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Weakest concurence ever? definitly

Swiss Mountain
04-07-2009, 12:54 AM
Nadal, losing against Del Potro who took two bagels against Federer, 6 years older.

Djoko, who lost against Safin, 7 years older.

Murray, who was crashed against a lost Federer 2008 at the USO.

The final Murray vs Djoko was a tennis disaster.
Murray couldn't have an easier win.

I remember the 2004-2007 years when Fed was walking on water.

Who will be able to crush this pityful "concurence" today and dominate itwhile Roger is old and burn out?

I'd like to find the Fed and Safin of 2005, tennis would be gold again.

This is a sad time for tennis.
No attack, just defensive players, and No Single Backhand in top 5 but Fed???: death of tennis?