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A Crisis in TV Tennis!

05-25-2004, 01:39 PM
Folks, we've got a problem.
I'm watching the French Open this morning (for me, on ESPN2 in New Jersey), and I can't belive what is on the screen. First of all, there's the ESPN graphic in the upper right hand corner. Slightly annoying, but its small, see through, and you tend not to notice it too much- OK I can live with that. Second of all, they've got that running text graphic at the bottom of the screen that we've all reluctantly come to accept on this channel and many others. Very annoying and hard to ignore, with the bright white words racing past just under the players and the baseline (we're talking about tennis remember). Now, that might never go away, it is a sports channel and other sport fans might need other scores. Whatever. Now, the last point I want to make and I hope you'll agree is an insult to tennis fans and viewers in general and an absolute perverse display of the stupid decision making going on in boardrooms. People, i'm talking about the big black score box they are currently placing in the upper left hand corner of our screens. It ain't small either. I gives the entire score, all sets and the currnet game. Sounds convenient doesn't it? Well, its not. Think about it. They do this during LIVE play! Why in Gods name can't they stick it in BETWEEN play during the replays and shots of the crowd, before commercials, and anything else. Not only that, but after the point, they take it OFF the screen during the replay and put it back on during live play!!! Does this make sense to anyone? If anything they've got it ass backwards. In one word its pathetic. Plus the broadcasters give the score during their commentary anyway! What happened to the nice little "15-30" game score before the serve and "total" game score before commercials or AFTER the point.
Ladies and Gentleman, if your like me you watch tennis because you want to do just that: WATCH tennis! Its not only ESPN, its happening on other stations as well during other tornaments. Where and when will it stop? When an entire half of the court is covered. A small corporate logo: ok, thats understandable, but the rest has got to go. I urge you, please, to email ESPN like I did and tell the "suits" who don't know a raquet from a frying pan to do the right thing and get that crap off of the LIVE play. Its too damn much. I'm a patient man, but not this patient. Please post your comments, but also contact these networks. I know its a pain and takes time, but if they don't hear it they won't do anything about it. Thanks!