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06-08-2004, 01:06 PM
I could do this job standing on my head
If Henman pulls this off I will stand on my head for the entire first set of the first match I cover at Wimbledon!
John McEnroe on what he would do if Tim Henman won the French Open.

My head is beginning to hurt!
McEnroe gets worried as Henman goes a set and a break up in his semi-final with Guillermo Coria.

Tim Henman has seemed a rather austere, clean-shaven and clean-cut figure in the past. It is no accident that now he has a beard he is on a winning streak
Keith Flett, leader of the Beard Liberation Front, on Henman's Clint Eastwood look.

It's not easy to moonwalk in studs. I scuffed a bit of turf but hopefully I'll get away with itEngland wicket-keeper Geraint Jones, who celebrated his debut Test century by performing a moonwalk at Headingley.

You can see how passionate the fans are and I think I need to get myself a kilt!
Former England B international Nigel Quashie on playing for Scotland.

He comes into the dressing room and sits down in the corner with his hands on his knees. If you didn't know who he was you would think he was a cleaner!
Chelsea defender Celestine Babayaro on the quiet approach of club owner Roman Abramovich in the dressing room.

A trial? Yeah that's a good one!

How dare Martin O'Neill ask Rivaldo to go for a trial in America? That is an insult to my client and to football. People will be crying tears of laughter when they hear Celtic wanted to take Rivaldo on trial
Rivaldo's agent Carlos Arime.

It's great, another English-speaking guy in the locker room. There's not many I can talk to!
Lleyton Hewitt expresses delight after Tim Henman joins him in the quarter-finals at the French Open.

Sir Gordon Richards was 49 before he won the Derby - I hope I don't have to wait that long!
Frankie Dettori after falling short again.

He probably still thinks I'm an *******. But that's sport. I have to take care of myself. If I don't, who will?
Marat Safin after he took a medical time-out for treatment on some blisters as Potito Starace served for the match at Roland Garros.

It just happened. I felt it was a great point for me and I felt like pulling my pants down
Safin reflects on the moment he whipped down his shorts after being penalised a point during his match with Felix Mantilla.

Disbelief, amazement - I'd probably have to retire there on the spot!Lindsay Davenport contemplates how she would react to winning the French Open, the one Grand Slam title to so far elude her. Needless to say she won't have to give up the day job just yet.

It must be a comedy if a British player is winning at Wimbledon!
Serena Williams looks forward to 'Wimbledon' - the movie which depicts a plucky Briton coming from nowhere to win the tournament.

That was a wheely silly thing to do, Sean

I screwed up. What an idiot...I was punching the air as I was convinced I had the race in the bag, then I felt the bike wobble. By the time I'd put it straight two had come past meSuperbike star Sean Emmett after losing a race at Thruxton when he celebrated victory before crossing the line.

It is amazing how much energy you get when things go your way. When things are not going your way the sun is burning a hole in your head but when it is going your way you're looking to get a sun tanWigan's stand-in coach Denis Betts after their Super League win over St Helens on Friday night.

I'd like to think some of the West Brom fans will be cheering for Switzerland -but somehow I doubt it!
West Brom defender Bernt Haas, who will line up for Switzerland against England in Euro 2004.

Ashley said I'd end up in his pocket...but I know how to get myself out of his pocket with a magic trick known only to me
Robert Pires responds to comments from his Arsenal team-mate Ashley Cole that he will get the better of him when England meet France.

I suppose it is a bit of a dream. I started the season at Hereford and at that point I would have been a bit daft to think I would be a full international and scoring a winner for my country by the end of the campaign
Paul Parry after scoring the winner for Wales against Canada at the end of a season he started in the Conference.

06-08-2004, 10:23 PM
My head is beginning to hurt!
McEnroe gets worried as Henman goes a set and a break up in his semi-final with Guillermo Coria.

He didn't have to worry actually...

06-09-2004, 07:00 AM
Well, if McEnroe's head hurts, I am not complaining.