Whatever happened to Marat Safin's outstanding serve?

the cat
08-30-2002, 11:49 PM
From 1998 to 2000, Marat Safin had one of the best serves in men's tennis! :bounce: But since 2001, he's constantly being outserved by his opponents in big matches. His serve isn't dominating the way I thought it would. It happened last year on occasion. But I've noticed it this year in the big match. Marat who stands 6'4" tall, was out served int eh 2002 Australian Open Final by 5'11" Thomas Johansson! :eek: At this years French Open, his serve wasn't even a factor in his smifinal loss to Juan Carlos Ferrero. At Wimbledon, his serve failed to dominate tiny Oliver Rochus! :eek: And today, Gustavo Kuerten out served Marat in effectiveness! :( What's going on with Marat's serve? :confused:

And now Marat has a rib injury with the Davis Cup coming up in 3 weeks! :mad: That's bad timing. If Russia doesn't win the Davis Cup this year, then this will be a completely wasted year for Marat.