 30 of us in the stands, half of which knew the players. It was just bad scheduling, it should've been played Friday, but oh well. Max/Andy were just too good, Phil was too tired, and Lukas missed some shots he wouldn't have missed on a good day. After the first set, Phil hit a ball to the back of the court but it went in the stands and hit Max's coach. He felt HORRIBLE and apologized twice, and after the match too. Lukas also lost his cool, but moreso than Phil, SMASHING his racket into the backdrop of the court. Lucky no one got hurt !
Simon/Tsonga was almost over then, it was packed on the court. I can't say much about this match.
Bryan/Bryan vs Melo/Lindsted was great quality doubles, but Marcelo and Robert just made some mistakes in two games in each set which cost them dearly. They didn't take their opportunities on BP, and were not able to break. Mentally it was quite a battle for them, and they both had towels over their heads after the match was over, visibly upset they could not capitalize.

Friday, I saw Nestor/Zimonjic vs Moodie/Norman. Masterclass from Dan/Nenad. Really, a cut above the competition today.
I got to stand in for Andy/Novak and Juan/Rafa, both of which were entertaining but no one needs to know my impressions.:)
Oh, and I got a 'photo with Nadal'.... :lol: