08-10-2004, 06:36 PM
Ninja peering through a pair of binoculars; saw the garden of the gods the place where all life sprang from…the Holyland. Ninja was here last year to revive the spirit of the gods so they could banish the shadows of darkness with their holy light from the sky. Ever since then the Holyland has been at peace and has sustain the cycle of life on earth. However time has a way of changing all things. The sight was everything Gerry Weber described to Ninja. The enormous dark clouds, the cold rain, the frightening lightning. Ninja was a witness to this same sight just days ago when he vanished evil from Mr. Weber’s estate. Gerry Weber is a very wealthy businessman who has long supported the Swiss secret agency with funds. Ninja was sent out to save him and his estate. The emotionally mission came to an end and Ninja was more than happy to help out a man he considers family. Upon saving him Mr. Weber informed Ninja of a greater evil at work. Ninja had no choice but to come back to this place once again. Sadness filled his eyes and if you looked close enough you would see that it was not raindrops around his eyes but tear drops. Ninja’s heart had no room for such sadness right now because he knew that every minute counted; during the night’s darkest hour he set out to approach the main entrance to the Holyland.

Ninja was across the street and about ready to make for the main gate when suddenly he saw two figures at the entrance. One was a man dressed in all black with a staff that held a dark purple orb on its peak. The other was an elf that Ninja seemed to recognize; his name was Andy. He was the one who broke into the Holyland last year and disturbed the gods’ slumber by trying to steal the Golden Challenger cup from which they drank. This causes a catastrophe from within the Holyland. The gods awoke and their anger ravaged the scared grounds and in turn allowed evil to seep through on the surface of the planet. This evil took control of some minds and chaos ensure through out the world. It wasn’t until Ninja killed Andy and his giant cohort Mark that Gods calmed down and went back to sleep. To reward Ninja’s good deep they gave Ninja his very own miniature Golden Challenger Cup. Ninja would receive wisdom and strength from it each time he took a drink. Ninja found the gift most useful but sadly didn’t have time to go back and get it for this mission.

Ninja saw the two talking saw that Andy was armed with a bulky club, which was emitting a soft orange glow. Ninja had a feeling the other guy might be Brad Gilbert. Gerry Weber told Ninja about this evil wizard. He was the one who took him hostage and started to draw the darkness to his beautiful estate. Gilbert left his minions in control of the estate and left to begin his evil conquest of the Holyland. Ninja knew the gods wouldn’t go quickly or quietly, but he knew his presence was required. Ninja walked out into the open and moved towards both of them with rage in his heart. The two evildoers were frozen in disbelief. Before drawing his sword Ninja pulled down his veil and ask the man in black if he was Brad Gilbert. The man gave a smirk and waved his staff towards a dead guard and a bolt of lightening from the purple orb on his staff ran its course through the dead corpse. The man dressed in black then disappeared and Ninja was left face to face with Andy. Rain began to fall and Ninja slowly drew his sword and Andy was dead in his sights. Andy’s knees began to shake suddenly he squealed, “I’m not ready yet” and ran through the main gates of the Holyland. Ninja ran after him but the dead guard jumped in front of him just as he was about to hunt Andy down. Ninja stepped back as the drooling zombie was staring at him as if he was a roast. Ninja watched Andy run out of sight and shouted “COWARD” before turning his attention to the zombie. The guard’s named was Alex and he was a young lad who was killed by the poison of the darkness that contaminated the water in the Holyland. Ninja has great respect for the dead and didn’t want to shred this corpse to pieces. The zombie lunged for Ninja but was stopped once he got kicked in the face. Ninja then chopped off his hand but that didn’t slow down the zombie Alex now has become. He lunged for the holy hero but once again was foiled when two ninja knives went straight into his eyes. The zombie groaned in pain but Ninja knew this was for the best. He raised his sword and decapitated the zombie. He said a prayer for Alex’s soul and proceeded to enter the Holyland.

Ninja cautiously walked through the grounds of this scared garden. The site was worse than he imagined. The plants were dead, some of the trees had fallen over, and some of the flowerbeds were ravaged. This darkness had penetrated this place faster than Ninja first thought. He came upon the first fork in the road at the Holyland. Unfortunately the path to the center shrine was blocked by willow trees slumped over and they were covered in endless flowing lightening bolts. Ninja had no choice but to take the long route to the center shrine. As soon as he set out on this path a man named Falla appeared from behind some shrubbery and drew out his mace. He charged Ninja and Ninja countered by jumping over his head and threw a ninja star into the Falla’s arm. He was not able to recover his mace and Ninja finished him off by impaling him. Ninja was well aware that many more enemies would stand in his way and that liberating the Holyland this time around would not be so easy as it was last year.

Ninja made his way through a series of courtyards and small shrines on his way to the center court and shrine. On one of the courts, Ninja came across a familiar foe; Thomas Johansson whom fought with Ninja back at Weber’s estate and was mortally wounded in the battle. Ninja saw him sitting alone by a campfire he prepared this evening, and Thomas was lost deep in his thoughts. Ninja was in no mood to fight and neither was Thomas. Thomas was a weary warrior who sold his soul to Brad Gilbert in exchange for power. The plan worked for a while. Thomas was able to steal the Cryptic Cup of Oz before the special forces of Australia retrieved it and locked Thomas away. Brad broke him out of prison in exchange for his service. Thomas was nothing more than a slave with no soul of his own and it was finally getting to him. Ninja asked Thomas to tell him everything he knew but Thomas was not interested in helping the holy hero so Ninja drew his sword and Thomas stood up with his broad sword and was prepared for war once more. They dueled and Thomas was able to land a few punches early on but Ninja’s chops and kicks were able to dent his armor. Thomas got tired quickly and Ninja ended the battle with deep stab to Thomas’s ribs with his Toto blade. Thomas fell to the ground a dead man but a free man. His soul could now find peace whereas his flesh was never able to. Ninja sat by the fire for a few minutes to dry himself off. The cold rain could give him the flu and that is the last thing he needed at this point. There was nothing he could do about cleaning off his white outfit. That would have to wait for another time.

Ninja continued to make his way through the Holyland and the courtyards seemed endless. He cautiously stayed away from the darkest spots in the courtyards where the minions of darkness tended to form because he didn’t need any more trouble. Finally he was able to see the Center Courtyard. That is where the shrine of the gods was. Ninja stared at it for a moment before moving on with his mission. He came upon a courtyard that was full of fallen trees, branches, and rocks. He slowly walked through it; he knew there was a great evil presence here. Suddenly his senses proved him right when the man in black Brad Gilbert appear. Brad didn’t stay long; just long enough to cast an evil spell which gathering up all the fallen trees, branches, and rocks to materialize a giant monster. Brad introduced the giant as Ivo and smirked an evil smile as he faded away. Ivo was slow which was a plus for Ninja; He swung away at him and chased him around the courtyard. Ninja took strategic strikes at Ivo with his sword at the right moments. Within time the giant began to lose his legs and he fell to the floor. Ninja then climbed on his back and carved into Ivo’s head. The giant wooden monster bled green glob and died.

Ninja felt the shadows looming all around him and before it could swallow him up he leaped over the wall into the adjacent courtyard. He landed behind a withered bush and heard voices. He kept himself hidden behind the bush as he eavesdropped; the two figures chatting away were none other than Brad Gilbert and the evil imp Hewitt who was resurrected to do Brad’s bidding. Hewitt was arguing with Brad over the Golden Challenge Cup, it turns out that Hewitt wanted it broken apart and split between them. Brad was telling him that it was impossible to do that and it might take years for him to develop a spell strong enough to break that holy cup. Ninja had heard enough and he flipped and leaped over to them. Brad looked very nervous and he backed up while Hewitt drew out his small battle-axe and went after Ninja. Ninja sidestepped the evil imp and sent him face first into a mud puddle. Hewitt got up and with fierce determination went after him swinging wildly but Ninja jumped back and threw three ninja stars into the imp’s little body. The imp went down to the ground once more and was moaning in pain. Brad used his evil wizardry to create a cold rainstorm over the courtyard. He then directed the wind to guide all the raindrops Ninja’s way. Ninja was getting soaked and becoming quite cold. This gave Hewitt enough time to get up and charge Ninja once more. He came in without an axe this time just unloading punches and began pounding Ninja. Ninja fell to the ground much to Brad’s delight. Hewitt was on top of Ninja punching away till Ninja would tolerate no more, Ninja grabbed both of Hewitt’s wrists with each hand and head-butted him till Hewitt collapse. Brad’s smirk now was gone and not wanting to see the end of his minion he disappeared. Ninja still being pelted with coin rain lifted Hewitt’s axe from the ground and split his head wide open. The rain suddenly stopped. Ninja felt some pain and looked down to see a sharp rock sticking out of his side. He pulled it out and rubbed some medicine on his wound to heal it. He had no time to wait for the healing process to conclude for the center shrine was now very near.

As he made his way up the steps of the center shrine, he started to cough and sneeze. Ninja couldn’t believe it. He couldn’t remember the last time he felt sick. The cold rain had left its mark and Ninja knew time was not on his side. At the top of the stairs Ninja looked around and could see that the wonders of the center shrine were still intact. The streams of water were still flowing out of the shrine. The water was crystal clear and its purity was not challenged. It was a sight of great relief. The vines and flowers and plants were still healthy. The gods that rested here were still the strongest force in the world. Ninja humbly walked into the center shrine.

When Ninja reach the core of the shrine and the core of the Holyland he looked down from the terrace to see Brad and Andy and another figure. Brad was standing by the tomb of the gods and in the middle of casting a spell. The tomb resembled a giant redwood tree and a monument. It was in the shape of a giant redwood but made of diamond, which shimmered a beautiful holy light every other minute. The structure was fascinating. The truck of the tree was a relief made up of men. They were the gods of the Holyland. They were mighty heroes at one time and after their passing became spirits who guided the cycle of all life on the planet. Many myths were written about this tomb and some travelers to this place have actually claimed to have seen these gods walking around the Holyland in the form of spirits. Ninja could only imagine what evil lied in the belly of the spell Brad was trying to cast. Without hesitation Ninja swiftly moved to the floor of the shrine. Brad couldn’t believe it. He cursed his awful timing and ordered Andy to take out the holy hero. Andy looked at his bulky club, which was still emitting a soft orange glow and replied meekly “I’m not ready yet”. Andy ordered the other guy to fight Ninja. The other guy was named Grosjean and was a French fencer. He drew out his rapier and Ninja and Grosjean went into a deadly but beautiful duel. Ninja was winning the duel early on when he landed some shallow cuts to Grosjean’s torso and arms. Grosjean looked to be going down but then Ninja began to cough and a second after sneezing Grosjean landed his first cut. He cut Ninja just above the right eye. Grosjean was now smiling and felt he would win, he went for a full thrust to finish Ninja off but Ninja moved actually grabbed the blade with his left hand and stuck his own sword out and pulled Grosjean into it. The blood began to flow from Grosjean’s stomach and mouth like a river. He dropped to the ground and Ninja watched him die at his feet.

Ninja won but was now injured and weary. He slowly walked over to the final two evildoers left in his path. Brad was forced to stop the casting of his spell. He was fuming and cursed at Ninja. After Brad’s tirade there was a moment of silence. Ninja then slowly pulled down his veil and gave Brad a serious stare. “I am unable to let you leave here alive” was all Ninja said before pulling his veil back up and got into his fighting stance. Brad began to wave his staff as he was about to cast a spell on Ninja, but just then Andy exclaimed with great excitement “I’M READY, I’M REALLY READY THIS TIME”. His club was now sparkling a bring orange light and its almost as if the club possessed Andy and he ran over to Ninja and whacked him. Ninja flew well over fifty feet and was on his back. He was taken completely by surprise. Brad floating up to a terrace to watch this battle. As Ninja was getting up, Andy came storming over at him with yet another big whack that sent Ninja fly across the room once more. Andy jumped up and down with delight. “This club is amazing, thanks Brad. Now I am so strong” Brad was laughing and smiling. He ordered Andy to finish Ninja off now. Andy ran over to Ninja and as Ninja was getting up he hit Ninja in the back and Ninja flew and landed at the base of the tomb. Andy now went over to Ninja. He was standing above him and he hit him again and again as the holy hero was on the ground. Ninja suffered many bruises and felt many bones being broken during this assault. He was near death when all of sudden the eyes of Becker lit up on the tomb. Andy paused for a moment trying to understand it. Brad then screamed “Don’t stop he is almost dead”. Andy heard his master and lifted his club up once more but this time he felt some resistance when it came time to bring it down on Ninja’s battered body. Andy turned around to see what was going on and he saw the spirit of Becker. Becker was standing there holding the head of the club with his right hand. He looked at Andy with anger and threw the club and Andy who was still holding it across the room. The spirit of Becker then disappeared. Brad was in shock. He kept urging Andy to get up. Andy was down and out therefore it was left up to Brad to finish Ninja off. Brad created a dark cloud inside the shrine and it was thundering and Brad pointed his staff towards Ninja. The eyes of Borg on the tomb lit up and the bolt born within the cloud came zooming in on Ninja but in a flash the spirit of Borg leaped over Ninja’s body and absorbed the bolt. Brad was stunned; he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Brad tried to strike Ninja dead again with lightening but yet again the spirit of Borg leaped over Ninja’s body in a flash to shield him from certain death. Borg’s spirit was now standing still and staring Brad down. Brad’s hands were shaking in fear. He was lost and Andy was still down. Brad began casting another spell and a large ball of darkness formed over Brad’s head. The future now looked bleak for all but just then the eyes of Sampras on the tomb lit up and before Brad could send the ball of darkness to the floor for the destruction of the tomb and Ninja; the spirit of Sampras appeared and created a small ball of holy light in his hands and shot it at the terrace Brad was standing on. The terrace exploded and Brad fell to the floor and his ball of darkness disappeared. The two spirits of Borg and Sampras vanished. Suddenly the eyes of Laver on the tomb lit up and he appeared on Ninja’s body. He elevated Ninja’s body in the air and wrapped holy light around it. Ninja then felt his energy come back and his injuries and illness was completely cured. Ninja floated back down to the floor and Laver’s spirit gave him a wink before vanishing. Andy was now getting up he was looking around for his magical club but once he spotted it he knew it was useless since the orange glow had now turned dim once again. All Andy could do whimper as Ninja approached him and he began to beg for his life. Ninja with sword in hand slowly raised it and in one last move of desperation Andy began to kiss Ninja’s feet. The gesture was one of good will but Ninja sadly would not return any favors. He stuck the sword through Andy’s back and impaled him. Andy let out a little scream before slowly dropping to the floor and as he did the sword slowly but smoothly slipped out of his body.

Ninja then walked back over to the tomb. Brad was now getting up and knowing that he couldn’t survive with Ninja if he remained on the floor, wisely floated up to another terrace. The dark cloud was still on the ceiling of the shrine and Brad with his staff began to cast for another bolt of lightening to come down and strike Ninja, however Ninja was very fast to come up with a counter. Ninja lifted up his sword as a spear and threw it through the air at Brad. The spell did work, the bolt of lightening came down from the dark cloud but it struck the metallic sword not Ninja. The sword was teaming with lightening and it remained on course for Brad. Unable to get out of the way in time the sword entered Brad’s body and shocked him at the same time as blood was flowing from his body. Brad fell off the terrace and was dead on arrival once he hit the ground. Ninja went over and pulled his sword from his body. He wiped the blood off his sword on Brad’s black robe. Turns out the evil wizard was good for something after all. Ninja went over to the tomb to pay his respects. The Golden Challenge Cup rose up from the tomb and was full of water. The water was sparkling with holy light and Ninja drank it. The gods suddenly appeared around him. The spirits applauded Ninja for saving the world once again. They also informed him that if he kept up the good fight someday he might become apart of the tomb once he passes to the other side. They would be happy to welcome him as a guardian spirit of the Holyland when and if that time ever came to pass.

The Holyland was turning green and coming back to life as Ninja made his way out of the scared site. The Holyland was cleansed once more.

I think its my best work. I hope you all enjoyed it. :) I can't think I will ever write one better.

08-10-2004, 07:02 PM
Great one Dirk. I really liked the plot of this story. :yeah: Keep up the good work. :D

08-11-2004, 12:45 AM
That was Great, Dirk :) :yeah: Hmm, i sense in the toronto Mission, Brad the evil Wizard, and Andy will be bidding for revenge, no?? ;) :confused:

08-11-2004, 03:04 AM
There will be no Mission for Gstaad or Toronto. If Rogi wins Athens then I will write that one up. He looks like a greek warrior with that new haircut.

08-11-2004, 01:34 PM

DIRK ~~~~~~ :worship: :worship:

08-11-2004, 05:12 PM
Agree Dirk, I think this one is your best work too. Love reading kicking some butts.

No mission for Gstaad & Toronto :eek:, getting lazy eh Dirk ;)

08-11-2004, 09:22 PM
Great story Dirk :worship: :worship: :worship:

You really took it to another level with this one. Hope you'll be able to write one for Athens :yeah:

08-11-2004, 10:13 PM
Me too Ron. See this is why I didn't use your idea. My plot was cooking in my brain since Wimbly. I finally got it out. Next time I will try to proofread it, but everyone understood it clearly.

08-12-2004, 12:20 AM
tl;dr (means too long; didn't read)

08-12-2004, 12:22 AM
Wait till you have the time and then read it. :)

08-12-2004, 10:53 AM
Dirk, since you won't be doing Gstaad and Toronto would you object if I did a story on them? It will take me a few days, however, since I have a rather big exam coming up.

08-12-2004, 05:32 PM
The Ninja Mission stories are my biggest contributions to this place along with feverishly defending Rogi so I would like to keep it to myself Ron, but if you have any ideas on Athens please PM them to me. I might use them if Rogi wins. I need to tape the opening ceremony, that might give me some ideas too.

08-12-2004, 05:38 PM
The Ninja Mission stories are my biggest contributions to this place along with feverishly defending Rogi so I would like to keep it to myself Ron, but if you have any ideas on Athens please PM them to me. I might use them if Rogi wins. I need to tape the opening ceremony, that might give me some ideas too.

OK, cool.

08-12-2004, 05:41 PM
Sort of came across this by accident - great story Dirk - really enjoyed it :)

08-12-2004, 05:46 PM
Search for the others Rosie. :)

08-12-2004, 08:59 PM
Hi Rosie !

Nice to see you over here !

Dirk has quite a way with words doesn't he?

08-14-2004, 05:47 AM
The Ninja Mission stories are my biggest contributions to this place along with feverishly defending Rogi

:lol: Great thread about ROS in GM, by the way. it's been interesting and I've learned a lot. :yeah:

08-14-2004, 07:48 PM
:lol: Great thread about ROS in GM, by the way. it's been interesting and I've learned a lot. :yeah:

Yes, this thread is very informative and interesting. I admire Dirk, WyveN and Fedex for their patience :worship: while they are attempting to have a reasonable discussion with " Fumuses"(not like it's possible :smash: ).

10-04-2004, 09:14 PM
Wow, Dirk!
I know I'm late, and the whole thing looks outdated now (not your Ninja mission, my reply), but I'm new here, and am really glad to have accepted your invitation to read it.
This is a masterpiece, IMO, it even eclipses the older one's I read at
Is there another one underway?
I wouldn't be surprised if it took you quite a while to find enough inspiration for another one after this one.

10-04-2004, 09:17 PM
I tend to write one up after each event Rogi wins but its hard to me to keep up with Rogi. I am going to write one about the Open though.

10-04-2004, 10:23 PM
Nice one Dirk....could see the Ninja fighting the elements as well as the foes....and that damn cold.

:p The evil imp :p

10-04-2004, 10:41 PM
Wow, Dirk!
I know I'm late, and the whole thing looks outdated now (not your Ninja mission, my reply), but I'm new here, and am really glad to have accepted your invitation to read it.
This is a masterpiece, IMO, it even eclipses the older one's I read at
Is there another one underway?
I wouldn't be surprised if it took you quite a while to find enough inspiration for another one after this one.

Baruch Haba Rogiman :wavey:

Always nice to have new fans join us. We are all eagerly anticipating Dirk's USO mission :)

10-04-2004, 10:44 PM
I tend to write one up after each event Rogi wins but its hard to me to keep up with Rogi. I am going to write one about the Open though.
I'm looking forward to read it, Dirk!... :o :cool: :angel:

10-04-2004, 11:28 PM
This was terrific, Dirk! :)
I loved it~~very easy to follow!

I am fairly new to this board...although I have been a Rogi fan for quite a while. :wavey:

Most of my posts have been *talking* with you guys during the early AM hours of the Thailand semis and finals. I enjoyed that a lot~~especially since
Roger was dancing with lightening in his feet and a magic wand in his right hand. :worship: (as he seems to do more and more, lately.)

Everyone here~~in the Federer Express forum has been great. :)

I haven't been to many places here~~but will get to it in time.
What is the ROS thread in General Messages??


10-04-2004, 11:32 PM
What is the ROS thread in General Messages??


ROS = Return Of Serve

10-04-2004, 11:36 PM
Yes and I think it was a great thread. Rogi's return is up there with Andre's in my opinion. The evil imp Hewitt will definitely be the master mind behind the evil going on in the next mission. The finalists are always the big boss of each mission. I'm very predictable in that manner. ;) My creativity is having a hard time to keeping up with Rogi.

10-05-2004, 08:16 AM
Never mind Dirk,
no one can keep up with Rogi. He is a Ninja on a mission :) :) :)

Loved the story, will wait patiently for the next one!
:) Thank you :)

10-05-2004, 11:56 AM
thanks Dirk :D

01-12-2005, 04:09 AM
This was awesome!! I'm new to this thread, but a longtime fan of the Ninja.

Keep these coming when the Fed man takes on more missions!

01-12-2005, 04:13 AM
They take a lot out of me. I should print them all out sometime and make a book of them and mail it to Roger. He loves his nick name by the way. I'm sure he reads them on his site.

01-12-2005, 04:28 AM
really Dirk?? he loves being called Ninja, that is so sweet :hearts: