Federer's forehand

05-03-2009, 03:27 AM
One shot that has cost Roger in tight matches lately is his moving forward, crosscourt forehand. He dumps it into the net a lot. Match point vs Nadal at Wimby has one of those shots. Also it was the shot he missed before slamming his racket against Djokovic at Miami this year and several other times lately. It is one shot that has deteriorated. However it is easily fixable. But do you think that now when he gets that shot in big points, images from his Wimby miss come into his mind?

05-03-2009, 05:41 AM
Well since no one else has responded to this thread I guess I will. I don't know about images from wimbledon, but I have noticed that he has some problems with his crosscourt forehand (maybe short ones even more, I don't know). I've personally noticed that he's had trouble with cross-court forehands when he's stretched wide.

Apart from all the psychological stuff, I think that his technique makes this shot a bit more difficult for him than some other players. Federer needs a lot of space between his body and his racquet on his forehand. He often makes contact with a straight arm way out in front of his body. This allows him to get a lot of centrifugal force on a hard forehand, but on a slower forehand (as when hitting a short ball) it can just make things more unstable.

Also, Federer has a very "whippy" forehand (related to the straight-arm technique I mentioned earlier), so racquet-head acceleration and contact point are very important. I think it's harder for him to synchronize peak racquet-head speed with the more forward contact point necessary for a cross-court shot. But this style also explains why he excels (or at least excelled) at inside-out and down the line forehands.

Most likely whatever's going through Federers head at the moment has magnified this vulnerability.