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  1. Will Andy Murray make it to Top 10 by end of this year
  2. Draw opening up in the Nadal/Djoko half...
  3. Stan The Man wins another 5 sets match, def. Ginepri 5/7 6/4 4/6 6/4 6/3
  4. Robredo and Gulbis must be pissed
  5. Lord Carlos Moya def. Philip Kohlschreiber 4/6 7/5 7/6 4/6 6/4
  6. Teenager vs. Teenager in a Grand Slam Final?
  7. What's His Name (okay, Nole) beats Del Potro 6-1 6-3 6-4
  8. Does Federer have a legitimate chance?
  9. Gulbis def. Robredo 6-1 6-3 6-2. Gulbis No.1.
  10. Looking forward to Gulbis-Djokovic match
  11. Rd 4: Nadal vs Ferrer: Who will win?
  12. Round 4 usopen: Gulbis or Moya- who will win???
  13. Does Nadal have a legitimate chance?
  14. Davydenko vs. Lee - US Open 4th Round?
  15. Hopman Cup Teams?
  16. Robredo: "If Gulbis plays like this, I feel sorry for Moya"
  17. Incroyable=Incredible
  18. Duck def "AMW" Berdych 7/6 2/0 ret.
  19. Berdych: Most Unfulfilled Talent on Tour?
  20. Roddick or Blake?
  21. Players who choke against specific players?
  22. Paradon pulls out of Thai Open
  23. This is how tennis should be played, period.
  24. USO R16: Tommy Haas def James Blake 4-6 6-4 3-6 6-0 7-6(4) [3 MPs saved]
  25. Quarter final- Tommy Haas vs. Nikolay Davydenko: who will win??
  26. USO QF: (10) Aspelin & Knowle def. (1) Bryan & Bryan 7-5 6-4!!!
  27. Nadal "There should be less tournaments on hard"
  28. Davydenko spanks Lee 6/1 6/3 6/4
  29. Too many “Fs”
  30. Famous tennis matches where player won more overall points but still lost?
  31. Could Feliciano Lopez take the first set from Roger Federer tonight?
  32. rest of us open schedule
  33. Topless Tennis at the US Open
  34. challenge system and wimbeldon
  35. "I could see Isner get in the top100, but its not for sure" - Federer
  36. Federer df. Lopez, 3-6, 6-4, 6-1, 6-4
  37. Federer won 35 straight points on his serve against Lopez
  38. Federer vs. Roddick #15 Who Will Win?
  39. Charlie Rose talkshow today!
  40. monaco how many games vs Djoko?
  41. What is wrong with Bjoerkman/Mirnyi?
  42. "Pim Pim" might be back in time for DC-semis
  43. Federer-Lopez highlights?
  44. Fed´s second serve!
  45. If X does Y, I will do Z
  46. Ernie vs. Lord Carlos - Who wins?
  47. 5 Set Matches Going To a Tiebreak?
  48. Anybody got a problem with the Eurosport-palyer?
  49. it's wawRinka, not wawinka
  50. Roger on fashion.. haha
  51. McEnroe and Amex...
  52. Flashbulbs Galore Last Night....
  53. Chela breaks Stan's 5sets matches winning streak 4/6 6/2 7/6 1/6 6/4
  54. According to US commentators: Nadal = Moya 2.0.
  55. This US Open is like the famous Blind Melon song
  56. Carlos "grandpa" Moya takes Ernest "teenie" Gulbis to school, 7-5 6-2 6-7 6-4
  57. Novak Djokovic the Prince Harry of tennis?
  58. This is how tennis should not be played.
  59. Dlouhy/Visner(9) def. Hanley/Ullyett(5) 6/4 6/2
  60. The Biggest Chokers Of All Time?
  61. How do you feel when your favourite players meet each other?
  62. I will give Rafa credit to making the final, however...
  63. Who will win USO Doubles?
  64. Why, ADIDAS?
  65. Novak "Nole" Djokovic def. Juan "Pico" Monaco 7-5 7-6(2) 6-7(6) 6-1
  66. Moya vs. Djokovic
  67. Tennis fans, unite in this poll! then we send results to Mr. Disney
  68. does anyone think the novak is becoming 'divalike' throwing tantrums?
  69. McEnroe With A Classic Comment...
  70. Players We Like And Dislike.
  71. David Ferrer vs Rafael Nadal- Who will win this tonight/
  72. US Open senior matches
  73. Russia V Germany
  74. Masters cup
  75. tickets to australian open?
  76. Nadal's serve: Going backwards?
  77. Borg: "Rafael Nadal will win Wimbledon in 2008."
  78. David 'Sexy' Ferrer does it! D. [2]Nadal 67 64 76 62
  79. buddyholly vs Jimmy Arias - who is right?
  80. Juan "Mr QF" Chela or David "Pics" Ferrer: who will win?
  81. #()#Can RAFA ever show his best form @ the`hard` Slams [AO, USO]~??
  82. federer takes over #1 the race
  83. USO Men's Doubles: Who will take the title?
  84. Nadal is only good 2 months of the year
  85. Should Toni and Nadal part ways?
  86. my respect for nadal
  87. Let
  88. Nadal-Ferrer highlights?
  89. Your habits to follow the matches of your favourite player(s)
  90. If Ferrer beats Chela
  91. What's wrong with Benji Becker?
  92. Ten Random Thoughts From The Open
  93. Monaco:"I do not know how he (Djokovic) recovered so well to beat me"
  94. Missing pic
  95. my new found respect for nadal wears off fast
  96. The REAL reason Rafa last: my presence at the Open
  97. USO Doubles SF: (10) Aspelin/Knowle def. Benneteau/Mahut 7-6(2) 1-6 6-3
  98. How difficult is it to attend Roland Garros?
  99. Just serious talk please: Do you see Djokovic taking the #2 spot from Nadal?
  100. Has Roddick ever played Federer in a night match?
  101. Davydenko will beat Federer and win the Open
  102. Davydenko destroys Haas 6/3 6/3 6/4
  103. PMac Radio Interview
  104. Poll on Borg's Comments - So will Rafa Win Wimby 08 or not?
  105. Esqueleto vs Pics
  106. funny sharing thread about F-LO :p
  107. My Observation of Nadal's match: from courside seats
  108. USO schedulers finally broke into the liquor cabinet this year...
  109. Let Nole go! Here's a better impersonator
  110. Question about live webcast
  111. Who else is annoyed by exclusive on court interviews?
  112. Federer in black and Back in black song ; Anyone have clip?
  113. Damn Agassi Needs A Job...
  114. if roddick had a backhand and/or a volley....
  115. Roddick's new grunt - why?
  116. well, Boris looks...
  117. Nole qualifies for Masters Cup
  118. Federer Draw: Perfect Preperation for the Finals
  119. A Beat Down vs. a Clinic
  120. Federer def. Roddick 7-6(5) 7-6(4) 6-2
  121. Fed vs Davydenko? Who wins
  122. Andy's Mental Game (or Lack Thereof)
  123. Post Match Interviews?
  124. Federer: artistry in sport
  125. I just had a VISION!
  126. 2007 French Open Final Stats
  127. Did Federer Dis Roddick?
  128. Future Hall Of Famers
  129. Roddick's Post-Match Interviw (USO 2007)
  130. Roddick would have won yesterday if he didn't choke in the tiebreaks
  131. So davy may have not dropped a set
  132. Do you like Doubles?
  133. What is it about the US Open........
  134. ATP Finalizes 2008 Calendar
  135. USA network ignores certain players?
  136. Will Serena Survive The Robotic Onsluaght of Doom?
  137. Djokovic style of play
  138. Ferrer def. Chela 6-2 6-3 7-5
  139. Welcome back in Top 10 Ferru
  140. Does Federer exist?
  141. USO Mixed Doubles Final: Azarenka/Mirnyi def. Shaughnessy/Paes 6-4 7-6(6)
  142. Will Donald Young be first American to win FO since Andre
  143. Kolya will defy choking epidemic to defeat federer
  144. US Open final 2007 is Federer - Djokovic
  145. Thank God for Roger.
  146. Nole def. Moya 6/4, 7/6, 6/1
  147. Ferrer vs. Djokovic
  148. Is this the first year men's semis are on Saturday?
  149. regarding RFK's Spartan obsession
  150. Why no (at least not much) speak of Davydenko
  151. Honestly without a serve how good would Andy R be?
  152. What's the Odd Of James Blake Winning Another 5 setter?
  153. What did JMAC say during the moya noles match about nadal and davendekyo
  154. RafaLovers, if the final is Federer/Djoko. who do you root for?
  155. Anyone watched Andy's press conference?
  156. When did Karim Alami retire?
  157. Davydenko a much bigger threat than Djokovic
  158. Quality vs Quantity.
  159. Rodick Vs. Sampras, Who Wins?
  160. Aspelin / Knowle VS Dlouhy / Vizner -Mens Doubles Final
  161. Funiest comment on the Fed-Roddick match
  162. Deep fried cock thread
  163. Will Djokovic make it to No 2 by end of this year?
  164. Federer only lost serve twice so far!
  165. On which surface does Djoko have the most chance to beat Federer?
  166. Wheelchair Champs Continue Run to Defend Titles
  167. Honestly without arms how good would Roger Federer be?
  168. Ranking proposal
  169. RG, Wimbledon and US open SF in a row
  170. Federer (and Davydenko) get screwed by the USTA
  171. Orest Tereshchuk Retires
  172. Bruguera, Chang and Stich are nominated for 2008 induction to Tennis Hall of Fame
  173. US Open Final: (10) Simon ASPELIN & Julian KNOWLE def. (9) Dlouhy/Vizner 7-5 6-4
  174. Olympic Gold bears Nole's name on it?
  175. Federer is the best because he can beat me...
  176. David...Your Mission should you choose to accept it
  177. US Open highlight videos at end of coverage
  178. Gimelstob to be on Jay Leno tonight (9/7)
  179. Getting out of the Slump Cup aka China Open
  180. Who do players root for?
  181. Which US OPEN Final was the most exciting to you?
  182. How cool would a Davydenko - Ferrer final be?
  183. So how would the weather be as the afternoon progresses?
  184. Jerzy Janowicz defeats Thomas Fabbiano
  185. Roger Federer vs Nikolay Davydenko- who will win?
  186. Can Djokovic win without excessive ball bouncing?
  187. Djokovic def. Ferrer 6-4 6-4 6-3
  188. Jim Courier...ummm....what the heck...
  189. Davydenko "Everything in New York stinks"
  190. Federer vs. Djokovic - Who's gonna win the Open?
  191. Rank the bitches
  192. Most consecutive breaks in a match
  193. Federer defeats Davydenko 7-5 6-1 7-5
  194. USO Final: Fed vs. Djok - Who wins?
  195. Davydenko vs Venus Williams...who serves better?
  196. does anyone have a link to djokovic's fashion show in underwear video
  197. McLoughlin vs. Quist, Who Wins?
  198. Send Dick Enberg to the old age home...
  199. Davydenko--the male Serena in interview
  200. Michael Barkann
  201. Bud Collins says, "It may be absurd but I like the Serb"
  202. Fed/Nole final
  203. Nalbandian is the last guy beat Roger Best 5 set Game.
  204. The importance of Hawk Eye
  205. US Open Series Bonus
  206. Federer and Henin winning a slam at the same time?
  207. Dazzling serb to make a "djoke" of Federer
  208. Pat Cash on Nadals hardcourt performances and tournament schedules
  209. The T.M.C. Race For The #6, #7 And #8 Positions?
  210. what will happen first?
  211. Yellow clay?!
  212. "Djokovic will be even better next year" - Borg
  213. Federer confident in his prematch interview
  214. Any English links to the Final
  215. These guys are just so good for the game
  216. Why is Sharapova in Nole's box?
  217. Did Djokovic's parents, coaches and friends get robbed?
  218. can someone say Spartan?
  219. *If* he wins, Federer takes home $2.4million and a new Lexus
  220. Disgusting amount of luck
  221. Ever seen anyone get f****d up so much by hawkeye...?
  222. Federer def Djokovic 7-6 7-6 6-4 for his 4th straight USO and 12th Grand Slam
  223. Credit to Novak Đoković !!
  224. Federer = GOAT :worship:
  225. Will Djokavic become another Roddick to Fed?
  226. Sharapova In Love with Djoko?
  227. The facts about Roger are frightening
  228. Is Chasing Records Getting to Federer?
  229. Life must suck if you're not a Federer fan
  230. Active GS/MS Winners results at 15 major tournaments
  231. The US Open trophy presentation is a complete joke!
  232. Djokovic looks like Robert de Niro
  233. Bud Collins: "He should've won!"
  234. Random doubles question
  235. Federer and Sampras to play exho at Madsion Square Garden
  236. If Djokovic comes into the same situation in the Australian Open....
  237. Swedish DC team selected
  238. Williams, Safins!
  239. Storyline for Fed in 2008 - the stakes
  240. It's not called choking when you are being outplayed...
  241. djoko and rafa in the next few years...
  242. Lets face it...we just love this domination!
  243. More genius from Peter Bodo
  244. Federer and Coaches
  245. Roger the mental weakling: 13-2 tiebreak record in grand slam finals!
  246. Reasons for Federer not being the greatest ever
  247. Videos from US Open 2007, which you cant see
  248. Why did Monfils have to qualify in Bucharest?
  249. So which were the best matches at the US Open this year?
  250. R1: Igor Andreev def Peter Luczak 6-3 3-6 6-4 in Bucharest