All these threads trashing men's tennis are wind-ups

Gonzo Hates Me!
09-08-2002, 02:27 PM
That's a British term. Yeah, 'cause I go to the LFC MB and 'cause trouble. LOL!

Anyway, just ignore them. Replying to them is not worth your energy.

09-08-2002, 02:32 PM
Yep maybe you're right, but I just can't resist the urge to defend something I love. :)

Chloe le Bopper
09-08-2002, 06:51 PM
Nice tip.

I like to try and debate with people, but came to the conclusion most of them aren't interested in the other side of the story.

Facts aren't important to them :p

09-08-2002, 07:10 PM
Mrs.Guga!U trash my beloved teams MB's?lol which 1's? ;)

Tennis Fool
09-08-2002, 07:34 PM
Anyway, just ignore them. Replying to them is not worth your energy.
I agree, if you don't care about the topic please don't reply. I want to hear from those who wish to insightfully debate.

Gonzo Hates Me!
09-08-2002, 07:38 PM
Words of wisdom Becca.

ILuvRogi, just at the official Liverpool site. I just told them I am a Man U fan just to see how they would react. Of course, the cane and the tomatoes.

09-08-2002, 07:52 PM
lol!I just wondered.what name do u use?

09-08-2002, 08:13 PM

I have questions about the ate of the new balls too (except hewitt) but I would never dismiss them. New balls got to the finals of OZ (Marat), the finals of French(JCF) the finals of Wimby(Hewitt) not to mention that new bals have quite a few masters titles/ finals between them so if old balls got to 1, I repeat ONE slam final it is not the end of the world.

A true men's tennis fan knowing this would not be so flippant about the acomplishments of the new balls.

We do have to worry about Roddick though.