Which dark horse to win GS makes you impressive in previous years?

04-27-2009, 08:24 AM
Dark horse means not many people think he will win the title.
I don't care too often about tennis before 2006,
but to answer this question I think in 2001 Wimbledon makes me the most impressive,
also you can discuss that.

I choose these choices.

1. 2005 Roland Garros (In that time is Nadal the favorite? maybe Federer is the favorite.)
2. 2004 Roland Garros (Gaudio is the champion)
3. 2002 Aus. Open (Johansson is the champion)
4. 2001 Wimbledon (Ivanisevic is the champion)
5. 1999 Aus. Open (Kafelnikov is the champion)
6. other?