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'Battle of the boards' FITD contest - Paris AMS

10-25-2008, 05:02 AM

The entry form for the 'Battle of the Boards' Paris AMS fill in the draw contest is now available via http://www.britishtennis.net/competitions.html


The main draw starts on Sunday afternoon. Taking into account this and the fact that the clocks go back on Sunday morning in Europe but NOT in North America, entries will close at 13.30 GMT = 1.30 pm UK = 14.30 CET = 9.30 am US EDT on SUNDAY.


As for Madrid, qualifying does not finish until after the main draw starts, so everyone will have to pick matches involving qualifiers without knowing who each qualifier is - which means most of the top quarter in R1, since 5 of the 6 qualifiers will end up there!

All you can do for these matches is decide whether you would expect the other player in the match to beat a random qualifier, though there is also a Q v Q match in R1 this time, so I hope you're feeling lucky.

and this year probably won't be an exception!

You may be interested to know that after pulling out of St Petersburg with a wrist injury, Kolya Davydenko said: "I'm flying to Germany tomorrow to have a few days' rest. I'll try to play in Paris if I can," he said. "I'd like to start my first match there on Wednesday at the earliest but if they say I have to play on Tuesday, then I would have to withdraw."

As if he could tell back then whether Tuesday or Wednesday would make difference, eh? Add to that the fact that he has already qualified for TMC and you'll have to decide for yourselves how much credence to put in that. What's the betting he either pulls out in R1 or wins the tournament (it'll be whichever option we haven't chosen, naturally!)

Of course, the top four have already qualified for TMC as well and one or two of them might be wanting to conserve energy for it, so expect your picks to mess you around at every opportunity and you won't get too disappointed.


There could be quite a battle for year-end pick 'em no. 1 here if those in contention do a bit better than they did in Madrid!

GOOD LUCK! (you'll probably need it ...)

10-26-2008, 11:36 AM
MTF already has 11 entrants, so definitely has a full team, though any additions are still more than welcome!

Just a quick note to say that everyone will get a point for the Q v Q match once it has been played and if you have picked your winner of that match to win in R2 as well, then if the Qv Q winner wins in R2, you will score for that match too, and so on.

This is unlikely to make the Paris AMS pick 'em much less of a lottery, but for all the other matches there is some skill involved, e.g. guessing whether a player in a known player v Q match is likely to win or lose against the average qualifier and using your detailed knowledge of player psychology to guess any players who might withdraw after the deadline (LOL!), whereas for the Qv Q match, there is no info to go on at all, hence the decision to make it count as a win for everyone.

10-31-2008, 02:24 AM
nice we're in 2nd

thanks for running this over the year Steven

hope it will be continued in 2009:D