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  2. The Hot Swimmers Picspam Thread :) (aka the Chat Thread) II
  3. Roddick Fires Roddick, Hires McEnroe
  4. It's time for an AWESOME BIRTHDAY PARTY!
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  8. Happy Happy Birthday to my lovelyawesome Renée! :D
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  10. Happy Birthday Katakate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Andy might be skipping Kooyong, but we can still have the bong AO Season Thread
  12. Andy's 2009 Season Live Scoring Thread (Shanghai, Post 3,398)
  13. The "enjoy your little break, you've earned it :D (and vamos mandy)" Spring HC Thread
  14. Andyland Chat Thread Part 2 (they made me.)
  15. Yay French Federation, You Got Exactly What You Wanted. Nice Try Anyway, Andy.
  16. The "Life is Completely Unfair, But We are Proud to be Your Fans" Grass Season Thread
  17. The "27 down 230 more to go: HAPPY BDAY DEBSSSS" Thread!!!!!!!!.
  18. The "You can't be a TB king if you lose every single important TB" HC Thread
  19. ATTENTION PLEASE!! This is a Birthday Celebration Fit for a QUEEN!!!!
  20. Happy Birthday Fee!!
  21. Feliz aniversário, Re!!!
  22. 2011 Davis Cup Thread
  23. Fall tourneys thread
  24. The "Zachary is in the Stars: Happy Birthday Renée!" Thread
  25. ATTENTION PLEASE!!! Cancel Christmas Because It's Kate's Birthday!!!!!!!
  26. The "let's erase the last 6 months from our minds" Australian Swing Thread
  27. Andy's 2010 Season Live Scoring Thread (London WTF)
  28. Who needs creativity when you can just say YAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!! (Spring HC Thread)
  29. Andy Roddick News Thread
  30. Andy's gifted in basketball as well (video)
  31. The "Nice of you to show up, Andy" clay season thread
  32. The "Speechless, and not in a good way" grass thread
  33. Who cares about Andy's loss when it's our debtastic mod's bday?!
  34. Well it wasn't a new losing technique but it was a good one nonetheless. Bye HC Seaso
  35. Queenland's alert: IT'S QUEEN'S BIRTHDAY!!!!
  36. Stefanki
  37. 6 years ago today..
  38. The 2010 Fall/Indoor/Craptastic Off-Season Thread
  39. Roddick fans! Help me out! :D
  40. Roddick's Grunting
  41. Starting off 2011 Down Under
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  43. Spring Hardcourts
  44. The "Clay is for Pots" 2011 Useless Clay Season Thread
  45. The "" thread
  46. It's not too much to ask the mind & body to work at the same time is it? HC Thread
  47. Could Roddick Win an Australian
  48. AO 2012 - Limping Closer to Retirement
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  50. We need photos of Andy
  51. Un bref séjour en France - Andy at Roland Garros Thread
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  53. Summer Hardcourt & Olympics
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