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  1. Crazy tennis moments
  2. Does anyone have a vid of that shot rafa hit on match point?
  3. Summing it up
  4. Berdych BLASTS Dima 6-2 6-1 6-1
  5. Darren Cahill: Australia's New Davis Cup Coach!!
  6. Tommy Haas def. Mayer 7-6, 6-3, 6-3
  7. Mardy Fish ROCKS!!! def. Ferrer 6-1, 7-6, 2-6, 7-5
  8. Benneteau/Mahut def. Damm/Paes (5) 7-5 7-6 to reach AO QF!!
  9. Boiled Egg's dream match: Duck vs Fish!
  10. Roddick d. Ancic 6-3 3-6 6-1 5-7 6-4
  11. Great Czech Players!!
  12. Most 1st round GS losses!
  13. TSN Bashing Thread
  14. Nadal's Chance for Final
  15. Robredo d. Gasquet 6-4 6-2 3-6 6-4
  16. Federer is God
  17. Who Can beat Roger this tournament
  18. Federer schools Djokovic 6/2 7/5 6/3
  19. Fernando Gonzalez = Martina Hingis + Power?
  20. When Will Gasquet Finally Reach A Grand Slam QF?
  21. Will there be a Nadal-Federer final??
  22. The Young Guns all fired - but still lacking enough pop?
  23. Who Will Win Through to the Quarters- Berdych or Davydenko?
  24. Novak to play German Bundesliga in 2007
  25. makes predictions?!
  26. Highlights: Federer vs Djokovic - AO 2007
  27. 4 days at Australian Open - Reports
  28. When bashing Nadal about his Wimbledon performance...
  29. Young Guns III : Blaze of Mediocrity
  30. A Federer Revelation
  31. Which 'tennis couple' do you like most??
  32. James Blake: UnderEstimated!!
  34. Maybe a new coach would help, it couldn't hurt could it?
  35. Does Fed speak the same language as Hingis?
  36. Who wants a Nalbandian v Nadal semi-final?
  37. Gonzalez defeats Blake 7-5 6-4 7-6(4)
  38. Haas def Nalby 4-6 6-3 6-2 6-3
  39. Ferrero becomes the 7th active player to have reached QF at all Slams
  40. thomas berdynch might win bottom half
  41. Am I the only one not getting any sound on the Berdych-Davydenko stream?
  42. Why Berdych can't beat Davydenko?
  43. berdych cheerleaders are insane
  44. Tomas Berdych- Got the Talent, but Lacks the Mental Strength?
  45. Kolya bribing the line judges??
  46. Davydenko through to the quarters beating Berdych 5/7, 6/4, 6/1, 7/6
  47. The "new balls" against top 10 players
  48. Losing faith in Uncle Toni......
  49. Nadal outguns Murray 6-7(3) 6-4 4-6 6-3 6-1
  50. James Blake could learn alot from Rafael Nadal!!
  51. What tournaments does BetFair cover?
  52. Bad day for Rafa haters
  53. Davydenko to another SF and possibly final...
  54. Does REBOUND ACE really help CLAY COURTERS?? #Contrary to popular belief..not really!
  55. Australian Open stats
  56. Man and Woman you want to win the Aussie '07
  57. AO QF: Who will win? Gonzalez vs. Nadal
  58. Gonzalez set to take his chance
  59. Blake's interview LOL
  60. First GS final for Gonzo/Tommy?
  61. How long until Gilbert gets fed up with Murray?
  62. Rios withdraws from Viña Tournament
  63. Who Will Win? Aus QuarterFinal Tommy Haas VS Nikolay Davydenko
  64. "Only Fed ahead of Murray" says peter fleming
  65. Best matches from AO 2007??
  66. murray shouldve challenged at 2-1 in the 4th on bp
  67. "When Federer's gone, which I hope is pretty soon"
  68. Face it World Tennis Would be Better off American Tennis!
  69. FEderer/robredo match
  70. Djokovic or Murray to get to no.1 first?
  71. How many games will robredo take off fed tonight?
  72. Lofo Jean Ramiaramanana
  73. Why are guys so much more consistent?
  74. Duck devours Fish 6-2, 6-2, 6-2
  75. Andy Roddick(6) vs Roger Federer(1) Who will win ??
  76. Anyone wanna start a tennis site with me?
  77. (1) Federer def. (7) Robredo, 6-3 7-6 7-5
  78. So far,who is the player who has disappointed you the most in this AO??
  79. This Is Haas's Golden Chance To Finally Win A Major
  80. Safarova: Berdych is not a stupid player
  81. are strings these days more durable than 10 years ago?
  82. Federer second serve vs. Nadal second serve
  83. The best AO outfit
  84. Roddick is doing well...
  85. The third seed -
  86. Greg Jones, the next junior world number 1
  87. chris norm sucks
  88. Why 8:6 ?
  89. Who Wants a Wrist Band?
  90. Haas def. Davydenko 6/3 2/6 1/6 6/1 7/5
  91. Fernando Gonzalez Is Giving A Convincing Federer Impression Right Now
  92. who is Haas's girlfriend?
  93. $**$. FED v Gonzo/Haas ~or~ A ROD v Gonzo/Haas! Which FINAL is BEST for men`s tennis?
  94. Haas to return into the Top-10 for the first time since November 2002
  95. Fernando Is Having an Amazing AO; Roasts Nadal 6-2, 6-4, 6-3
  96. Medical Timeouts
  97. lol @ Eurosport's KIA commercial timing
  98. Repost: Tommy or Gonzo's first GS final!
  99. Nadal Fails To Justify Seeding Yet Again.
  100. The Answer To Those That Troll The Baseline
  101. Two hardest fights for gonzo were the youngsters!!!
  102. New nr 2 this year...any chance?
  103. Nadal: I have pain here, in my famous ass
  104. Old Guns
  105. Will Hawk Eye be used at Roland Garros?
  106. Fed record alert: 11 slam semis in a row and counting
  107. Most annoying player of the Australian Open is...
  108. Favourite Player/Coach Team
  109. Do not post Tennis Australia videos!!!
  110. Gonzalez is my favorite player
  111. Nadal streak: clay season=hunting season ?
  112. Why Federer has been having trouble with Nadal and why he won't from now on
  113. who will even bother....
  114. "All The Top 15 wants to be on Nadal Side of the Draw"
  115. Now that Rafa lost, is Roddick-Federer "Le Vrai Final"?
  116. ATP Tour strength in depth
  117. YOUR Opinion on Rafael Nadal
  118. Is Gonzo in this AO playing better than what he did in Madrid and Vienna?
  119. Top four seeds in Doubles SF
  120. Who has the worst serve among the youngsters??
  121. NADAL hit 14 winners against Gonzo...
  122. Bjorkman/Mirnyi def Hanley/Ullyett 2-6 7-5 7-6(8)
  123. Can Gonzo win first GS?
  124. Roger has never lose a set? So...
  125. Whre do you think Tommy Haas will be ranked at the end of 2007???
  126. Federer def. Roddick, 6-4 6-0 6-2
  127. Why is wheelchair tennis so one-sided?
  128. Wertheim's Take On The Semi Final
  129. Best and Worst matches you've ever seen!
  130. Andy's best chance to beat Roger : RG final
  131. Did Federer Set Roddick Up to Fail?
  132. Federer will lose AO final…
  133. weight classes in tennis?
  134. The wisdom of Justin Gimelstob
  135. Argentina goes to Linz with Acasuso, Canas, Del Potro and Prieto
  136. List of the Best Active Singles Players (revised)
  137. Memories: Wimbledon 2003
  138. Fewest points won in a set?
  139. Appreciation For Federer
  140. %$%~! ROGER was NERVOUS just before the SF with ANDY<:)
  141. Nr 1 from 74 - is there any doubts?
  142. Roddicks serve
  143. Proof that Federer is rubbish.
  144. Best Quotes of the AO '07
  145. Me Versus Mary Carillo on Unlimited Replay Challenge System
  146. Has there been a player almost universally liked?
  147. Looking for Agassi-Sampras Australian Open 2000
  148. Federer wants to play Laver or Borg
  149. Bud Collins kicking Blake while he is down...
  150. Does anyone have a video of the Roddick pressconference after the semi with federer?
  151. U.S. announcers head of Fed fan club
  152. AO Final: Federer vs. Gonzalez
  153. 11 games surrendered: most one-sided semis ever in a slam?
  154. Gonzalez def. Haas 6-1, 6-3, 6-1
  155. Less nadal and federer threads, more GONZALEZ threads!-THE SHOWDOWN-your thoughts!
  156. Del Potro and Gonzalez 2nd Round Match???
  157. Whatever happened to net-hopping?
  158. Regarding Connors's "there's three in the mix" comment
  159. Gunthardt and Lloyd on Fed-Roddick via Bodo: Roddick Blew It
  160. Rogi vs Gonzo Groundstrokes
  161. If Gonzalez were to play Roddick instead of Federer in the final, would he win?
  162. "This year, he can go undefeated, no?"
  163. Roddick vs Bille Jean King
  164. Interviews Thread
  165. Fernando Gonzalez: "He's winning all the time. He has to lose sometime"
  166. Fernando Gonzalez To Be World Number 2 By The End Of This Year
  167. Now that the Aussie Open's over, what has been the most annoying part of it?
  168. ATP vs. WTA Australian Open Final - Which will have more games?
  169. Where did PMac Go?
  170. Gonzalez - Hass highlights ?
  171. Biography: Pete Sampras, The History Channel, 7.30pm:
  172. Will Nadal Go To South America To Try To Get His Mojo Back?
  173. Ljubicic will be in the top 5 after AO 2008
  174. Chair Umpire for the Final?
  175. Are any tennis players open about any medical conditions they have?
  176. Bryan Brothers - 2007 AO Mens Doubles Champion d Bjorkman/Mirnyi (7-5 7-5)
  177. Gonzalez helps Serena win her 8th major...
  178. Gonzalez and Wax..
  179. (wc) Brydan Klein (AUS) def. (2) Jonathan Eysseric (FRA) 6-2, 4-6, 6-1
  180. Should there be a 3rd place playoff?
  181. Which player would you like to go sleeveless?
  182. Round Robin Idea
  183. Why are "tennis experts" predicting so badly?
  184. bad news for federer: bud collins
  185. Any Players from south florida...
  186. Shocking injury for Andy Murray! Pulls out of Zagreb
  187. Did anyone have ever seen Fabio Fognini?
  188. Stream for finals
  189. Roger vs. Gonzo: a win for Gonzo will change the game
  190. This match is an absolute beauty
  191. Roger "Feder-bear" Federer def. Fena "Chi chi chi, le le le" Gonzalez 7-6 6-4 6-4
  192. Federer first player in the Open era to win 3 different Slams at least 3 times each
  193. 30 straight sets, 14 tiebreaks, 36 matches, 6 tournaments, 3 grand slams
  194. Tennis Fiction sites
  195. First time since 1980 and Bjorn Borg - GS title won without dropping a set
  196. Fed’s second serve – a vital statistic?
  197. End of 2012, where will Roger be? How many GS?
  198. #~Why are MALE players much CLASSIER than the WOMEN..?
  199. Fed: you can call me Genius
  200. Mathieu Montcourt wins Durban Challenger def. De Voest 5-7 6-3 6-2 in the final
  201. Mary Carillo Says Federer is Calling His Own Lines
  202. Why Players Have to Be "Treated Like Criminals"
  203. Can Federer win all slams one year??
  204. Tennis no longer a 'more' sport
  205. What can we expect from Gonzalez for 2007?
  206. Top 10 AO Hits
  207. 2006 Awards
  208. Do you deliberately purchase sponsors' products?
  209. Roger does not like Andy although he won't say that in the media
  210. Should Mary Jo Fernandez be commenting on matches or sitting in player's boxes?
  211. H2H Turkeys: When being a pigeon just isn't enough. 10+ differential required
  212. As good and accomplished as Roger is, one thing he will never accomplish...
  213. Wonder what Paul-Henri must be thinking?
  214. Federer's reaction a bit cheesy
  215. What did you think when Fedex was jogging slowly back to the Gonzo Lob?
  216. Federer Plays Against Chumps
  217. Updated ATP Rankings after Australian open
  218. Tony Roche: Federer has not even started to to tap his full potential
  219. do you guys think Tommy Haas is able to stay in top10?
  220. 2007- the year the Australian Open jinxes were broken
  221. Who will be the next player to beat Federer and where??
  222. Soderling def. Simon 3-6, 7-6, 7-6
  223. Federer and Agassi each have 6 hard-court slams. Who is the better hardcourt player?
  224. Inspiration for Roddick
  225. Do MCENROE & BORG now REGRET their AO attitude?? [AO was on grass in their heydays]!
  226. Why doesn't anyone like Fed-Man?
  227. Challenger Roundup: Weeks 3 & 4
  228. Journalism at its worst: Five reasons why Federer is Rubbish
  229. Suprise 1st Round Exits At This Years Aussie Open Role Of Shame
  230. Baghdatis(2) def Serra 6-2, 7-6(5)
  231. The ATP Site Down?
  232. Rising Star S. Jenkins Defeats A. Bogdanovic 6-3 7-6
  233. The new rankings are confusing!
  234. Pete returns, to the Over-30 Tour
  235. Gicquel OUTGUNS Verdasco 6-4 7-6(7)
  236. Betfair Appreciation Thread
  237. Wertheim's 50 Australian Open Parting Shots
  238. question..... espn
  239. Luis Horna def. A. di Mauro 6-1 6-2
  240. Michael Russell returns to the top 100
  241. Is Nalbandian the Argentine Dlouhy?
  242. Whats P. Mcenroe and Bodo saying now ??
  243. Senior Tour More Exciting
  244. Feliciano Lopez
  245. Massu def. Capdeville 6-4 6-3
  246. List 'em down: the current unbroken/ unmade records to date
  247. someone stole my slogan!!!
  248. "There will be no dead rubbers" - a tribute to Mr Disney
  249. Karlovic def Vanek 6-3 6-2 -> The greatest serving stats of all time?!?
  250. Nadal makes it in March.....