The 2004 NHL Series Thread!

04-27-2004, 03:03 AM
So after the 2004 NBA playoffs thread, me and Cat thought it would be a great idea to start a thread for the NHL series!!!

Post scores, comments, article, anything:D!

04-27-2004, 03:08 AM
Merci Séb :kiss:

Even if I know they have basicly no chance against Tampa Bay with Lecavalier and St-louis on fire:


(thx to Nic for the smiley;))

04-27-2004, 03:10 AM
some hockey smileys, lol
http://smileys.******************/cat/18/18_9_2.gif http://smileys.******************/cat/18/18_9_3.gif http://smileys.******************/cat/18/18_9_1.gif http://smileys.******************/cat/18/18_9_4.gif http://smileys.******************/cat/18/18_1_100.gif

04-27-2004, 03:11 AM
Good luck to the Flames also:banana:!
Lee will love this thread:D!!!

04-27-2004, 03:24 AM
just for Cat ;)

http://smileys.******************/cat/26/26_7_7v.gif http://smileys.******************/cat/26/26_7_27.gif http://smileys.******************/cat/26/26_7_23.gif http://smileys.******************/cat/26/26_7_28.gif

04-27-2004, 03:25 AM
Thx sweety my team is on the top :kiss:

But Nic dear the Sénateur and the Canuck are out of the series ROFL

04-27-2004, 03:31 AM ummm i don't watch hockey, i don't know who is playing :shrug:

04-27-2004, 03:36 AM
You can't be perfect Nic ;) j/k

04-27-2004, 03:52 AM
i'm closer to prefection than you are ;)

:lol: j/k

04-27-2004, 03:54 AM
:eek: :eek: :eek: ;)

umm not so sure about that dear .....then you'll be a :angel: ;)

04-27-2004, 04:41 AM
Thanks Nicki for all those smilies :hatoff:

http://smileys.******************/cat/26/26_7_27.gif http://smileys.******************/cat/26/26_7_7v.gif http://smileys.******************/cat/26/26_7_22.gif

04-28-2004, 04:59 PM
:( Habs are on life support :(

04-28-2004, 08:44 PM
:( Habs are on life support :(
:bigcry: :bigcry: :bigcry: :bigcry: :bigcry: :crying2: :crying2: :crying2: :crying2: :crying2: :crying2: :hysteric: :hysteric: :hysteric: :hysteric: :hysteric: :hysteric: :hysteric:

05-01-2004, 01:21 AM
:hug: sorry Catsou.

Flames and Leafs are just hanging on now :(

05-01-2004, 01:40 AM
Thx Lee it's very nice of you :kiss:
I gotta say I was surprise they even got in the series and going through the Bruins was like a miracle...OMG those Lightning guys are in fire..I like them a lot though... Nikolai Khabibulin is a wall, he is stoping EVERYTHING :worship:
They have a amazing first trio, and both second and third trio are doing a amazing job..and forget about their defense they are stoping so many shots before it even get to Khabibulin! They are so fast..and beautiful to watch!

But I'm still cheering for the Flames :lol: I like Gélinas a lot :cool: ...Hopefully they'll get in the final !

05-02-2004, 05:46 AM
Thanks for cheering on the Flames! :kiss:

I was still mad at Flames for letting Martin St. Louis slipped from their fingers. :mad:

Chloe le Bopper
05-03-2004, 01:55 AM
Flames Flames Flames!

Leafs! Lea... eh, they were so pathetic today that I can't bring myself to give them a fullout cheer ;)

05-03-2004, 01:58 AM
I was so disappointed with Leafs. It's so pathetic that Esche only made ONE save on TWO shots on goal and guess what, he's the winning goalie.

And it totally ruined Nieuwy's return to the line up.

05-04-2004, 04:44 AM

A pair of goose eggs after regulation. Do it or die OT now!!!!!!!

05-04-2004, 05:48 AM
Flames won!!!!!

I just can't believe it! *pinching myself*

05-04-2004, 01:26 PM
Wow that was a amazing game Lee...did you watch the end of it?
It was up and down non stop in the OT..totally insane...gosh we all went to bed at 2 am because of that OT :rolleyes:

I knew it was going to be Gélinas who will score...what a player he ends two series in a row in OT :worship:

Anyway, congrats to your team :worship: they show some tremendous hockey yersterday!

05-04-2004, 05:10 PM
Wow that was a amazing game Lee...did you watch the end of it?
It was up and down non stop in the OT..totally insane...gosh we all went to bed at 2 am because of that OT :rolleyes:

I knew it was going to be Gélinas who will score...what a player he ends two series in a row in OT :worship:

Anyway, congrats to your team :worship: they show some tremendous hockey yersterday!

I started when they just finished regulation time. I sort of listen to it instead of watch as my heart could not handle all the excitement. :p There's a reason they call it 'Sudden Dead' overtime. :devil:

And I'm glad Martin has such great playoff run. He deserves the recognition. Do you know he's the only player who scored 3 OT goals to end a series. The other one was in 2002, Carolina vs Leafs (if I remember correctly).

05-04-2004, 09:50 PM
I started when they just finished regulation time. I sort of listen to it instead of watch as my heart could not handle all the excitement. :p There's a reason they call it 'Sudden Dead' overtime. :devil:

And I'm glad Martin has such great playoff run. He deserves the recognition. Do you know he's the only player who scored 3 OT goals to end a series. The other one was in 2002, Carolina vs Leafs (if I remember correctly).

Yeah it was very nervous-racking :o everyone was screaming here lol

I'm also glad Martin has such a great run lately! I just heard about that record of 3 OT goals on teely :D Like you said he really deserves the recognition..who ever thought he will help the Flames to be in their conference final..Two years ago nobody wants him :rolleyes: He went back to Calgary cause his wife is from there and wants to be close to her family...therefore he accepted a really low wage to play there! The Flames have a great coach too LOL they call him here Scotty Bowman # 2 :lol:

Anyway, what do you think of the Leafs's chance? The last match was a nightmares hopefully they'll wake up in time!

05-04-2004, 10:09 PM
Like you said, I hope the players will wake up from the nightmares of game 5. It was so disappointing for me as Nieuwendyk returned to the line up at that game.

I don't know the team very well. I only know Roberts and Nieuwendyk (who played for the Flames together and are buddies) are big fighters. But I feel the Leafs lack the team spirit like the Flames.

Consider Leafs are just a vee bit younger than Red Wings, I doubt their chance. They already played 7 games in QF and if they managed to win game 7 in this series and face the well rest Lightnings, not much gas will be left in the tank.

05-05-2004, 08:03 AM
Leafs :sad: So the conference final teams are determined. Flyers vs Lightnings in the east and Sharks vs Flames in the west.

JR scored the OT series ending goal which for me, like rubbing salt to a wound. :mad: :mad:

Let's go Flames and Bolts. :bounce:

05-12-2004, 03:41 AM

:woohoo: What an amazing game!!! The Flames scored 20 seconds into the game. And in the 3rd period, scored 2 goals in 44 seconds. These took everything out of the Sharks.

The Flames record on the road is scary to home teams. They are now 7-2 in playoff! :yippee: And overall 10-5 with 4-1 in OT.

05-15-2004, 04:42 AM
I was not that upset by Flames lost as Sharks was the better team in Game 3. The thing that really pissed me off is Alexander Korolyuk behaviour in the empty net goal and the ESPN commentators finding all kinds of excuses for his behaviour.

Here's an extract from a report in Calgary Sun.

Though not as entertaining a tilt as the first two matches in the series, last night's game did feature great goaltending, a timely fast-break goal for the game-winner and an ugly brouhaha at the end.

The shenanigans were set off because San Jose's Alexander Korolyuk hot-dogged with the puck, stopping in the slot before firing it into an open net, for his second goal of the game.

Chris Simon showed his displeasure with the small but skilled forward and ended up dropping the gloves with Mike Rathje.

In the fracas, Calgary captain Jarome Iginla -- tripped by Korolyuk in the Sharks zone, which started the empty-net goal rush -- received a minor for unsportsmanlike conduct, a 10-minute misconduct and a game misconduct

05-15-2004, 04:14 PM
HI Lee :wavey: About that last goal I'm surprise that you say the commentators were finding all kind of excuses cause here it was the total opposite. Every commentators was saying it was something you NEVER do. They were all really discusted about it saying it's really something disrespectfull and that Iginla was really right to be upset like he was. LOL I guess american and canadian commentators don't see the same thing on ice LOL

IMHO You never finish a game like that cause that give the edge to the other team...

GO FLAMES !!!!!!

05-15-2004, 07:11 PM
Thank You Eric One of the very few columnists I liked in Calgary.

Offensive display

Sharks organization shows lack of class on and off ice during Game 3

By ERIC FRANCIS -- Calgary Sun

Earlier in the night, Evgeni Nabokov kicked out a Jordan Leopold blast, then a Craig Conroy snapper.

To top off the evening, he kicked at Ville Nieminen's head while the forward was trapped underneath him.


Nabokov may not be the class of the league but this isn't exactly a class organization.

At least that's the way the Sharks came across last night.

Funny thing is, that's what the Sharks players were screaming at the Flames as they marched off the ice last night to a hail of beer and bratwursts -- "no class."

Capping off a 3-0 Sharks win, there was an incident that appeared to get more than a few people upset. OK, there wasn't a man, woman or child in Alberta that felt good about it.

After dumping Jarome Iginla in the Sharks end during the final minute, Alexander Korolyuk was sprung on a breakaway. Instead of depositing the puck into the empty net, he pulled up at the hash marks and rocketed a hard wrister into the goal.

It was the type of move that would -- and should -- get any guy thumped on in any beer league across Canada.

It was showmanship, pure and simple.

Given the fact tensions were already high, Chris Simon gave Korloyuk a love tap and a crowd gathered to discuss the matter. Instead of pounding Korolyuk, Simon did the honourable thing by picking out a sizeable opponent in Mike Rathje.

This, apparently, did not sit well with GM Doug Wilson, who was busy pulling a hissy-fit in the press box, kicking his chair and generally being a real grownup about the whole thing. Despite the fact his own player's indiscretion set the whole thing off, Wilson stood screaming at the ice -- a no-no that would get any journalist turfed from the premises.

When told to grow up, shut up and leave the box by yours truly, he screamed back, embarrassed himself for a few more minutes and left for the management box he should stay in if he can't be a professional. Too much time in the California sun apparently made Wilson forget about hockey's code.

"I don't know what he was trying to do there, if he was trying to embarrass us or what, but we didn't appreciate it," said Simon of the final minute's melee.

Added Iginla: "Dislike grows throughout a series and it's growing."

The Sharks tried to defend Korolyuk and deflect attention from the incident by ragging on Flames fans who were also in the wrong by pelting the ice with garbage.

"I think he wanted to pass it to Patty (Marleau) but when he stopped, Patty got taken into the net," said Shark Todd Harvey. "I think it's a different custom over there (in Korolyuk's native Russia). I can see Calgary's point but I don't think Korky did that on purpose. They took exception to that and that happens. Throwing (stuff) on the ice like that, that's just wrong. At least if they're going to throw beer out there, leave half in the cup."

In typical Ron Wilson fashion, the Sharks coach went way over the top by calling the Flames' late hijinks a black eye for hockey.

Doug Wilson calmed down and was all smiles.

The chair never recovered.

05-15-2004, 07:12 PM
Basically, what Todd Harvey said was what the commentators came up immediately. They knew what Alex did was totally lack of class and sportsmanship but none dared to say what he did was wrong.

And I wanted to add that, even Todd spoke the truth, that Korolyuk could not pass the puck but there's still no need for him to fire the puck that hard afterward.

05-15-2004, 09:43 PM
I just came back home and find out my Lightnings lost :sad:

05-15-2004, 10:53 PM
:hug: Catsou :sad:

05-20-2004, 05:15 AM
Lee I was so happy they won :banana: Hopefully my Lightning will won too!
ummmm but as for cheering for the opposite team I don't think so dear! I must root for the Flames lol I want the Stanley Cup In Canada ;)

But at the same time I adore Martin St-Louis and Vincent Lecavalier...ummmm it's going to be a tought choice ;)

Well, Martin was from Calgary :p

We also have to split time between playoff and RG :(

05-20-2004, 05:38 AM
LOl Lee for one moment I didn't realized I was not in the NHL thread..oups ...people will wonder what the NHL talk do in the ``last person who good rep me thread`` lol

LOl I may decide to cheers against my boys I guess :o It's going to be difficult cause I really Like Martin and Vincent but Calgary really deserved to have the Stanley cup it's such a tremendous hockey town, the fans there are awesome. And I must add Jerome and Martin really deserve my support ;)

05-20-2004, 05:42 AM
If I find a great pic of Jarome with the conference final cup, I will put it in my avatar. I liked St. Louis when he was in Calgary. Great for him that he shines in Tampa Bay after a few so so seasons in Calgary. Like Kiprusoff from Sharks to Flames.

Ouch! That sounds like an omen if Lightning is in the Final. Martin St. Louis pays back his former team.

05-20-2004, 05:53 AM
I really like Jerome :cool: he is a great captain IMHO

Yeah St-Louis had a amazing year gosh for a 5 ft 8 guy he is not scare of everyone on the ice it's almost funny. I like his attitude though he really wants to won you can see it!

awwwwwww it's going to be a thought choice :confused:

05-20-2004, 05:57 AM

Gelinas scores third series-clinching goal as Flames move on to Stanley Cup

Canadian Press

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Calgary Flames left winger Martin Gelinas celebrates his goal in the second period. (CP/Ryan Remiorz)

CREDIT: (CP/Ryan Remiorz)


CALGARY (CP) - It's about time.

After 10 years of U.S.-based clubs in the NHL's championship series, Canada finally has a team in the Stanley Cup final. Calgarians took to the streets to celebrate after the Flames defeated the San Jose Sharks 3-1 Wednesday night to win the NHL's Western Conference final 4-2. Jarome Iginla, with his league-best 10th playoff goal, Martin Gelinas and Robyn Regehr scored for the Flames and Alyn McCauley for the Sharks. The championship series will begin next Tuesday in the home arena of the Eastern survivor. Tampa Bay leads Philadelphia 3-2.

"It's awesome," Iginla told the CBC. "It's such a thrill. The guys have worked so hard.

"It feels awesome to keep going."

The Flames, trying to break a trend that had seen the visiting team win each of the first five games, gathered for a team meal and slept in a hotel the night before Game 6. It worked. They won at home for the first time since eliminating Detroit on May 3.

"We believe here but now we've got to do one more," Calgary's Craig Conroy said.

Calgary was the more aggressive team from the start. Every unit contributed. The checking line of Dave Lowry, Chuck Kobasew and Chris Clark got a standing ovation in the fifth minute for some furious forechecking.

It was apparent from the first shot he handled that Miikka Kiprusoff, Calgary's Finnish goaltender, was sharp. His catching mitt swallowed pucks and the goal-line disappeared when he dropped into his butterfly spread.

"Miikka, I thought was our MVP this season," Conroy said.

The team scoring first won each of the first five games, and Calgary was hungry to get the first goal in Game 6. Chris Simon flicked a backhander off a San Jose post and Shean Donovan hopped through Evgeni Nabokov's crease only to lose control of the puck at the last second.

When Curtis Brown was assessed a double high-sticking penalty for cutting Marcus Nilson, the Flames poured it on.

Iginla, moving into the circle to the right of Nabokov, took a Conroy pass and snapped a wrist shot through the legs of defenceman Scott Hannan and Nabokov at 18:52.

Calgary's defencemen were doing their part. Early in the second period, Jordan Leopold kept Vince Damphousse from scoring by clamping his stick against the veteran centre's stick at the crease and refusing him to get off a shot.

Brown had a chance to tie it when he got free in front of Kiprusoff, who went to his knees to make a huge save. A TV commercial break was called and Kiprusoff bobbed his dead to the beat of Disco Inferno before play resumed.

Gelinas made it 2-0 at 13:02. Conroy won a faceoff against Marcel Goc to the right of Nabokov and set Gelinas up for a low shot that was in before Nabokov knew what was happening.

"This guy's going every shift of every game," Iginla said of Gelinas.

Kiprusoff then robbed Nils Ekman, but he couldn't stop McCauley, who lifted in a rebound at 16:14 in following behind a rush that saw Kiprusoff stop another Ekman shot.

The Flames were outshooting the Sharks but the Sharks were getting just as many scoring chances.

The Sharks had to begin taking chances in the third period. They upped their tempo, sent their defencemen into the rush and put heavy pressure on Kiprusoff.

The Flames survived a hooking penalty against Regehr before finding a reserve of energy to match the Sharks stride for stride in a wild finish.

Regehr ended a scramble by scoring into an empty net with one second to play.

"(The final minute) was the longest of my life, and you know what? After it was over, it was the best minute of my life," Conroy said. "It's the emotional swings, and to doing it at home, this is awesome.

"I wouldn't want to play anywhere else. This is awesome."

Calgary is Canada's first Stanley Cup finalist since the Vancouver Canucks lost a seven-game thriller to the New York Rangers in 1994. Canada's last champions were the Montreal Canadiens, who beat the Los Angeles Kings in 1993.

"We feel proud to be here but we're not done," defenceman Rhett Warrener said. "We have a very focused group in there and we know we have four more wins from where we want to be."

Notes: Gelinas scored five goals for Vancouver in 1994 playoffs . . . Calgary is 8-1 when Iginla scores . . . In eliminating Vancouver, Detroit and San Jose, Calgary knocked off all three regular-season division winners in the West. It'd never happened before . . . Iginla's goal was the first by Calgary in a first period at home in any round this spring . . . On power plays, Calgary was 0-2 in Game 6 and 1-21 in the series. San Jose was 0-3 and 3-25 in the series. . . . Calgary outshot the Sharks 28-19.

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