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Anyone going?

ae wowww
07-21-2004, 04:36 PM
Could anyone going to Washington, please contact me via email ASAP please...
Kind regards

07-21-2004, 05:30 PM
I am going, not sure when though. I'd like to see Agassi and Escude if I could. I work in DC so hopefully I can take off early and go to the matches for one of the evening sessions.

Anyway, check out for ticket info. The place is in NW dc. It is a nice facility, I've played on the Har-tru courts there.

ae wowww
07-21-2004, 08:46 PM
I'm hoping to find anyone who will get me pics of my friend Jim Thomas, playing in the doubles...
I run his site

07-21-2004, 08:56 PM
Does anyone know if Tim Henman is planning to defend his title? It doesnt show he has any plans on his official site :rolleyes:

07-21-2004, 09:17 PM
At this time, he is not listed as one of the official participants. I don't believe he will be there.

07-21-2004, 09:47 PM
At this time, he is not listed as one of the official participants. I don't believe he will be there.

Thanx for the info! Big shame though :sad:

Gonzo Hates Me!
07-26-2004, 12:00 AM
I am going! If anyone would like to chill, just PM me! I have never met anyone from the internet though. It would be a first

And, um, Yeah, so many people who were there last year arent returning. :( Gonzo isnt returning this year probably because i psychotically stalked him last year

AE Wooooow, I would love to take pics of Jimmy for you. I mean, hopefully I could be able to catch him.

ae wowww
07-26-2004, 09:46 AM
Mrs Guga...
I'd be very grateful to you...
If you email me we can discuss details, and I have many a-photo from the British summer tourneys you might like, in return [Surbiton, Queens, Nottingham, Wimbledon, Club Med Cup & Manchester]

Gonzo Hates Me!
07-30-2004, 03:07 AM
ae, what is your e-mail? I cant access your website

ae wowww
07-30-2004, 11:20 AM
my email is

not sure why you can't access my site..
anyway, drop me a line...

08-05-2004, 03:07 PM
I may actually be up that way during the tournament and may stop by. I went a couple of years ago and saw Agassi play. Also saw James blake play doubles. We got like 2-feet from him after the match and he was just hanging out signing autographs. It was cool too because we watched the match on one of the small courts and was almost in the first row...

08-05-2004, 06:30 PM
I thought I would make my very first post here to say that I am going! My 5th time, but this year I'll be getting some comp tickets from a friend who works at Legg Mason :) A lot of the usual people will not be there because the Olympics are the same week. Oh well. It's still a very lovely place to watch tennis, if the heat, humidity, security check points and bomb-sniffing dogs don't get you first ;)

08-06-2004, 03:04 PM
I just got tickets to the qualies on Sun. I guess I'll have to arrive a little early to avoid the bomb-sniffing dogs...although I don't think someone is going to come out of the stands to attack Thomas Blake. I'm going to get tickets for one of the days mid-week too, I think I'll wait til the schedule comes out so I know what day to take off :) Anyways, hopefully I'll be able to report a little on what happened, and maybe get some pictures.