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  2. Who will win the Battle of the tactical maestros? Blake or Berdych?
  3. Who will win Andy or B.Becker ??
  4. Olivier Rochus vs. Marat Safin
  5. Federer or Rafa need to destroy Murray
  6. Nadal sets sights low
  7. Cocky Nalbandian taunts Australia
  8. Spadeas antics at 2-0 40-15 in the final set?
  9. Would you be suprised if Nadal actually WON the U.S Open?
  10. WTAworld complaining about Men's matches
  11. Youzhny def. Robredo, 6-2, 6-0, 6-1
  12. Anyone have these matches on dvd or video or know who does?
  14. Fed To Nadal: NO, i only play doubles with Yves ....
  16. Nadal def Novak 6-1 7-6(3) 6-4 to reach US Open QF!
  17. Marat Safin d. Ollie Rochus 63 62 63
  18. nadal or youzhny?
  19. 4th Rd:Marat Safin vs Tommy Haas
  20. Where is Gilles Muller ?
  21. So WTA World wants to Cut Men's Matches???
  22. Can the Aussie Open '05 champions win the Uso'06
  23. SAFIN likes to do it the hard way: Safin and straight sets wins at Slams
  24. Why do Americans need American players to enjoy/appreciate tennis?
  25. WHy do they keep calling Roddick a power player?
  26. Gasquet vs Hewitt
  27. why can't usa do a eurosport type online feed?
  28. Agassi just makes Top 10
  29. How much do we love Gasquet?
  30. Camille Nevière (ex of Marcos Baghdatis) now with ..... Davydenko
  31. Hewitt d Gasquet 6-4 6-4 4-6 3-6 6-3
  32. Which food will be dining out in the semis? "Potato" Hewitt or "Duckboy" Roddick?
  33. Andy makes joke, haha
  34. what does Gasquet lack to become a real threat in Grand Slams??
  35. Post-Match Analysis: Hewitt vs Gasquet
  36. Keep Your Eye On Safin's Racket
  37. Federer and Nadal both have incredible luck with their draws....
  38. So much junkballing by Murray - It's like Gilbert is playing!
  39. Ugliest Forehands?
  40. Any chance for more tennis today???
  41. Agassi aside, it's time to Appreciate Federer.
  42. what is your dream final USO 2006 ???!!!???
  43. Marat, Marat, Marat
  44. Davydenko: "Federer tank in Cincinnati! "
  45. what will happen if
  46. Sampras and Sanchez-Vicario 2 B inducted into HOF
  47. Any way to save the classic match video?
  48. Agassi on Larry King Live.........
  49. Marat to blow FedEx off the court
  50. Who is this girl next to Roger?
  51. Can Nadal realistically Overcome Hewitt/Roddick in Semis?
  52. Blake, Roddick to lead U.S. in Davis Cup semis
  53. If Hewitt wins tmwr, which nickname is better?
  54. Quick Question about Semis TV Schedule.
  55. Great memories
  56. Lmao Marat
  57. Tennis needs a new star: Young, anyone?
  58. Favorite Matches in USO 06 (so far)...
  59. Anyone Got A Link To Watch Tennis - Murray?
  60. Nadal injured ?
  61. Nikolay Davydenko def Andy Murray 6/1 5/7 6/3 6/0
  62. So do Marat and Safina have a good relationship...
  63. You're favorite forehand and backhand
  64. Haas def. Safin 4-6, 6-3, 2-6, 6-2, 7-6
  65. Federer def. Gicquel 6-3, 7-6(2), 6-3
  66. Is Nikolay Davydenko's game similar to Coria's, but better?
  67. Eurosport online US Open TV - like the Wimbledon Live website
  68. Tennis adrenaline. Who does it for you?
  69. Roddick vs. Hewitt (Ticket for Sale)
  70. Is Blake regaining his form?
  71. Fed vs. Blake
  72. Why exactly does the US Open have a 5th set tie break?
  73. Why are Nadals opponents always fired up and Federers aren't???
  74. Nadal lost...whats wrong with him???
  75. Blake d. Berdych 64 63 61
  76. First quality HC player and Nadal lost.
  77. Youzhny def Nadal 6:3 5:7 7:6 6:1
  78. I'm sensing a GS pattern
  79. lol I love these commentators
  80. So Youzhny huh?
  81. You cant just learn how to be a great fastcourt player!
  82. Congrats on a third straight US Open Federer
  83. Please stop this!!
  84. Does Safin really WANT it? Opinions please
  85. Amazing stamina from Mikhail! Friedl/Youzhny def. Bryan/Bryan 6-7(5) 7-6(2) 6-4
  86. Why does the whole place explode when Rafa loses
  87. My analysis of FEDERER game
  88. What Kind of Tennis Accessories Do You Sport?
  89. Anyone with Times Select, could you post the Andy article by Selena Roberts?
  90. Both players Injured in the same match?
  91. Richard Gasquet Lacoste cap
  92. A Federer v. Roddick Final - BORING
  93. A-ROD Tard's pont of view: he only wins tourneys when he doesn't face a top tenner
  94. US Open QF : Roddick destroys Hewitt 6-3 7-5 6-4
  95. Roddick Vs Youzhny: Can Youzhny pull the upset?
  96. Friedl/Youzhny def Bryan/Bryan 6-7 7-6 6-4
  97. Federer is content to lie low
  98. nadal v youzhny highlights plz??
  99. Haas or Davydenko?
  100. even federer will struggle to return A-ROD's serve....
  101. whoa the stamina from Mikhail Youzhny is impressive
  102. BBC TV Coverage
  103. Blake v. Federer
  104. Most Over Rated Tennis Player ??
  105. Some people are saying that Fed hasn't been playing that well lately
  106. What's The Story Behind Davidenko and Sponsorship?
  107. Davydenko d. Haas 4-6 6-7 6-3 6-4 6-4
  108. Does Davydenko have any friends?
  109. A flaw in the Hawkeye system?
  110. Overrented players
  111. Tennis Interviews
  112. Larry King just called Agassi Pancho Gonzalez
  113. Hey I was wrong, Blake takes a set off Federer!
  114. Is Youzhny top 10 material?
  115. James finally gets his first set off Roger!
  116. umpire should be fired
  117. Anyone else cringe everytime Federer challenges a call?
  118. No one can ever say anymore that...
  119. US Open QF : Federer def Blake 7-6(7) 6-0 6-7(9) 6-4
  120. Worst crowd in all of US open. Blake was right
  121. Credit to Federer....
  122. Ok Federer's heres a hint
  123. THe tournament organizers planned this from the very beginning
  124. @``@~Federer locks up 2006 #1 ranking (3rd Year-in-a-row)~!!!
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  126. Could Nadal Dominate The Australian Open Like He Has The French?
  127. The Battle of the Boring: Federer vs Davykenko
  128. Old tennis matches??
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  130. For all the peeps hating on the crowd...
  131. Start time of the mens' semis?
  132. 20 y.o. Nadal (2 GS+9 TMS)/10 TMS soon >>> Sampras (16 TMS life, 1 GS @ age 21)
  133. Controversial Article on Agassi
  134. Get your very own Feder-bear
  135. Why is Davydenko so underrented?
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  138. Hewitt's losses to eventual GS winners
  139. Hawkeye to be used in China
  140. Federer is extremly afraid of losing matches....
  141. Does Haas have the worst luck on tour?
  142. Why Americans dont like Federer?
  143. How come no ones cares to talk about Roddick?
  144. If old man Agassi can take Fedex to a 5th set (2004) and win a set 6-2 (2005).....
  145. Are There 17 Year Old Out There Doing Better Than Young On The ATP?
  146. Should this woman be providing detailed Grand Slam commentary for network TV?
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  148. If Fed makes the finals of USO....
  149. I hope Youzhny or Davydenko win the USO.
  150. Not really men's tennis, many tennis courts are there in the world?
  151. Are Russian MEN going to do better than Russian women in 2007?
  152. What's your racquet size?
  153. Federer wants to face Roddick if he reaches final
  154. rogi - analys
  155. Will Davydenko lose his clown status if he beats Federer?
  156. Nadal Pulls Out Of China Open.
  157. What if Sharapova AND Roddick win the USO?
  158. So is the U.S. Open faster than Wimbledon now?
  159. Davis Cup SF: Russia vs USA
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  161. Peter Polansky def. Donald Young 6-3 6-7 6-3
  162. who has the most spectacular game??
  163. who is the best youngster on fast surfaces??
  164. USO SF: [1] Roger FEDERER def. [5] Nikolay DAVYDENKO 61 75 64
  165. Federer reaches final: beats Davydenko 6-1, 7-5 6-4
  166. Federer d. Davydenko 6-1 7-5 6-4
  167. The 'Killa' thread
  168. What will happen to wristbands?
  169. Picture of the US open HAHA
  170. Should James Blake get more credit?
  171. Youzhny sign for Adidas sponsorship?
  172. Dick Enberg: Nonsensical Dumbass bitch & other suckass commentators ;)
  173. Changes to tennis
  174. Roddick is Playing Nervously!!
  175. Youzhny
  176. I trust less and less...
  177. Eww did Roddick just compliment himself OUT LOUD ??
  178. (9) A. Roddick def. M. Youzhny 6-7 6-0 7-6 6-3
  180. Odds Fed v Duck Rod
  181. Pat Mcenroe picked Roddick in the finall!e
  182. US Open Final: Federer vs. Roddick
  183. i want to see rafa vs the new roddick real bad now
  184. Who wants Roddick to win!?
  185. Poll: What threads will appear in GM if Andy wins tomorrow?
  186. To me, Roddick is more admirable than Federer
  187. Congratulations to Martina Navratilova and Bob Bryan winning the Mixed Doubles
  188. Canada, Cincinatti and US Open Champions
  189. Andre Agassi, You can go back to court. PROMISE.
  190. USO Outtakes (really funny!)
  191. IRAKLI LABADZE:a good year being squandered
  192. The real reason why Fed will win today.
  193. Any good tennis live scores sites?
  194. Roger is the real master
  195. "The Court Report" on The Tennis Channel
  196. Murray to make Thai boxing debut
  197. Who is more talented: Davydenko or Kafelnekov?
  198. favourite slam
  199. Funny, funny Youzhny...
  200. final Federer/Roddick
  201. Tiger Wood is Sitting in Roger's Box!
  202. Eurosport live on the web
  203. What causes Andy to be so off balance on return?
  204. What an amazing match!!!
  205. The NON SCORING USO Final thread
  206. If I'm Andy Roddick right now...
  207. trophy ceremony?
  208. Roger Federer d. Andy Roddick 6-2, 4-6, 7-5, 6-1 to win 3rd US Open & 9th Grand Slam
  209. Congrats Roddick...
  210. I want a Lexus!
  211. 3 GS titles and the final of the fourth for Federer
  212. I love how Feds says he's happy to be playing Andy again
  213. Agassi, Cochet, Connors, Decugis, Lendl, Perry and Rosewall: Surpassed.
  214. federer storms up to end the tournament with 66 aces behind roddick's 102
  215. Roger & trophy. Remind you of anything?
  216. "The Federer Story" showing on TTC
  217. Cool article on Fed & Tiger
  218. Mirka not Tony Roche secret to Roger's success
  219. Roddick Interview posted online
  220. Roger on any TV shows?
  221. ATP announces "Feder-bear" to benefit UNICEF
  222. Dmitry playing this week in Bucharest (ON CLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  223. Serious question concerning Federer's competition...
  224. how has agassi given back to the game of tennis?
  225. Korolev Breaks into Top 100; Becomes 1st 1988-Born Player to do so
  226. Will Federer retire if and when he gets to 14 GS titles?
  227. Hingis like you've never seen before
  228. Latest ATP Rankings updated after US open
  229. Would Roddick in current form beat Nadal in top form?
  230. Australian Open Help
  231. Yeu Tzuoo Wang def Xin Yuan Yu 6-1 6-4
  232. is there any player who can possible challenge Federer on hard courts in the future??
  233. Questions on terminology
  234. next tourney for roger?
  235. The only two active players with three slams or more are Federer and...
  236. First time winning 3 grand slams?
  237. maria dropping trophy--didnt it happen to safin??
  238. What has happened to Mario Ancic?
  239. Tactical Tiger?
  240. Highlights of the usopen men's final
  241. Favorite Match Played at USO 2006
  242. Lindsay on the ATP RR format to be introduced in 2007
  243. Who will end the year number 3?
  244. Federer's Remaining Challengers and the Future of the Game
  245. Who will end the year number 3?
  246. Vote for the best Grand Slam match of the year 2006!
  247. Parting Wertheim
  248. Kuerten vs. Nadal ?
  249. Federers supernatural 1st serve returns!
  250. What is Federer's Greatest Strength?