Argentina tennis on way down the stair. (update, two years ago it was: "world power")

06-28-2007, 09:32 AM
I thinking about that when I thinked about the del Potro hype why they do this so big?

I think it is because they search for anybody to take big place because their tennis is on the way the stairs downwards.

let only take us some years to overview:

2002 Nalbandian strong, Wimbledon final, many others strong around top 20 and strongness was building up
2003 Coria stronger and stronger and top 10 player, Nalbandisn strong with good run at US Open, Gaudio strong on claycourt, Calleri near or in top 20 almost all time
2004 Coria very very strong, Gaudio very strong with French Open win, both finalists of Argentina, Nalbandian with good results in much big events. Argentine go crazy because so many top player in top 10 top 20.
2005 Gaudio still strong, Coria also good, Puerta sudden making French Open final, Canas strong on way up top 10. Nalbandian Masters Cup.


around that time two years from now some Argie clown was teaching me how much Argentina is a sports supreme and WORLD POWER and that they dominating the most important sports on the world. And of course was threads with "Argentine players dominating tennis" and all that and one of the clown told me this.

update to now. what has happened so far?

2006: nothing big done by a Argie, Gaudio on way down, Puerta and Canas was catched with doping, Coria not here anymore, Calleri overrated/injured and can not produce results, Chela is only there somehow, Nalbandian not so much success anymore as in past

2007: only 1 of the last 8 French Open players come from Argentina. Calleri, Zabaleta, Coria, Gaudio do not produce results. Canas only one.

Some time has passed now from when the joker from Argentina showed me numbers how much Argentina was the sports world power and how big they dominate tennis and other sports in the whole world! :lol:

for unfortune I do not remember the name of this funny guy who telled me that in a thread and said I am only envious "because Argentina is so a WORLD POWER" in sports :rolls: