anybody capture HD matches to there harddrive?

12-26-2008, 07:58 PM
just wondering if anyone captures HD matches to there harddrive and what they do with them,encoding/saving wise? I ask because BBHD are showing the fed v nadal final in full tomorrow(about 5 hours 20 mins coverage)as I did'nt have my satellite card up and running when it was live I'm thinking of recording it,although I am well used to encoding sd matches captured to harddrive from eurosport/sky sports and the bbc HD is pretty different size/encoding wise(I normally use staxrip for conversion but it did'nt work out well with the HD).I think the capture will come to about 50-60gbs,I feel thats too big a waste of harddrive space if I capture without encoding,since I use dvbviewer it means I can use any choice of codec and the arcsoft codecs are great(allows the graphic card to take all the processing while the cpu runs at only 3-4%,without the g/card doing this the cpu is at about 75% or more)also with the arcsoft codecs comes a encoder which I used to encode this to mp4
my main problem is the encoding/cutting etc,not just for this match(and I'm not sure if I will capture this match) but future HD captures,so if anyone has got useful info/links to conversation guides it would be great.
BTW I may switch to atp from wta captures,mainly because I have another pc with a fully loaded dragon trex cam in which means I can stick my sky sub card in and capture sky sports/eurosport straight to harddrive,the other reason being the wta matches last year were in general dire.

12-26-2008, 10:20 PM
I'd love to help, but unfortunately I can't, since none of the german HD channels show any tennis and who knows when we'll finally get Eurosport HD. 2010, 2011? I am getting so sick of the awful quality of the german SD version. :(
Guess you should go ask in a HD torrent forum or something.