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Roger starts a foundation

05-29-2004, 02:07 AM
May 28, 2004
Roger Federer Foundation to Support Children and Young People in South Africa

The Roger Federer Foundation has gone into partnership with the South African/Swiss aid organization IMBEWU. Since 2001, IMBEWU has been working to improve social conditions for children and young people in the New Brighton township near Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The Roger Federer Foundation was established in December 2003 with two goals: to fund projects that benefit disadvantaged children and to promote sport for young people.
The first project to be supported by Roger Federer under the auspices of his fledgling foundation is an ideal match for the charity's stated aims: "My young tennis career has already given me so much. Setting up the foundation is my way of trying to give something back, especially to those who are least well off. I chose a project in South Africa because my mother grew up there, which means that I have always had a close affinity to the country. But to me South Africa is also a shining example of a country that has overcome hatred and oppression, making it a potential source of inspiration for other crisis regions around the world. Another key factor from my point of view is that IMBEWU will allow me to help people help themselves by providing practical and tangible support in a highly deprived area. The vast majority of the aid will benefit children and young people directly." The Foundation's partnership with IMBEWU will be launched at the beginning of June 2004 and is intended as a long-term venture. The partnership will focus on three areas: 1. Sponsoring schooling and two meals a day for around 30 children. 2. Paying the wages of two local IMBEWU staff in South Africa, who previously worked without pay. 3. Buying office equipment for the IMBEWU organization there.

IMBEWU: a South African/Swiss partnership
The locally active organization IMBEWU Community Volunteers (IMBEWU means "seed" in Xhosa, the local language) currently supports and manages six projects in New Brighton, which is one of the most impoverished parts of Port Elizabeth, a city located in the Southeast of the country. The charity's Swiss branch, IMBEWU-Suisse, is primarily responsible for providing financial support, but also contributes organizational assistance. IMBEWU's biggest project is a sponsorship scheme under which 100 Swiss families currently subsidize 100 children. Its other projects include schemes aimed at improving the nutrition of over 200 children, promoting sport for young people, voluntary work and healthcare. The money to finance these schemes comes from fundraising campaigns, donations and IMBEWU-Suisse members

05-29-2004, 02:18 AM
Go to :yeah: I hope its a huge hit Rogi, and thanks for helping your Mother's homeland out. :bounce:

05-29-2004, 02:42 AM
Thanks for the news Shy. What a great move from Rogi :angel:

07-13-2004, 12:39 PM
On monday;s paper there was an article about it. I wanted to psot but just saw thjis thread. He says he lloves to keep in contact with South Africa coz of his mother :) The job done by the Foundation has been good so far thanks to the help of Federer.