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Something I noticed about Jo

09-30-2008, 08:58 PM
First of all, Hi there everybody, 'tis my first post.

Have you noticed how Jo seems to always win the real important points with absolutely magnificent shots? I remember in the australian open he had a habit of winning the first set of his matches with stuff that just came out of nowhere, like when he smatched back a smatch against youzhny or his incredible passing-lob against Djokovic after covering the whole court.

Do you think it's because he thrives under pressure? It seems that the more difficult the match is, or the more important, the more he tries and manages to pull out this king of thing. Like that game against nadal when he served for the set and fired three or four aces in a row. Oftentimes those points are the best in the entire match. Last week in Bangkok he won the first set of the final with 3 or 4 beautiful shots, all completely different, and finished the match with an absolutely crazy last game.

It's like he has to eliminate the pressure by trying to do stuff that is even more ridiculously dangerous than his normal game. If he isn't fired up enough, or tries to slow down a little bit, he appears to lose his focus somewhat, like in the AO final after the first set, especially in the last tie-break. Also, it seems to favor him when he is coming from behind, or when nobody expects him to win. What do you think?

09-30-2008, 11:39 PM
Great thread and welcome Simplet :wavey:

I would say that it's about two different things :

I feel like his style of tennis is, at high level, a permanent gamble. His game isn't about consistency (like Nadal or Djokovic who play all year and match around the same style and level of tennis), it's about variety and inspiration. With all the up and down that you can experience with this style in a match, or in a year, but it's hard to say for now with his injuries. Plus he has a so strong physical advantage on many middle players that he can win them just on it. Maybe that's just me, but I don't think that there is many players right now on the tour that can pretend to force him in a gamble. But obviously, when it comes to them or if the match circumstances command it, he will have to put everything on line to win and to produce some unbelievable points.

The other thing is his character. You can feel on the court that the guy is really impatient and frustrated when things doesn't go his way. But he isn't a headcase like Safin. He won't explode right away. Instead he goes for it. Like the last game against Djokovic, he just forces things out by gambling everything away.
But that's what is so great about him :cool: .

I've just had an idea : maybe you could recall your thread "game analysis" or "Jo's game", or something alike. That's a thread we lack for the moment :)

10-01-2008, 01:11 AM
IMO Jo is a real go-getter on court, he is pro-active and when he has a glimmer of a chance (be it BP, SP, serving for a set/match whatever) he is not tentative. Instead he wants to do all he can to grab that opportunity with both hands which leads to risky plays and if he is in confident form, he is capable of making them. Maybe this attitude stems from all his time injured, which makes him even more motivated to take his opportunities after the frustration of not being able to play. Anyway it is one of his best qualities.

10-01-2008, 04:10 PM
JWT is different from all the other players because he knows the importance of being healthy and lucky enough to play great matches against great players.
Thats true that the fact he was so many times injured ,he said in an interview that he didnt know if he would be able to play tennis again.He's like a "miraculé" so when he play the like of nadal or djokovic and people ask him "how do you feel about playing that kind of great player?well he just answer that he feel no fear at all just big motivation.With all the tough moments that he passed through perhaps he feels like he's a kind of "superheros",he's still tennis player,healthy,with good entourage,the world is for him.
He's so positive and he take so much from it.Love him for that.