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  1. MONFILS VS NOVAK DJOKOVIC --- Who will win and why ?
  2. Ivan Ljubicic def. R. Ramirez-Hidalgo 6-3, 3-6, 6-3, 6-2
  3. Hewitt looks like a Yonex billboard
  4. Brad Gilbert gives Djokovic the kiss of death
  5. Fed fans, do you want to see Nadal lose?
  6. Novak Djokovic def. Gael Monflis 7-6 7-6 6-3
  7. Nadal x Djokovic, QF sounding like final of RG? Nope! Unfortunately!!!
  8. Quarterfinalists' avarage ranking played
  9. RG Semifinalists: Time on court
  10. Two Croats in the top 10 - one amazing feat!
  11. Did Mats Willander say this?
  12. Grass season starts tomorrow!
  13. The showdown!!! Who has the advantage?
  14. French Open juniors : 1st round : (15) Robin Roshardt def. Boris Obama 6-3 7-6(3)
  15. Will we have 1, 2, 3, 4 in the semi's?
  16. do you know any website where I can listen tennis audio picks
  17. Ljubicic All Surface player? ;)
  18. This is what happens next at RG
  19. Prediction: Sunday will be a banner day for the swiss
  20. I am very disturbed
  21. Benneteau's chances against Ljubo?
  22. Backwards caps…
  23. H2Hs: Quarters Final Results
  24. Why does Djokovic bounce the damn ball so much?
  25. Definitely can be one of the best French opens- Ever
  26. 6-6-06 Signifies 'JesusFed's Loss?
  27. Borg rates himself as one of top 4 tennis players ever
  28. Note to Drucker: They're called AMS Events idiot!
  29. Who's fancying an All-CROAT Final!!!!
  30. Will Dr. Ivo be the RG Ace Leader?
  31. i see it coming, ancic will prolly retire from feds match
  32. king of clay 'rafa' vs the rather irrtating djokovic thread
  33. Pedro Sousa (POR) def Donald Young (USA) (2) 2-6 6-2 6-4
  34. Mens QuarterFinals not live WED on ESPN?
  35. Federer def. Ancic 6-4, 6-3, 6-4
  36. Whos ready for the final???
  37. Fed wins 26th consecutive GS match - surpasses Sampras and Connors
  38. Roger - 8 semifinals at grand slams in a row...
  39. Terrible RG pictures (and maybe a report)
  40. D. Nalbandian (3) defeats N. Davydenko (6): 6-3, 6-3, 2-6, 6-4
  41. Nalbandian will win.....
  42. R. Federer versus D. Nalbandian Semifinal
  43. Who gets chills
  44. Toni Nadal: "Nalbandian is the most dangerous rival for Rafa"
  45. Who is this player? - RG photos
  46. Federer or Nadal's passing shot??
  47. The Next Great Tennis Superstar - Christian Sampras.
  49. Monfils singing "I Want You Back"
  50. Laws of MTF
  51. Who has the biggest (size) disparity in their forearms?
  52. Playing with two forehands
  53. Great intructional video
  54. Court Chatrier? Slowest court!
  55. Nadal Def Dokjovic 6-4 6-4, Djokovic retire !!
  56. Andres Gomez on Federer vs Nalbandian
  57. When Nadal finally beats Fed on grass
  58. Federer, Bryans and Young win ITF awards
  59. French Open junior: (15)Robin Roshardt def. Daniel Lopez 6-2 6-3, into the quarters !
  60. Will Wimbledon 2006 be better than RG 2006?
  61. Ivan Ljubicic def. Julian Benneteau 6-2 6-2 6-3
  62. We have 1,2,3 and 4th seed in the SF !!
  63. Why do players write their names on their shoes?
  64. New ATP Big 4
  65. Could Ljubo's big serve and good BH hurt Nadal's game ?
  66. French Open injury casualties
  67. Do you want to see more doubles matches during slams?
  68. Ljubicic's Road to the Semis: Easiest Ever?
  69. Artois draw is going to be crazy!! (again this year)
  70. Vamos Nole
  71. Did anyone hear Djokovic post match interview
  72. How many times will Fedex and Nadal face each other until the end of the year?
  73. Ljubicic or Nadal???
  74. Queen's or Halle?
  75. cic vs dal who wins
  76. Ljubicic: "I would always be more worried about Roger"
  77. Bernard Tomic - A bright prospect?
  78. Ljubicic = Rafa Killer
  79. Patrick McEnroe: "Nalbandian and Ljubicic are a fluke"
  80. New world #2 by USO?
  81. Scale of achievements
  82. Ivan the clay clown to lose in straights to Rafa
  83. H2Hs: Semis
  84. WTAWorld Dogging the Men...
  85. Schedule of play?
  86. Will Roddick be able to defend his grass court points?
  87. Have the QFs of a slam ever been such boring?
  88. Andrew meets Andre!!!!
  89. Nadal The Apache
  90. Why?
  91. Taped Men's Semis in US???
  92. Bryans reach RG final - 6 straight Slam finals
  93. Tomorrow,Federer
  94. Will Roddick or Blake make it to Shanghi?
  95. according to wilanders, we should rescue marat
  96. Wimbledon 2006 Tickets
  97. Who will make it to Shanghai?
  98. Wilander: "I hope Ljubicic and Nalbandian step up to the next level"
  99. TV Coverage in US
  100. 3 of 4 semifinalist of RG are not claycourt players
  101. U.S. Open Series Events Will Use Hawk-Eye
  102. What's the deal with Joachim? Will he find his form again?
  103. Roger wins RG's "Prix Orange", Monfils wins "Prix Bourgeon" ("Prix Citron" - Golovin)
  104. Anybody knows?
  105. Nadal didn't greet Federer today
  106. Viña del Mar Open will maintain in its place for 2007.
  107. Please help me figure out Brad Gilbert....
  108. Final Four Seedings
  109. Berdych's next televised match?
  110. The French Open: Who Cares?
  111. When more grass court tourneys?
  112. No show in the Semi but for hooligans!
  114. No audience - no semifinals
  115. RG SF: Federer-Nalbandian 3-6, 6-4, 5-2 ret.
  116. Federer into his first RG final as Nalby retired
  117. Federer analysis in Semi final. Final Hour > Nadal potential
  118. Four Slam Finals in a row
  119. RG's new record: Most number of players retired
  120. Federer on RG Semi: "I thought I was going to lose the match"
  121. Nadal vs Ljubicic-Who will win???
  122. Ljubo-"tell him he's getting on my nerves as well"
  123. Mary Pierce or Rafael Nadal
  124. Dream Final- Looming!!!
  125. Nalbandian may miss Wimbledon
  126. Nadal Def Ljubicic 6-4 6-2 7-6(7)
  127. NBC gonna show Finals live?
  128. Would you have cared if it was David vs Ivan in the Final?
  129. David and Ivan hope Roger will win the French Open
  130. Federer vs Nadal
  131. who will you be rooting for? FEDERER or NADAL
  132. Poll: FO Final. Who wins? Federer or Nadal
  133. lets make this clear, nadal doesnt dominate roger
  134. Waiting for Ivan's post match interview...
  135. this place is going to turn to shit after the RG final
  136. Brad Gilbert possibly going to coach Andy (not roddick)
  137. Calling a player "garbage"?
  138. Damn, that passing shot Federer hit...
  139. History beckons for Federer
  140. Ivan Ljubicic: Locker Room spokesperson
  141. Cool article- contrary to stereotypes-Feds- great physicality, Rafa- has good touch
  142. Johnny Mac states that if Fed wins RG, he's the best ever: wrong!!!
  143. Blake Moves To No. 1 (Interview):, June 9, 2006
  144. If Federer wins on Sunday...
  145. The most exciting match in RG 2006
  147. Ljubicic vs Nadal the Match
  149. Final will be up to whoever has a 'good day'?
  150. Interesting Comparison: RG 2006 vs. Wimbledon 1986
  151. Federer's 'Shanked' FHs and BHs - Nervousness?
  152. Federer's ranking if he wins the French Open?
  153. Good or Bad for the Game
  154. Bud Collins breakdown the elements of Fed and Rafa games:Nadal a Nemesis No More
  155. What previous rivalry matches Federer-Nadal
  156. Fed- how many more years of domination?
  157. FO Final start time on Sunday?
  158. Every era was full of clowns (tennis history lesson)
  159. Which of these records will be most difficult for Roger to break?
  160. All this anaysis-B****SH**!!!
  161. Who here will never post again if Fed wins tomorrow?
  162. Roger and Rafa Saturday interviews
  163. Which was/is Best Era in Tennis
  164. Queens Round 1: Agassi-Henman HENMAN wins 6-4 6-4
  165. Long Drop's bad start to the grass season....?
  166. Federer praises Nadal
  167. Longest Match for this year RG?
  169. Hurricane Rafael
  170. French Open Final live stream
  171. When your fav player loses?
  172. Clay season is over, thanks god...
  173. Agassi v Henman QUEENS ROUND ONE
  174. If Roger wins Roland Garros 2006, will he blubber again?
  175. Why did no one really like Lendl?
  176. After Henman and Agassi in Queens 1r
  177. Calm after Storm
  178. BYE BLOGS from QUEENS- Link in Post #1 :)
  179. 88 degrees tomorrow?
  180. (merged) God will give Federer his victory tommorow / Now i know for sure Roger wins!
  181. May the force be with you Master Rogi
  182. Halle and Queen's schedule and online tv feed?
  183. Anyone in Shanghai or China? Will the final be on TV?
  184. Fed losin will be good for the sport
  185. If Nadal wins, Roger will hate him
  186. Wimbledon Odds - Ancic a surprise 2nd fav?
  187. Live Chat: RG06 Men's Final
  188. Will Nalby be right for Wimbledon?
  189. Lmao Rafa
  190. (merged) ROGER'S GOING TO GET A BAGEL!!!!!!! / RAFA´S GOING TO GET A BAGEL!!!!!!
  191. What's the deal with that ball boy?
  192. Nadal figured Roger out
  193. Cant help but notice the patern in almost every fed/nad match
  194. Practice is over now!! Final is about to start in RG!
  195. Nadal reminds me of Agassi
  196. Looking for a certain thread about Andy Roddick!
  197. Why did roger change tactic from Rome?
  198. Nadal wins RG - beats Federer 1-6 6-1 6-4 7-6(4)
  199. When & who does Nadal play against with next?
  200. Roger in shock after loss
  201. No one can beat Rafa on clay
  202. Is Nadal the greatest Clay Court Player ever?
  203. Nadal has NEVER lost a best-of-five match on clay (45-0)
  204. Nadal's chances at Wimbledon?
  205. Let the REAL tennis begin. on the green green grass!
  206. ATP calender should change! Who agrees?
  207. Queen's winner?
  208. Wow i can't believe it
  209. Halle's winner?
  210. Should Rafa Skip The Summer Clay Season And Instead Play The US Open Pre-Tournaments?
  211. Mirka mystery: where was she?
  212. So, Federer won't get the 4 Grand Slams!
  213. Can't wait to see Andre back on court
  214. That 8th game in the 3rd set......
  215. Fed-Rafa: good or bad relationship?
  216. 5 HUGE mistakes that Federer made
  217. Has any player won a Singles and doubles of a slam?
  218. Fifty things: On Nadal, Federer and more from Roland Garros (, June 11, 2006)
  219. Nadal: "Federer is the best player ever"
  220. And the 2006 Roland Garros Wooden Spoon Award Goes To...
  221. 2002 French Open Final - Costa v Ferrero
  222. Do you like Nadal's English???
  223. Nadal to win Aussie open?
  224. who will be the Wimbledon runner up?
  225. Lost in Translation: the Mysterious Boos after the RG Final
  226. What happened to ?
  227. Where was Mirka??
  228. Wimbledon 2006 is WIDE OPEN>@@<...
  229. Andy Roddick's new Lacoste commercial is funny...
  230. Hall of Fame Induction for Doubles Players
  231. Peter Bodo comments about the FO Final
  232. 88) Berlocq, 89) Waske, 90) SAFIN!!!
  233. Bud Collins:Federer's loss is tennis' loss
  234. Mats Wilander thoughts on the final
  236. Free Livestream For Stella Artois Championship, Queens
  237. US Open 2006 tickets
  238. Clay Court Tennis = Lobotomy
  239. Grass court tennis encourages more diversity?
  240. Rusedski injured - doubt for Wimbledon
  241. Bracciali def Lopez 6-1 7-6
  242. Can Rafael Nadal win Wimbledon? Give reasons for your answer please
  243. Vote in PYW! Please
  244. Verdasco crushes Greul 6-3 6-3, looks in great form
  245. Bogdanovic, Bloomfield, Baker get Wimbledon main draw WCs
  246. U.S. Open Tickets Go On Sale Today!
  247. Challenger Lugano 1st R: Robin Roshardt def. former top-10 Nicolas Lapentti 6-3 7-5 !
  248. Can Agassi realistically win another Slam?
  249. Will Rafa be #2 seed at Wimbledon 2006?
  250. He won three Wimbledons in a row..