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A model Suncica Travica in a relationship with a tennis player
I enjoy love with Viktor

Author: M. Radojkovic | Foto: FHM, M.Metlas | 22.09.2008 - 08:46

Suncica Travica, an attractive model from the “Fox” agency, has been in a happy relationship with a tennis player Viktor Troicki for four months. The beautiful twenty-two-year-old Suncica talks for “Blic” about her business plans, fashion world, wishes and discovers that she is more than happy with the 65th tennis player on ATP list.

Suncica has been working as a model for six years, she lives in Ruma and she is currently doing her business studies at the Faculty in Sremska Kamenica. With her long modeling career, she can be proud of her projects in Turkey where she shot commercials and videos for their famous singers, then in Paris, where she worked for the famous fashion magazines. Several months ago, she caught public attention after posing for the cover of the Serbian FHM magazine in attractive underwear… She will soon travel to Dubai, where she will be working as a model for three months. She expressed her wish to do a fashion show for the famous fashion designer Cavalli, while in Serbia her favorite fashion designer is Dragana Ognjenovic. Her greatest wish is to live and work as a model in Miami.
Apart from her booming career, Suncica says that she is very happy and reveals for “Blic” how she met Viktor.
“Viktor and me met in Paris where I was working at the time. We have been together for four months and we spent our summer vacation together at the seaside,” Suncica says, adding that she generally doesn’t like to talk much about her private life, but she doesn’t want to hide that she is happy with the successful tennis player.
“We are really having a great time together!” Suncica says and explains that Viktor won her heart with his good looks and attractive figure:
“First of all, Viktor is a very good person, and it means very much to me to have someone like him in my life. I am glad that he is successful in tennis and I like the fact that he has some goal in his life. Of course, I was also attracted by his good looks,” Suncica says, adding that she travels a lot because of her job, so she often has to separate from her family and friends, but she has got used to it. When it comes to frequent travels and separations, Viktor and she also have a lot of understanding for each other..
“My boyfriend is also always away. However, we always have time to meet when we are both in Serbia or I sometimes go with him to his tournaments. Career is very important for both of us, we are very young and now is the right time to worry about it, so we support each other very much. Separation is not a problem for us, we always find time for everything and it doesn’t affect us and our relationship. Since we are both working and trying to be successful, we do our best to understand each other’s needs,” the attractive girl from Srem says, adding that there is no jealousy in their relationship.
“We really trust each other, there is no jealousy, maybe only a little, but it’s normal in every relationship, it wouldn’t be good if there was none,” the model concludes.

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“Viktor and me met in Paris where I was working at the time. We have been together for four months and we spent our summer vacation together at the seaside,”

By 'seaside' she means Budva in Montenegro.i saw Viktor and Suncica there and i must admit that she`s absolutely gorgeous!Viktor is a happy young man!;)

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This is Suncica
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She's stunning! :hearts:
WD Viktor :yeah: