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Matt's Montreal Mania (Reports Sat to Fri, some pics, not many)

Volcanic Tennis
08-04-2007, 10:46 PM

I slept only five hours last night, I was getting all my pictures ready for the players to sign if I got lucky and saw them. I woke up, got all ready, had all my food, and Mom and me left.
So we arrive, we go around in the boutiques and get all those awful freebies (they’re awful because my Mom insists on going back as many times as possible without being recognized…) then we went to buy tickets for Center Court (my tickets didn’t get us there, but we really wanted to see Grosjean play, so we got cheap tickets)
I bought the book, which is nice as always… I went off to see the practice courts. I saw Djokovic getting there – he took his shirt off as he got there, don’t even know why he bothered to bring one… Chela was practicing with his coach. It was nice to notice how players ‘warm up’. They start slow and increase the pace as they go along… Chela and his coach had such long rallies – they probably only missed twice in ten minutes. I met a girl from work, which was awkward, because I was taking pictures of shirtless Djokovic, but anyways.
I went off to see who else was there. I got to a heavenly spot: in front of me was Melzer practicing with Bjorkman, Aspelin practicing with Knowle, and Nieminen practicing with an American I don’t know. I quite enjoyed watching Simon and Julian warm up – Simon has such a big forehand. Julian has two-handed volleys, which seem awkward but are very effective – they’re fast, low, and don’t bounce much. They proceeded to hit second serves and returns… I was shocked when Knowle said, “OK, I’ll start serving first serves now” because I was sure their second serves were first serves! They were so fast!! I stayed there for an hour watching these players practice, and as they left I got out a collage I had made of them. Julian looks at a picture of Simon serving and says, “Who’s that guy?” with a chuckle. Simon was intrigued and started to laugh when he saw the pictures. Julian signed it once, and then Simon signed too – he was asking Julian were one of the pictures was taken (Auckland, he said) and then before leaving Julian signed it again!! I was laughing… and he complemented the pictures and left J
Then I was chasing Bjorkman – which isn’t easy with flipflops on – and he also liked the collage. He took his time to sign, which made me feel good… he was very kind to me.
Nieminen had already gone when I returned to the courts – and what do I hear but Brad Gilbert and Andy Murray. The first thing I heard Brad say was the F word… talking about weather or something. Murray was practicing with Juan Martin Del Potro, who is just so impressive to see in person… massive!
Then Dancevic came around, and he was bending over right beside me… and I was like, still in shock, I guess – at all these players. There was a camera crew filming him. He was playing against Radek Stepanek – and he was getting frustrated, it seemed to me.
I went to Center Court to see the end of Duclos – Lopez. Duclos just got on a roll – he started being aggressive, coming to the net, fist pumping… really amazing. Lopez seemed a bit out of it, but he was just being beaten – not beating himself.
Then we went to see Blake practicing with Ginepri… but I was more interested in Clement and Baghdatis practicing nearby. They were speaking French to each other, kind of surprising me. These two are really intense and fun to watch practice. I chased down Clement to get him to sign for me – it was a picture of him and Llodra after winning Wimbledon – and I was so like, awe-struck! I managed to congratulate him for the doubles victory, but it sounded really shy – as it was. But he was very humble and nice J
Canas and Gonzalez were practicing, as were Nadal and Hewitt – there were so many people watching these two it was crazy! I felt bad for Ljubicic and Moya nearby with only like two old people watching them.
Some guy told me they were done soon, so I waited in line to get an autograph, and Hewitt left nearly a half-hour later and didn’t sign any, and Nadal came an hour after that. And when he came the hundreds there went WILD. I was afraid not to get one after all that waiting. It was awkward as he was sitting in a cart, but I managed to push my way through (which is hard, considering all the little kids and stuff)
Then I watched the end of Nishikori-Gabashvili. Kei was just out of it after that first set. His serve went away, and, to be honest, I thought he was a bad returner. Gabashvili had no trouble taking advantage off the return, even on second serves. The cart guy wouldn’t slow down, so Kei didn’t sign for me… oh well, he’s young :p
I forget exactly what I did after – I returned to the practice courts to see Jarkko Nieminen practicing his serve. Jamie Murray was also practicing to a rather large crowd, and his brother arrived later. Tursunov practiced with Melzer, and signed for anyone who asked – he even said “You’re welcome” to everyone who said thanks. Jarkko took the time to do each autograph correctly – he was really sweet.
Jarkko threw a ball over the alleyway to try and hit Dmitry, but missed by a bit. Dmitry retaliated by throwing the ball high in the air – really strong – and missed Jarkko by inches. It was so funny!!
Mikhail Youzhny was also there practicing, and signed for me too. Gonzalez and Soderling signed as they walked on by. I was like, just, awe-struck. They’re all such big guys.
All the players were really nice to me, and to everyone, really. It was a nice atmosphere out there today. I finished off my day by watching Grosjean smoke King on Center Court. There were some nice rallies in this match, but Grosjean came out on top most of the time. We did the boutiques another time and went home early.
Can’t wait to go back tomorrow and hopefully watch more matches than I did today – today I really autograph hunted and watched practices. They just make it look SO easy.

08-04-2007, 10:56 PM
Thanks for the report :wavey: By the way, Baghdatis speaks perfect French. His coach is French and he spent many years in that country, where he learned to play tennis! Are you going back tomorrow?

Volcanic Tennis
08-04-2007, 10:57 PM
I'm going back every day except SF, F and Monday because of rain :)

08-04-2007, 11:00 PM
Thanks for sharing! :) Keep them coming! :hatoff:

Volcanic Tennis
08-05-2007, 03:09 AM
Oh, and I forgot to add that Frank looked tired when he was signing and he looked at my collage like, "Huh?" but then he had to look at something else he was signing :lol:

08-05-2007, 03:27 AM
Nice, lengthy report! Sounds like you got a bajillion autographs - I'm so jealous :lol:

Have fun if you're going again :wavey:

Volcanic Tennis
08-05-2007, 03:58 AM
Nice, lengthy report! Sounds like you got a bajillion autographs - I'm so jealous :lol:

Have fun if you're going again :wavey:

I know, I'm autograph whore :o
I'm going every day until Friday <3 :D
Except Monday - forecasting rain.

08-05-2007, 04:09 AM
I know, I'm autograph whore :o
I'm going every day until Friday <3 :D
Except Monday - forecasting rain.

Deep down, we're all autograph whores.. Some of us just haven't exited the closet yet :p

Volcanic Tennis
08-05-2007, 04:11 AM
Deep down, we're all autograph whores.. Some of us just haven't exited the closet yet :p

Yeah, but, I guess I'm doing something right, the players are really nice to me. :)
And they know I know who they are because I printed pics out of them, so I guess they don't feel used :p

Aspelin & Knowle were so sweet though :) :inlove:

08-05-2007, 04:17 AM
Yeah, but, I guess I'm doing something right, the players are really nice to me. :)
And they know I know who they are because I printed pics out of them, so I guess they don't feel used :p

Aspelin & Knowle were so sweet though :) :inlove:

Yeah, good on you - they know you're not one of those people who just randomly ask for the players' autographs without knowing who they are :lol: :hatoff:

08-05-2007, 06:46 AM
Thanks for the report :cool: I'm looking forward to the pictures!

And :lol: @ the girl from work. I know how you feel :lol:

08-05-2007, 06:47 AM
Deep down, we're all autograph whores.. Some of us just haven't exited the closet yet :p

:lol: I have outgrown that stage, but I used to be a big one too :haha:

08-05-2007, 06:59 AM
:lol: I have outgrown that stage, but I used to be a big one too :haha:

So you're one of those reformed ones.. Soon you'll be giving public lectures and going on college tours :hatoff:

08-05-2007, 07:01 AM
So you're one of those reformed ones.. Soon you'll be giving public lectures and going on college tours :hatoff:

Once players started to become younger than I am, I felt too old :lol: I stick with pictures now :D Sometimes I get pictures signed, though, but only if I am a fan of the player.

08-05-2007, 07:07 AM
Once players started to become younger than I am, I felt too old :lol: I stick with pictures now :D Sometimes I get pictures signed, though, but only if I am a fan of the player.

I feel like a paedophile already :sad:

08-05-2007, 05:57 PM
local report about Nadal training

Volcanic Tennis
08-05-2007, 10:37 PM
:lol: I missed out being on that video by like, seconds.
And I waited longer than that guy :o:p
Report for today coming later :wave:

Volcanic Tennis
08-05-2007, 11:31 PM

So we got there and got our free center court tickets. We did the boutiques again, and then we headed onto center court for Llodra and Robin Haase.
As we were going there, players were coming out of the lounge to go practice, and I see Aspelin and Knowle on a cart. Knowle sees me and waves, and nods his head, and I was like “oh my god he remembers me!” and said hi back. I’m still kind of surprised!
It was a battle of big servers. Llodra came to net often enough, and well, there weren’t many long points. After Llodra blew set point, he was just out of it – he smacked a few balls into the net in frustration. I left at the conclusion of the set, to see if any players were practicing that I wanted to watch.
There was Davydenko with Canas which had quite a few spectators, and Safin was practicing and there were TONS of people, almost as many as Nadal. Safin broke a racquet during his practice which caused a lot of laughter in the crowd. There were too many people for me to get a clear view of him, though, so I left. I did quite enjoy watching them for a bit though, they have such nice technique, all of them.
I watched Max Mirnyi practice with Lee for an hour – it was fun to watch them go up to the net and play out points. It was quite competitive. And they both have really good serves – Max’s especially!! A bomb! I’m still shocked about how big a man Max is. He even has huge hands and feet!
Ferrer was practicing shirtless on the other court, causing many women to watch him without knowing who he was.
Haas was practicing with Blake when I left to go get Max’s autograph. Haas took his shirt off moments into the court. The fans started to come watch him, too, they probably knew who he was more than Ferrer. Some smart ones watched both with good positioning between the courts. Anyways, I was off to see Max. Some fans were taking pictures with him, which was no fair, that was my idea, only no one could take the picture for me. He signed for me and his thumb touched my hand! :p Very important detail. I’m still working up the guts to have my photo taken with a player.
I believe I went to see Ianni play Grosjean after. It was a good match, that first set! So close. The crowd was of course backing Grosjean, and Ianni was sick of it. On set point a cheer had erupted, and Ianni was mimicking us! It was so cute. He just lost it in the second set, although the games and points were close. Grosjean got everything back with interest.
I went around again – I saw nothing that really interesting to me. I guess I was just stretching my legs. A bunch of fans were around this one court, like, insane amount of people. The way it is at the site is that X X | X | where X is a court and | is a passageway to watch. But the first alley is so small – it was packed, you couldn’t go through it to see other courts! Roger Federer was playing. All was explained by seeing that written! I think Murray was practicing with Baghdatis at this time, it may have been earlier on.
I went to watch Bjorkman and Stepanek, the marquee match for me, a big fan of Jonas. It started off shaky for Jonas, getting broken, but the next games were really nice. Competitive rallies, Jonas coming to net, good serves, and all. The crowd wasn’t into it, so my few and far between “Let’s go Bjorkman!” cries seemed random. I really love how Bjorkman’s ball stays low over the net all the time, I kept thinking it would go in the net. He has such nice technique. Radek hits hard and constant though, and moves well.
In the second set, he was so close, yet so far. When he lost, he looked so disappointed; I was disappointed for him too… I left to go see him up close, and took a photo of him. He seemed so sad… But I was glad to see him play and really love his style of play.
Next, I saw Nestor and Knowles for a bit, practicing on a court all isolated from the rest of the world. I look forward to seeing them in match play (or practicing again J) I saw Ancic hitting a bit (had trouble recognizing the guy!) with Jarkko Nieminen.
Roger was coming off his practice court, people were getting aggressive. Roger didn't look too happy, in fact I don't know if he signed many autographs at all... But I didn't really deserve one, I just showed up when he was leaving :p
Then I went to see the other marquee match – Gonzalez & Ljubicic against Blake & Jamie Murray. It was so good at first, so many nice rallies, nice volleys. Blake really is useless in doubles. Poor Jamie had to do everything! I mean, James had his moments, but Jamie had to take all the smashes. There was one point were Blake was standing there in front of a lob and Jamie ran over to smash it. And then another were Blake said “You” for the lob, and then he said it again when another lob came back, and then it came right at him and he said “me” as if he had no choice. Thankfully he didn’t miss it!! But really, James made a lot of mistakes, or at least more than Jamie, in this match.
Fernando and Ivan didn’t say much to each other, but they were an efficient team. Fernando has the ability to do whatever he wants with the ball without you knowing. Jamie and James had no idea where his volleys would go! Fernando made a lot of winning shots, all the while Ivan was constant. This idiot behind me said at the end, “Fernando won this match for the two of them.” But I couldn’t disagree more. I think Fernando came up with winners when needed, but Ivan was always there and barely made a mistake in the match! I was really impressed by this team =)
The crowd was really into this match, the stands were full, there were cheers everywhere. Whoever said doubles isn’t popular is surely wrong. The match tiebreak had everyone on the edge of their seats!
I ran to get Ivan’s autograph as I am now a converted fan of his, and he didn’t see me and I was too nervous to say an audible “Ivan, please sign for me!!” Finally there was way too many people blocking the entrance so they exited on the other side of the court. I had to run in my flipflops again to get to him and I was all out of breath when I asked him. He was really nice to me =)
We finished off the day by watching Clement and Bester. Bester made too many mistakes, but he hits well and hard and aggressively! Taking Clement to a tiebreaker is surely good, you know? Arnaud’s a good player. Anyways, the crowd was into it, or what was left of it anyways.
It was a nice day. So autographs from Max, Lee, and Ivan. I can’t wait to go back – depending on the rain, I don’t know when… hopefully the weather will change for tomorrow.
I still can't get over Julian Knowle recognized me - I'll have to cheer extra hard in their 2R match :p

08-06-2007, 04:24 AM
Great trip reports :yeah:

Volcanic Tennis
08-06-2007, 04:55 AM
thanks :) I'll keep them coming ;):)
Pics later, though, like a week after:p

08-06-2007, 05:23 AM
Great fun reading it! :D

08-06-2007, 05:27 AM
I feel like a paedophile already :sad:

:awww: :spit: I will start protesting in front of your house :D

08-06-2007, 09:01 AM
:awww: :spit: I will start protesting in front of your house :D

Time to hire bouncers :devil:

08-06-2007, 10:30 AM
Any pics yet mate?

08-06-2007, 02:38 PM
Once players started to become younger than I am, I felt too old :lol: I stick with pictures now :D Sometimes I get pictures signed, though, but only if I am a fan of the player.

Pretty much ALL of them are younger than me but I look their age, so I guess it evens out, lol. Looking young has its privleges (I know I spelled that wrong, I'm too tired to correct it). I'm Smitty and I'm an autograph whore. :devil:
Thanks for the report, I feel your excitement!

Volcanic Tennis
08-07-2007, 04:44 AM

I woke up in thunder this morning, and had no plans of going. It stopped raining, and my mother decided she was not going to go. Thus I decided I was going to go, at the last minute.
I arrived at noon and matches had already started. I got onto court 9 to watch Lee and Wawrinka. It was really evenly matched – they both have nice serves and good hands. I was sitting behind Stan’s coach, and they were quite funny. They kept cheering him in critical moments saying, “Allez Stan!” Over on the other side, Lopez was practicing with a young Italian. Also, Perry and Nieminen were getting warmed up. Youzhny and Clement were practicing elsewhere, and near them: Marat was practicing.
So I went behind his court and watched him through the railing. He was playing a practice match against Carlos Moya. I was waiting for them to finish to get his autograph. I was talking to three fans of his: a twenty-something girl and a teenage boy, who said they woke up at three A.M. to watch his Australian Open matches, and this girl that has huge folders of pictures that she gets players to sign. They were nice and made time go by fast.
Once Marat was done, the crowd flooded to where we were. As a result, he didn’t sign for me L I also saw Chela and Nadal coming by, as well as the Fed.
Hanley and Ullyett were practicing, in an interesting way. With their coach, they were coming up with doubles situations and it was really fun to watch. They were beside Gonzalez and Ginepri. At one point the ball comes near me so I pick it up and try to throw it to the coach but it didn’t get far enough. I was disappointed in my weakness. Thomas and Kerr were coming on court (although I didn’t recognize them at all, for once I didn’t know a player !!) and talking to me and the girl. This girl really knew her tennis, she knew all the doubles players, and even had a picture of Ullyett for him to sign. Anyways, Kevin signed for me, and I think (hope?) he liked the collage. I ran after Paul who had already left, and when I finally caught up with him, he was kind of surprised and said to me, “There you go, champ” in his charming accent.
Somehow, I lost my pen through all this – I remember Paul gave it back, but I must’ve dropped it in my excitement. Two pens lost in two days. I was having a fit!
Daniel Nestor and Mark Knowles were practicing against Bester & Duclos (? Must have been him) in what was quite an entertaining match. Bester and his partner were talking a long time before their service point and Daniel yells out, “Hey, what they hell are you saying to him? Serve!” in a joking way. Then, Bester missed a volley by a bit and Nestor laughed and said, “A bit tight on that, eh?” and then Bester served an ace, and he said, “Wasn’t tight on that, eh?” The crowd was laughing so hard.
I got Dan and Mark to sign for me, they were really nice about it J Then I watched Aspelin and Knowle practice against Paes and Vizner. They all have such defined legs, really! It was entertaining to say the least! A nice lady was talking to me through it though so I couldn’t pay close attention.
Nadal came to practice there, so I left to go walk around some more. Oh, and on a random note, I saw Karlovic walk by. Big. Big. Man. Big.
Bjorkman & Mirnyi were just finishing their practice, and a ton of people were asking Max for autographs. He was also taking pictures. So I asked a random man to take a picture of me with Mirnyi, and he accepted! Highlight of my day!! Max put his arm on my back and crouched down to my level and even sort of smiled. And best yet, I wasn’t horrible on the photo!! Really great moment for me. (Pic at end of report)
I watched Knowle hit with Ancic a bit, and then took a picture of Russell after his victory. Thomas and Kerr had a really long talk on their deserted practice court. Wonder what about?
Clement & Gasquet versus Nieminen & Perry was the marquee match now – it was impossible to find a seat. It was very high quality, but Perry made a lot of easy mistakes one wouldn’t expect from a doubles specialist. For the most part of the match I sat in front of what I think was Perry’s coach. He seemed so disappointed for Todd. I was too, actually. I love Arnaud & Richard, but poor Todd – coming all this way for a 1R exit. Nieminen played quite well at times, too – so it’s just too bad it had to come down to that match tiebreaker. And the fact that they choked a huge lead doesn’t help. The crowd was for the Frenchmen, though, so I don’t know…
Next I watched the second set of Peter Polansky and the Italian guy. It was good tennis, and I quite enjoyed clapping between every point. You know, not the applause – but the encouraging clap you give to the guy who’s down? Yeah, I started that a lot, it’s a lot of fun. The crowd was into it, too.
Unfortunately, my time was cut short tonight. I only had time to watch Dmitry Tursunov practice with Wassen shirtless. It was quite fun, let’s say, to watch :p Dmitry shirtless is fun to watch.
So, yeah, can’t wait for tomorrow =)
Glad I went, glad the rain held off.

I only uploaded one image so far. It's the best one :p (Click to enlarge) (

08-07-2007, 10:21 AM
Great picture and report! :yeah: Looks like you went to the tournie on Monday after all! ;)

08-07-2007, 11:45 AM
love the reports mate, you have your own style of writing and it helps the reader to really imagine what was happening.

nice pic aswell, hope its the first of many :)

08-07-2007, 06:28 PM
Thanks for the report :yeah: Does Ancic seem to have recovered from his mono...:wavey:

Volcanic Tennis
08-08-2007, 02:56 AM
Don't know about Ancic :shrug:

We got there way too early (too early to park on the street…) so I waited a lot. Anyways, once I got in, I got straight to the practice courts to see what was going on.
I got to see an awesome drill-practice with Zimonjic and Jamie Murray. They were playing out points with their coach; it was really fun to watch. I realize more and more than I love all the doubles specialists; they were so quick with their hands and really just great fun to watch. And they’re all so nice and humble and funny!! They both signed for me (I did have to chase Jamie, though!) :)
Roddick was practicing to a more-than-full crowd, so I took a few pictures and walked away. Too many people to make it worth watching, honestly…
Duclos was practicing on a court, but in front of him was the sexy Paul Hanley shirtless with Ullyett. So I subtly took pictures of Paul :p I didn’t realize he had such a tight body!
Bjorkman was practicing with Zimonjic. They played a singles match and when Zimonjic finally won a game he raised his arms up in eternal glory. It was really funny! It was a good match, though, nice volleys and serves from Nenad but Jonas was over powering him.
The way it works out, I could watch this practice at the same time as I was watching Jarkko Nieminen and Julien Benneteau. This was a good match. I felt bad for Jarkko; the crowd was pulling for the Frenchman. Julien made too many mistakes, lost his mental – Jarkko just got the balls back deep with interest and it paid off for him. His comeback was quite phenomenal!! After the match, he signed for everyone (even though most of them had cheered against him…) and he took pictures with those who asked – so, evidently, I asked :p He looked really pleased. He was smiling on the picture, too!!
When Bjorkman was coming off court, Safin was coming on with Chela – the four of them were laughing about something (I couldn’t figure out what exactly). Once Bjorkman left, I stalked after him and got my picture taken with him =) That was really great. He’s a class act, Jonas, he is.
Then, I saw Matkowski and Fyrstenberg practicing. They have really interesting service motions. They were speaking Polish to some fans that, from what I gathered, had seen them in Sopot last week. They took pictures together. I ran after them to get them to sign in my book, and congratulated them on their win last week. Near here, also, Aspelin was practicing his serves shirtless. :p
Next up was Max Mirnyi versus Ivo Karlovic. It was a serving display, that is for sure – but the shots, even attacking shots, seem rather week in comparison to what I’ve seen. In any case, I really enjoyed the match. I sat in the “Belarus” section – they had a flag and posters and all. I had fun yelling out for Max – in fact, the entire crowd started to support Max over Ivo. At the end of the match, Ivo left without signing one single autograph (almost as a spite to the crowd) and Max signed for everyone that wanted one (including the picture of us together) and I was really impressed by his humbleness and just how nice he is. An old volunteer said he had never seen a loser stay so long to sign before.
Erlich and Ram were practicing, and they were so awesome to watch – their volley to volley exchanges were lightning fast, but they were smiling and giggling about God knows what. It was so fun to watch them having genuine fun!
The next match on my list was Tursunov & Wassen against Hrbaty & Mathieu. The crowd was so one-sided that it bugged me. Anytime Dmitry and Rogier won a point, all you could hear was me applauding – so much in fact, that, once, Hrbaty gave me a look. They’re so pro-France, I don’t understand. Anywhoo, it was so strange, how the momentum just shifted so often. They played a lot more on Dmitry, as Rogier is very solid (although he went through a bad lapse in the second set). Wassen’s service motion is really odd, but it evidently does the job. During the match, Rogier kept looking back at something in my direction, I don’t know what it was or who it was. He had no coach there, so I don’t know. When they won, they looked really happy – and I was really happy for them =)
I chased after Wassen to get his autograph – he really impressed me with all his doubles skills – and he was calling home as he signed (maybe to tell someone he had won?). He was delighted to sign.
I chased after Dmitry and his coach (?) and asked to have a picture with him. His voice is so soft and nonchalant, he said, “Sure” in such a sweet, soft voice – I just knew it really didn’t bother him, it wasn’t an effort. He smelled good :p
I didn’t see any of Verdasco & Chela, but Verdasco went to the bathroom. Eh, interesting comment? It was just funny to see him in the midst of the crowd while he was supposed to be playing.
I got onto Center Court to watch Hewitt & Nadal against Bester & Duclos. I got to see the end of Gonzalez & Stepanek, which was such a shocker! Anyways, the doubles - It was really good doubles, I think. I had to talk to this boy the entire time (which was fun but I couldn’t concentrate on the game) I kept yelling “Go Canada!” and my mom was getting fed up with me. Hey, they need encouragement when playing Grand Slam champions!!
After this, we saw the match point of Federer’s doubles match, which was absolutely packed. I went around to eat, do my business, before watching the final doubles match. Bhupathi & Vizner against Gonzo & Ljubicic. It was good in the first set, but Gonzalez got really upset since he was playing bad. He whacked one out of the stadium, and at one point just tried going for too much. Ljubicic and him really showed personality in it all, though – Ljubicic was so funny, making a face when they lost points like a baby that is unhappy (but it was sarcastic so it was funny!) and, this one point, Gonzo crossed to make a half-volley and missed, and Ljubicic was all ready to hit it and he slowed down his motion and did it anyways. The crowd was laughing their asses off!!
Bhupathi really is in a class of his own in doubles, though – he makes some brilliant plays. Vizner is effective, too – and I didn’t know he was so old! But they both keep in shape. I got both of them to sign for me, they were really nice to the crowd waiting for them J
We went home after – I’ve no energy left!
I’ve got so many autographs – I have 16 of the Doubles top 31 :p which is really awesome. A lot of them are on the same page in my book, too – and they’re identified – so it’s pretty awesome. And I have four pictures with players I adore – hopefully I can get some more J
Can’t wait for tomorrow!

Volcanic Tennis
08-08-2007, 03:50 AM
Pics of me with Dmitry, Jonas & Jarkko: ( ( (

08-08-2007, 07:11 AM
Thanks for the reports :)

I like your style of writing, it's really nice to read. The parts about Jarkko are very much appreciated, nice photo you had with him :yeah:

Volcanic Tennis
08-08-2007, 12:11 PM
No problem and thanks :)

08-08-2007, 01:02 PM
Thanks for writing, I enjoy reading your reports :) Nice pictures too, especially the one with Jarkko ;)

Volcanic Tennis
08-09-2007, 04:03 AM

Okay, so we got there early, thought it would rain but it didn’t.
I watched practices: Davydenko & Ferrer, Hewitt, Roddick, Djokovic & Zimonjic. The last two were so funny; Djokovic kept missing volleys and his coach was saying to the crowd something like, “I train him for so long and he misses so many easy volleys!” Novak seems to be in good humor when he’s not on the court, a likeable guy. He signed for me =)
Robredo vs. Hrbaty was the first match I watched. It wasn’t so bad, but I felt the rallies were short and rather uninteresting. Next I watched a bit of Murray and Fognini. Fognini was on fire, but Murray was, as my mom stated in a funny fashion, “Boring.” All he did was complain, yell in his coach’s direction – in fact, it wasn’t a very good match. But Fognini had some nice, nice shots. He signed for me and Murray was just a wreck. His brother looked kind of sad for him.
I waited for Safin to sign again, and I missed out by a bit. Not much.
Bjorkman, however, did sign the picture of him and me. J He was really nice.
I saw the end of Wawrinka and Youzhny, and also a few games in the middle. Youzhny is just such a great shot-maker! I also met someone I thought was an MTF/WTAWorld member – and it sucks, because this made me not find the person I was actually looking for. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.
I watched Nestor and Knowles practicing, on a court adjacent to Tursunov and Wassen. Tursunov is fun to watch shirtless. Or to watch period. He has a temper, in a soft, strange way. He signed the picture of us.
Nestor and Knowles are really nice guys. They were playing out nice points and stuff. Knowles said he’s had athlete’s foot for a year; he threw his shoe off after the practice, saying it was burning. I wanted a picture with both of them, but they left separately – so I got one with Canadian hero Nestor J His wife (?) took it for us. She said to me, “Why do you want one with him for?” and I said, “Because he’s a great doubles player…?” and she said, “He’s okay” or something. Nestor was faking anger towards her, it was really funny to watch. It was cute!
I saw Damm and Paes practice (I got Paes to sign for me) and then through this I was coming and going from Davydenko and Nieminen. It was a good match – long rallies, and all. Nieminen looked so frustrated when he couldn’t close out the second set. The crowd was really into it. I just loved watching this match-up – it was like two of the same people playing against each other. It was great. The match point was also quite something, I forget why though. Poor Jarkko looked crushed…
At this point, I watched Fyrstenberg and Matkowski against Djokovic and Zimonjic. It was a good match – there were big serves and good volleys. The Poles were playing good doubles – approaching the net a lot, and trying to be aggressive. It worked well, to an extent. They were only broken once in each set, but once is enough, I imagine… I felt bad for the Poles, though. It’s hard to watch two good teams face off in the first round, you know? I left around the second set.
Next up was Dancevic and Odesnik. Let me start off by saying that it was a good match – long rallies, big serves. The crowd was into it in the second set when I arrived, but God, there was nothing like that third set. Let me tell you, I’ve never experienced that sort of atmosphere before. Every point, people would cheer – if he had won it, they’d cheer loudly – if he had lost it, it’d be that encouraging “You can do better than that” sort of clap. There was no movement during the points, at all – at least, late in the set, anyways. The tension was so thick. It was AMAZING. I couldn’t sit down, I stood up. We were jumping up and down where I was. Frank, who I love because he is always so calm, was getting pumped up towards the end. He signed for everyone that wanted one, and he looked really happy. It was such a great match. Possibly match of the week.
Next I came back to see the end of Bjorkman & Mirnyi against Tursunov & Wassen. It was good; Max Mirnyi had an invited guest with a dog in her bag. It was… weird! But anyways, it was really good doubles – too bad it was on at the same time as Frank.
Nestor & Knowles vs. Berdych & Kiefer was moved to Center Court, which angered us. So we were looking at ALL the people leaving and asked them if they would give us their tickets (since they were leaving). Three old ladies were, and they had tickets in the sixth row!! So we go in, and we end up in the first round behind the players. It was so awesome!! It was an amazing doubles match with a few really long rallies and such. It was so nice to be so up close, I could see Nestor and Knowles talking and their faces and wow!
Then he had his 600th Doubles Win celebration, with champagne and the ballboys had signs that said “Felicitations Daniel 600”. It was so cute!! I was so glad to be able to witness this achievement!
Next, we had supper as we watched the last match of the day, Baghdatis and Haase. The Greeks were present here, I can say that much!! But the match was good. It was unfortunate that Haase played well throughout, but just came up short on big points. In the third, he just completely lost it at the end. He saved a few match points miraculously, but at 5-1 down, it was hard to envisage a comeback for him.
We went home and will go back tomorrow. I hope to meet the forum member there tomorrow for real this time! Some really interesting matches are going on. I am livid, however, that Aspelin and Knowle are on center court, because I will not get to watch it. It’s cool for them, but I was looking forward to it…

08-09-2007, 05:27 AM
Any pics with Fed or Nadal.

Volcanic Tennis
08-09-2007, 11:39 AM
Once the tourney's over, I'll upload all/most of my pics that I took.
I've got a few of Nadal doubles, Federer I must have one... not sure that I do though :lol:
But none WITH them, dang, you'd have to be lucky to get that with the crowds around them @_@

08-09-2007, 01:23 PM
Wow, thats alot of writing. I can tell you're having a blast mate :yeah:

Too bad Kei couldn't go deeper in this tourney, otherwise it'll be like having a special reporter on site haha.

bad gambler
08-09-2007, 01:24 PM
Cool thanks for sharing. Enjoy the rest of the week's tennis :yeah:

08-09-2007, 02:10 PM
VolcanicTennis you're the best:smooch: :hug: Your reports are way beyond what we read in the papers! You're a real tennis fan and understand what the fans want to know. mentennis forum should hire you to write reports at the USO :wavey:

08-09-2007, 03:58 PM
Once the tourney's over, I'll upload all/most of my pics that I took.
I've got a few of Nadal doubles, Federer I must have one... not sure that I do though :lol:
But none WITH them, dang, you'd have to be lucky to get that with the crowds around them @_@

I did...

Volcanic Tennis
08-10-2007, 02:37 AM
Then you're very lucky :p

Volcanic Tennis
08-10-2007, 04:12 PM
So we got there fairly early again, and I walked around a bunch before settling down on Banque National Court to watch Youzhny play Davydenko. It was a good match: they had really long rallies, and they were evenly matched in the sense that they have fairly similar games. Then I walked around a bit more, and I got pictures taken with Aspelin & Knowle, which was really sweet. I watched Bhupathi & Vizner play against Nestor & Knowles on the practice court, as I was watching Hanley & Ullyett warm up. I love their warm up: they practice every doubles situation that might come up. Cross-court rallies, parallel rallies, and then they volleys in parallel, and then cross-court volleys, really a nice warm up for a doubles player. When they left I got my photo taken with them (but my eyes were closed…) and the coach said, “That’s worth a lot of money now!” It was really funny.
I went back to watch Djokovic nail Nalbandian in the second set, and I also saw the MTF member there. Djokovic was playing really well, you know, but I felt bad for David.
Next, I watched Hrbaty and Hewitt. You know, it was a good match: Hrbaty has a nice game and Hewitt, well, you know, he’s a fighter, but his balls weren’t deep or penetrating today. But he managed to find a way: God knows how!
I left in the middle to go watch Djokovic and Zimonjic play Hanley and Ullyett. The first set was really great, nice plays from both sides. Hanley and Ullyett are just such an impressive display of doubles tennis. I spent most of the second set standing up because I was waiting for Nieminen to finish his practice (him and Melzer were playing soccer with their coaches over the net… really strange) so that he could sign the picture of us together. He did, and by the time he did the doubles match was over. It was a good one, though!
I came back to see my mom, and told her that Federer/Allegro vs. Bryan brothers was now on Center Court, much to our disappointment. But everyone was leaving, so I went to get tickets from three old men. So we went to watch that, and it was good doubles. You know, I thought Allegro and Federer played really well, all things considered. But the Bryan brothers move in unison, they’re really great.
I left in the middle to go see our Canadian hero play. I got there at 4-4 in the first set. We hadn’t heard any cheers from Center Court, so I figured that he was losing. But it was tied. He got broken for the set, though, and that’s when the crowd started to get wild.
We started to cheer him on after every point, in fact it got to the point where we’d cheer him on between serves. It was WILD. It was the best tennis match I’ve ever been to because of the atmosphere. “Go Frank Go!” was the cheer of the crowd. He got pumped up, too, because of us. Poor Verdasco was graceful except for that one eruption in the second set that got him booed. I mean, we weren’t mean to him, he has to understand we’d back our Canadian guy over him. Him winning was just amazing, he sent us into elation. It just such great fun.
But after hist match, both doubles were taken off the schedule due to walkovers, and so we left to go home.
I was just so disappointed I didn’t get to see Aspelin & Knowle play, they were so nice to me. I was even more disappointed that they lost their match, they’re such great guys… I hope that they can get some good wins in the next weeks, I hope they have a good season =) Paul & Kevin too, just such nice guys, I hope they can get out of their minor slump…
This week has made me realize that, really, all the players are really nice guys. All of them signed, none of them were mean, they're all really friendly people. I've been converted a fan of many players, in fact, I'll have to revamp my signature :lol:

Volcanic Tennis
08-11-2007, 04:45 AM

So today was the last day. We left late, and got there with time to spare.
They were taking away the stuff from the practice courts (the ice things for water, the recycling bins, the scoreboards). It marked the end of the tournament, really; the night before they had removed all wiring and cameras from the Banque Nationale Court. It saddened me in a way to realize my week was over.
But, it wasn’t really over: three matches remained.
We didn’t need to wait long for Hanley, Ullyett, Knowles and Nestor to arrive on court. They were so cute, all matching and stuff. We sat in front of the same people we had been in front of all week, and as usual they didn’t shut up. Gah, I have a funny story about those idiots later on. Hanley & Ullyett’s coach was sitting nearby, and kept saying stuff to his players, but I couldn’t understand it. I figured he was Australian, but maybe he’s from Zimbabwe? I don’t really know. When he spoke to me yesterday, he sounded Australian. Hm.
The match itself was good. The crowd was asleep, though, and applauded only for Nestor’s points, obviously. But Paul and Kevin were playing amazing. They hit a number of winning returns, and made a number of points using the I formation. They really have that down to an art: it’s amazing to watch them use the I formation as often as they do. The first set was so tight; in fact, the set point was rather lucky (but I don’t remember way, unfortunately).
Nestor and Knowles played well throughout, but their opponents were just one notch higher. Even the crowd’s attempts to get them into the match were all in vain. I felt bad for Paul and Kevin though: in their first match, they were against the crowd since they were playing Djokovic, and again today against the crowd. However, they just play amazingly! They’re great fun to watch. My mom, their coach and me were the only ones applauding their winners for the most part :p
We were in the first row behind the players, but we still couldn’t understand a word of their strategy. It’s almost as if they whisper, don’t hear each other but still understand what’s going on. Or, you know, after 14 years, Knowles and Nestor have developed ESP. Their lips barely move when they speak, it’s as if they weren’t speaking at all. We were quite amazed at this.
When Paul and Kevin won, Kevin’s arms went up in the air. He was really, really happy about the win: it was visible. Maybe a turn-around win for their season, which has been average so far?
Knowles looked disheartened when he lost, and left before Nestor – they both signed a number of autographs, though. That was nice. Paul and Kevin signed the picture of us which was great, and I wish I had had the guts to tell them how amazing they played, but alas I didn’t have the guts.
So, the first match was a success: a closely contested doubles match that featured great doubles play.
Bjorkman, Mirnyi, Erlich and Ram arrived quite soon after the other match ended. People flooded in from center court, since Roddick had just lost to Djokovic at that time.
Mirnyi played awful at the start. Couldn’t get a first serve in, didn’t get any returns in, missed a lot of volleys. Jonas had a lot of pressure on his shoulders. They did get some bad breaks, though, on sudden-death deuce points. Erlich and Ram were cheered on loudly (and obnoxiously… cheering on Ues) by these four Israeli women. I remember one of them from last year, she was cheering on Shahar Peer, and she was so annoying. Again today. Even at 5-1, she was cheering on Mirnyi’s mistakes.
The crowd was pro-Max and Jonas, though, and were cheering them on whenever something seemed to come together.
In the second set, things came together more. Less mistakes from Mirnyi, Jonas was very solid, Erlich & Ram quite aggressive. Jonas missed a volley at 5-5 Deuce, though, and that was the one that really decided the match. Had he not missed it (and it wasn’t a hard one either) they may have won. It’s ironic, in a way: Jonas was solid the entire way, but he wasn’t solid on the one that “counted the most”.
There was quite something on Match Point. Erlich hits a ball on a second serve point, and it was good, but it was called long, and they replayed the point. Bjorkman was complaining, saying it was out and that now it should be deuce. But alas, they replayed the point. And Erlich got a first serve. It was kind of unfair, I guess, but I wasn’t on the right end to judge the ball.
I got Erlich to sign for me, but Ram was talking to people from the Embassy (? I couldn’t understand them even if they spoke English) so I couldn’t get his. The crowd, that hadn’t really cheered them on too much, cheered for them a lot when they left. They appreciated it (well, Ram at least)
The last match of the day was entertaining. Paes & Damm against Bhupathi & Vizner. For such a shrimp, Paes has an attitude. He’s very… dominant. Damm is a perfect partner because he just listens and follows what Paes says; he doesn’t mind being bossed around. But he would annoy me, I guess. I just don’t like his personality much, he started hitting balls as hard as he could at one point because he was mad that they missed break points or something, and missed Bhupathi’s face by an inch. I was in shock!
Damm & Paes are up and down, you know, in their temperament. And Bhupathi and Vizner are always on the same level. In the first set, they saved eight set points before winning it in a tiebreaker! It was really amazing.
The second set went by so fast I didn’t see it go by at all.
The annoying people behind me were talking about the two Indians facing off, and then one of them said they were Hindou, and then the other person said, “Well they can’t have two nationalities.” It was hard to retain laughter… but then they actually started discussing where Hindou people came from. “What country starts with H?” it was really, really funny, but also insulting – thank God that neither of the players spoke French. Then they threw native Indians in there, for God knows what reason. Gah, some people are just ignorant. But it was quite funny.
The match tiebreaker was good. Mahesh and Pavel were up 6-3, then lost multiple points in a row to get to 6-8. Paes was pumped up, he yelled out many times in joy (but it was so vicious it seemed like anger…!) when he yells out “out”, by the way, he scares the hell out of me…
Then the next point was PIVOTAL. It was a long rally – they actually had a lot of long rallies in the match – and Damm gets a smash which he mishits a bit and it goes near the line. Now, I was right near it, and I thought it was just inside the line, but Pavel didn’t hit it and let it go. Now, this confused me, and apparently the umpire. The lines judge, a young woman, said it was good, BUT the umpire overruled it. Correction the ball was out. 7-8. Paes just LOST it. Damm accompanied him in arguing but… You can’t top Leander, folks. He was yelling at the umpire and questioning the lines judge. Poor girl. “DID YOU CALL IT GOOD?” I mean, it was good, I think. But he just lost it. Worst time possible to lose it, too. Pavel and Mahesh won the next points really well, and then won the match. They looked so happy, I was happy for them. Paes and Damm argued for minutes after the handshake.
The drama there was amazing, you know, amazing quality drama. The match was good, but overall, I think that the first match was the best of the day – it was a very high quality encounter.
Match of the week for me was Dancevic & Verdasco, and in doubles, the first quarterfinal today.
It was a great week, overall: I got a lot of autographs from players. Nadal, Nieminen, Tursunov, Bjorkman, Mirnyi, Knowles, Nestor, Ullyett, Hanley, Wassen, Gonzalez, Ljubicic, Soderling, Knowle, Aspelin, Paes, Bhupathi, Vizner, Davydenko, Fognini, Jamie Murray, Lee, Fyrstenberg, Matkowski, Erlich, Zimonjic… That’s about it. I got a lot of doubles specialists, though, they’re really nice guys. Actually, all of them are really nice, and I am a fan of most players now. I just have a few that are my favorites, you know, that I wish more luck to than the rest! Haha.
I also got my pictures taken with Nieminen, Bjorkman, Mirnyi, Tursunov, Knowle&Aspelin, Nestor, Hanley&Ullyett. Before the week started, I couldn’t mutter a word to a player, now I’m able to ask for pictures, so I’m proud of myself. Maybe next year, I’ll be able to ask players questions. Still not at that level yet :p
If I had one disappointment about the tournament, it was that I didn’t get to see Aspelin & Knowle play (and that they lost second round, that was sad, because I wished them well at my tournament) and that I had trouble seeing matches, because I was always tempted by practice courts and such. But I enjoyed my time at the Roger’s Cup thoroughly, it was definitely awesome, and the week passed by so slowly, I got to savour each and every moment. =)
Thanks for reading, everyone. =)

Volcanic Tennis
08-11-2007, 04:51 AM ( ( (