New MTF Game: The ATP Graphics Makers Tour

01-13-2009, 10:47 PM
Hey everyone. :wavey:
We'd like to announce that a new game on MTF is starting – The ATP Graphics Makers Tour.

This game calls for graphic designers of all levels of skill to create graphics fitting the various given tasks and compete with other designers in a match format.

If you aren't a graphic designer yourself, but you're interested in the visual arts, there is a role for you to fulfill – the Judge.
You can be a part of the tour by performing the important task of grading others' work and deciding on the winners.
To do this, you need to commit to a GMT Tournament, just like the Designers.

The ATP Graphics Makers Tour is unique between tennis games in that it has a RETROSPECT viewpoint – it is not a predictive game, as you design match graphics AFTER you've seen the match, thus giving your subjective viewpoint of the match and/or the players you've just seen.

To read the Rules and commit to the game, as either a Designer or a Judge, go to the threads in the Games section:

ATP GMT Rules (

ATP GMT Australian Open '09 Commitments Thread (

Don't be discouraged by the quantity of rules, they've been made to be as detailed as possible, and you'll see that once we start playing, they'll sink in very quickly. You can just commit and you'll get the hang of things as we go along. :)