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'Battle of the Boards' pick 'em contest

05-21-2008, 11:35 PM
We (those mad people at britishtennis.net) are once again running an inter-forum prediction contest for Roland Garros and we'd be very happy to have another good-sized team from MTF taking part against the likes of RogerFederer.com, AndyMurray.com, AndyRoddick.com, BritishTennis.net, Centre Court, Tennisopolis, etc. N.B. Teams vary in size and you don't have to be picked by anyone to join the MTF team. In addition, everyone who plays is entered for the individual event as well.

If you haven't played in one of these comps in the last year and a bit, it works like 'fill-in-the-draw' on here (and if you enter that, it takes only a minute or two to tick the boxes on our entry form to enter with the same picks) and like the 'bracket challenge' (*) that the ATP have recently started running for AMS events, in that you pick the winner (no score needed) of every match in the draw before the start of Round 1.

An entry form showing the draw will be available at http://www.britishtennis.net/Competitions.html from Friday afternoon (UK time), with entries closing at 09.00 GMT on SUNDAY 25 MAY, i.e. when play is due to start. If you will not be around between Friday afternoon and Sunday morning, you can actually enter now via the same link, but you will be picking blind apart from knowing where Fed and Rafa are and which other slots will contain seeds.

Good luck! :)


(*) Our AO results pages at http://www.britishtennis.net/pickem/2008ao.htm?n=1 should give a pretty good idea of how it all works, but the main differences between this comp and the ATP bracket challenge are:

- our comp is run for slams, the ATP comp currently is not
- the ATP comp is a bit more automated (though we do tend to get new results up very fast)
- the scoring systems are slightly different (our weighting towards the later rounds is a little less drastic)
- we get hundreds of entries rather than thousands, so everyone's results can be seen on the same page
- our comp also involves an informal inter-forum team competition
- no big prizes, it's played for fun, kudos and bragging rights only (far more important! ;))
- you aren't at quite such a disadvantage in our year-round rankings if you miss some of the events, since they work on a best N basis like the actual ATP rankings (see http://www.britishtennis.net/pickem/ranking.htm?n=1)

05-23-2008, 11:29 AM
The entry form now has the main draw on it - see http://www.britishtennis.net/Competitions.html - so feel free to enter!

If you want to wait for qualifiers to be placed, the entry form with qualifiers placed is likely to be available this evening, UK time, unless it rains a lot in Paris this afternoon or one of the FQR matches goes on forever.

Deadline: 09.00 GMT (= 10 am UK) on SUNDAY

Good luck!

05-23-2008, 03:23 PM
I love this contest :)

05-23-2008, 07:45 PM
Thanks NyGeL - I think you're one of the top three MTFers in the overall rankings at the moment, so you must have had two or three good tournaments.

Anyway, qualifiers are now placed on the entry form at http://www.britishtennis.net/Competitions.html - just over 37 hours left to get your entries in before play starts on Sunday - good luck! :-)

05-23-2008, 08:12 PM
I usually suck at this game
but I will try it nonetheless :)

Deathless Mortal
05-23-2008, 09:26 PM
Done :)

05-24-2008, 08:40 PM
UPDATE (being pasted into all boards with more than 5 entrants so far so apologies for the lack of formatting!)

Many thanks to those of you who have already entered. I am writing to confirm that the following changes to the draw have been made as a result of player withdrawals today:

Tsonga has been replaced by (LL) Luis Horna (PER), who will play Scoville Jenkins (USA) in R1
Fognini has been replaced by (LL) Josselin Ouanna (FRA), who will play Juan Martin del Potro (ARG) in R1
Kiefer has been replaced by (LL) Marc Lopez (ESP) who will play (26) Jarkko Nieminen (FIN) in R1

Anyone who started their entry after about 18.10 GMT today will have used an entry form with these changes already made.


Don't worry, it is definitely NOT essential to enter again - if you don't change your entry, you will simply score points if Horna wins any matches you predicted that Tsonga would win, and so on. None of the withdrawals so far are likely to affect many of you that much.

However, if you do want to make changes, please do a full new entry at http://www.britishtennis.net/Competitions.html if at all possible (this will only take a minute or two if you printed your original entry and can transfer the picks off that) and put NEW in after your name so that we know the entry is a replacement.

Although it says on the 'entry successful' page that minor changes can be made by email, it will take us a lot longer to start doing results if we are swamped with email changes, so we'd much rather you didn't do it that way unless you have no other option, e.g. if you weren't able to print your original entry and can't remember your other picks. If that was the case, we'll try to process any emailed changes. Changes by PM on this board will probably NOT get picked up, so please don't do it that way, whatever you do.


If there are any even later changes between now and when play starts, I probably won't have time to come around the boards again, but if you notice any and want to make any further changes to your entry, please follow the advice above. Nobody will be able to make changes after play starts.


Entries per team up to about 19.00 GMT today, i.e. 14 hours before the deadline. Shown for all AO teams (even if no RG entries yet) and the four new teams for RG:

25 = 11% RF RogerFederer.com
25 = 11% AM AndyMurray.com
24 = 11% TA TalkAboutTennis.com (new team)
23 = 11% CC CentreCourtHavoc
19 = 9% IN Individuals (no team)
18 = 8% BT BritishTennis.net
15 = 7% TY ***************
13 = 6% TN Tennisopolis.com
11 = 5% MT MensTennisForums
10 = 5% AR AndyRoddick.com
10 = 5% RG RichardGasquet.net
9 = 4% GR Rusedski.co.uk
6 = 3% JM JamieMurray.org (new team)
5 = 2% ND Novak-Djokovic.com (new team)
3 = 1% SG Stevegtennis.com
1 = 0% TM Tennis.com (new team)
1 = 0% BZ BritishTennisZone
0 = 0% BB BBC boards ( 8 ) -100% 8
0 = 0% MK MarkKnowlesTennis ( 8 ) -100% 0
0 = 0% VB VamosBrigade.com ( 6 ) -100% 0
0 = 0% LT The LTA ( 1 ) -100% 0

Teams below the line haven't reached the 5-entrant threshold needed to take part in the teams competition yet, but there are still over 12 hours left to enter - entries at http://www.britishtennis.net/Competitions.html close at 09.00 GMT (10 am UK, 11.00 CET, 5 am US Eastern) on Sunday.

05-26-2008, 03:10 AM
The 21 of you who entered for the MTF team might be interested to know that you can now access full, regularly updated results at http://www.britishtennis.net/Competitions.html - have fun!

05-26-2008, 05:14 AM
if I may bring in an idea to improve

you should try to make it possible to edit draws in future tournaments :)

otherwise everything is great and I love to take part in this game


05-28-2008, 05:39 PM
if I may bring in an idea to improve

you should try to make it possible to edit draws in future tournaments :)

otherwise everything is great and I love to take part in this game


Thanks Deck, I'd love to be able to do that, but it would mean starting from scratch and programming a proper system instead of using Excel for everything, which I won't have time to do any time soon, I'm afraid. To get that kind of functionality, you need to take part in one of the commercially-run comps, e.g. the ATP bracket challenge. Our entry process may be less automated, but hopefully we have other things (like the teams comp, being able to show everyone on the results page, etc) that make up for it.

R1 has finally finished with Centre Court on top in the teams league and Tush from Tennisopolis on top individually with 52/64, slightly less than the 54 that the R1 winners scored at the last AO & USO and 4 off the record of 56/64 for Wimby last year.

The pages linked to from http://www.britishtennis.net/Competitions.html are all up to date to at least that stage. I'll continue to update R2 results for as long as play continues today.

Everyone has already lost at least 5 R2 winner picks - see the WP SLR column on the main table for how many you had left at the end of R1.

We also now know the draw for the extra team comp we run for slams, the Team KO. Seedings and the draw are based on RG R1 points, these Team KO L16 matches to be decided by RG R2 points.

(1) Centre Court Forum
(16) RogerFederer.com

(9) BritishTennis.net
(8) AndyRoddick.com

(5) ***************
(12) JamieMurray.org

(13) Assorted Individuals
(4) RichardGasquet.net

(3) The Robots
(14) Tennisopolis.com

(11) Rusedski.co.uk
(6) TalkAboutTennis

(7) AndyMurray.com
(10) Other Boards

(15) Novak-Djokovic.com
(2) MensTennisForums

You can get to the KO scores via the BT competitions page, the teams league table or directly at http://www.britishtennis.net/pickem/2008rgko.htm?n=1 - N.B. the teams league still carries on, the KO is a separate competition that gives teams two chances of winning something - at the AO, MTF won the league and britishtennis.net the KO.

A bit of luck is involved in the KO, depending on whether teams you draw just happen to be about to have unusually good or bad rounds. Clearly the matches should go with seeding, because those doing well in R1 are likely to have more R2 winner picks left, but things change round by round and I'll be very surprised if the top 8 seeds all make it to the winner QFs!

Notice that the Robots are seeded 3 - they had a storming time today, despite being handicapped by having Amélie (who always picks French players to win, otherwise by rankings) on their team. Billy the Bookie and Average Joe have done well throughout R1 and the rankings bots were among the top scorers in the R1 matches played today.