The "OMG month of mourning for fedfans: Roger cut his hair :bigcry:" chat thread [Archive] -

The "OMG month of mourning for fedfans: Roger cut his hair :bigcry:" chat thread

03-28-2008, 08:32 PM
Ok I finally got around to creating that chat thread (I'm willing to accept suggestions about the thread title :angel:)
I figured with so many people posting in this forum it could be a good idea;)

Have fun people ! :D

For those with goldfish memories :

Mangoes, the interviewer- Sheryl
Elessar, the thread starter- Claire :worship:
NYCtennisfan, the mod, the unmatched MTF tennis analyst-Alex
rofe, the only(?) dad here - Mahesh
MY, Fedtard No1-Jen
Multiple user names, Fedal No1, claims to be not interested in female issues- Karin
JediFed, the retrosexual (nice guy)-Sean
Federerhingis, another NY citizen-Luis
yanchr- the girl who doesn't like both children and animals, not interested in music, but sings herself- Laura
JMPower/P.Antonius - Jean Marc AKA Juan Martin AKA Jan Michael
l_mac That odd, unreliable poster(J/k)and Rafafangirl extraordinary-Linda
RogiFan88- the Canadian multilinguist-?
neenah- HS student who loves playing tennis-Nina
Anon57, born in Aruba but now lives in the netherlands on the main land - Kimberly
Mrs. B- Eva
Suktuen-likes to pray for Roger a lot
Tennizen don't get fooled by the username, total fangirl too :D-Hema
Betty Italian mom with an adorable son :hug: - Betty
Refero*fervens- Stephanie but also answers to Steph :p
Diladida - Donna

04-09-2009, 01:27 AM
The first thread was closed because it exceeded the recommended 5000 posts. Part two started.

VB message board does not handle large threads well.

04-09-2009, 08:30 AM
Suktuen-likes to pray for Roger a lot