Interesting Graf interview : Seles stabbing, Agassi, Dad in jail

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Nice article. :)

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Seles stabbing was my fault, says Graf

STEFFI Graf blames herself for Monica Seles' stabbing by a crazed German tennis fan.

Graf says Seles would not have been attacked in Hamburg in 1993 if not for Guenter Parche's misguided belief that his German compatriot deserved to be No. 1.

Seles, who had won seven of nine majors leading up to the attack, never regained her stranglehold on the sport, leaving Graf to land 11 of her 21 grand slam singles titles.

"I was devastated," Graf said in an interview to be broadcast on Monday in the United States.

"I still feel there's a certain guilt because if I wouldn't have been around, the guy would never have done it."

Although still a contender, Seles has won only one major since resuming -- the 1996 Australian Open -- and is now locked in an endless battle with leg injuries.

Retirement looms for her.

Graf, one of the world's most recognisable athletes at her peak, said she was also dogged by stalkers.

"I've had a lot of stalkers and crazy people in my life, unfortunately," she said.

"So I've had a lot of experience with crazy people doing crazy things in front of me."

Graf, 35, is now married with two children to American star Andre Agassi, who will miss Wimbledon with a hip injury.

The German retired in August 1999, three months after landing the French Open, where her triumph was swamped with doubt.

"I started getting questions after Paris," she said. " 'Do you think you can win?' I got more questions, suddenly everybody is talking about it.

"I didn't realise how much it got to me. After I won it, I was just in the car crying."

Graf also speaks about the devastation of learning her father and mentor, Peter, had been jailed for tax evasion.

"He was the one that always took the time after work to play with me, even if it was in the backyard or in the living room," she said.

"My brother (Michael) meets me at the airport and he's like, 'Dad got in jail'.

"It was such an incredible shock. Trying to figure out what was going on and what happened. From then on, I was in shock.

"To see your dad in jail was really hard. That was something I struggled a lot with.

"For almost six years myself, there was a chance that I would even come to jail."

Graf said Agassi convinced her to have her own children after the Olympic gold medallist had initially wanted to adopt kids.

"Believe it or not, I always thought about adopting," she said. "He (Andre) made me want our children (Jaden Gil, two, and Jaz, 10 months)."

She said Agassi had helped her to become more extroverted, although she still fiercely protects her privacy.

"On the court, I have always been really quiet and reserved," she said.

"I've always looked forward to the time after my career, to follow my other interests -- then I met Andre and that changed. He started to creep into my mind and then my feelings grew and grew.

"I felt like we have so many goals in life that are the same and so many feelings and emotions that we felt towards each other. It was really incredible."

Graf said she found it difficult early in her career, which produced 107 singles titles and a record 377 weeks at No. 1, to enjoy her achievements.

"So often I just went on to the next tournament and gave it not enough time to let go," she said. "Early on, I just didn't enjoy those moments enough."

Graf said her mother, Heidi, had helped her to explore life outside tennis.

"My mom was my girlfriend on tour," she said. "We would play cards and games and she would take me to museums.

"She was the one who gave me that other side of tennis."

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Thanks !

Funny how the guilt never showed when she was smiling ear to ear after winning the 1993 French Open title. If there ever was any guilt in her then she would have atleast acknowledged the fact that Seles wasn't there when she won :rolleyes:

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I'm trying to put my pro-Graf bias aside (she's always been one of my top role models! :) ), but she is one who has many warm emotions, and lots of compassion and heart. Who knew that these were the feelings inside the same woman who was so focused and intense on the court and made sure to put away their opponent asap?! We only found out later in her career when she was going through injuries and she started talking more and show her emotions on court.
As for the 1993 French Final, who wouldn't be smiling ear to ear after they had won the title!!! Remember two things about this scenario, one is that Graf was a very very private person who blocked every problem out like her dad's troubles, etc. So she most likely blocked out all that she was feeling about Monica's stabbing. Graf was an expert at covering up her pain but looking so strong. I admire this part so much and when I am facing a problem, I try to remember about Graf and how she carried on even as she was hurting. That's why we have another interview with Graf up to now, she's still letting it out about how she felt. Second, the '93 French Final was a three-set tense one with MJ Fernandez. Who wouldn't smile ear to ear after getting through that! Fernandez was a dangerous player. Graf is a real ambassador to tennis and a true champion. :D

Yours Truly ;)

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Nice article..

One more thing about Graf that noone does, even Navratilova.
She knows exactly what she wants in her life. When she quits tennis, she moves on with other things she likes. She did have nothing to prove to anybody. She retired on a very high note, at no. 3 in the world after claiming another Roland Garros and reaching the finals at Wimbledon, winning it all. And I firmly believe that this pushes Navratilova playing singles again because she badly needs to win olympics (even in doubles) and by doing so she needs to be really fit , then she has to play singles again , otherwise she couldn't achieve it all like Graf. Even Martina is so great but she doesn't really know what she actually wants. Retiring then back to play doubles then wanting to win olympics, so what ? and what's next ? retiring again ? All the achievements she's got is not enough ?? A true champion knows exactly when it's the time to stop.

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I like Seles a lot, but I admire Graf as well. If no for that stabbing incident, there would have been a great rivalry between both, and we sure missed those matches.

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the thing with her father is a never ending story :mad:

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