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World Team Championship in Düsseldorf

05-17-2009, 03:04 PM
Russia vs. Italy first this year.

According to official website ( we had Andreev, Tursunov, Zhenya Korolev and Stanislav Vovk (ATP #1135) in the team, but Igor and Mitya are both out with injuries, as I just found out, so Tarpi put in the youngsters.

We have the lowest-ranked team at the tournament at the moment, with Zhenya also out of Top 100. Should be interesting. Or not.

But Zhenya beat Andreas Seppi 6-4 6-4, before little Stasik lost to Bolelli 6-7(1-7) 2-6.
Missed the first match. Not much to comment on in the 2nd... the difference in class was just overwhelming, although good job to Slava for holding all his serves in the first set! And I got to see Zhenya looking all pleased with something.. his win maybe, for example.

Anyway, anyone following this? They have livestreams on bet365 for example...