Was Federer hiring Higueras a good move?

04-19-2008, 05:32 AM
You can argue in many ways this move, but one thing is for sure: there are not many high quality coaches out there right now that can bring what Federer needs at this moment. Federer has been dealing with many issues like his health, and confidence is not as high as the past four years, plus entering the clay season makes it even tougher. That's why I think Higueras will bring Federer back to a high confidence level, and more importantly Higueras knows how to win on Clay!!
Federer wants that French Open real bad!!

Was it a good move? We'll have to wait a few weeks and see.


Kirin (http://thefitpalace.com/roger-federer-needs-help/)

04-19-2008, 05:49 AM
You answered your own question.

04-19-2008, 05:58 AM
Besides, don't we already have a thread on this one?

04-19-2008, 07:32 AM
Besides, don't we already have a thread on this one?


04-19-2008, 09:50 AM
ill answer on 10th june

04-19-2008, 10:41 AM
it is ALWAYS a good thing to have a coach..and specially one who can help out on weaknesses.. (if you could call it that way..)

i m not a roger fan btw..

anyway, i think it is great he is under coaching again.. :yeah: did the right thing IMO :p

04-19-2008, 01:24 PM
You answered your own question.
Ditto. :o

Besides, don't we already have a thread on this one? This too. :lol:

04-19-2008, 01:26 PM
We will have to wait and see, as you already kindly pointed out. :)

04-19-2008, 01:34 PM
I don't see many contribution he get by hiring Higueras. It's maybe early, but only thing I've notice is better movement. Still saw many stupid Ue's (like some bad valleys and backhand slices).

04-19-2008, 04:16 PM
Sampras hired him when he was going through similar slump at the end of his career.(Coincidence?) He fired him immediately after early FO loss! :lol: