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  1. Britain wins a set from the Aussies!!
  2. pictures that make you go :EEK:!!!!!
  3. New commercial featuring Mark P. and Tommy Haas
  4. Goran played very well in the last 2 1/2 sets!
  5. Is Haas Delaying his Comeback??
  6. Eurosport's Watts Star Of The Week
  7. Is Patrick the most unqualified coach in the US Davis Cup history?
  8. Tennis Masters Cup Houston
  9. Remembering Arthur Ashe: A Gentleman, a Revolutionary
  10. Men's Look Forward -- Marseille, San Jose, Vina Del Mar
  11. Pictures of Philipp Kohlschreiber?
  12. Chang stops with tennis at end of season
  13. Which player has been bagelled the most in the last few years?
  14. Johansson injured
  15. Argentina Into Top 5, France Stays Top of ITF Davis Cup Nations Ranking
  16. Who has the best forehand?
  17. World's greatesr backhand
  18. Feliz Cumpleaños Juan Carlos
  19. Championship points saved
  20. ESPN Extends RG Contract
  21. Tennis Calendar...
  22. Nasdaq-100
  23. Marat Safin is Fabrice Santoro's bitch
  24. Who is your Favourite Umpire?
  25. Which do you prefer? Alex's bum, legs or chest?
  26. This is for people planning on going to the Tennis Masters Cup and anyone interested.
  27. A new web site about tennis cards
  28. Why isn't Hewitt playing anything?!?
  29. FMTT Players!
  30. Has Marat completely recovered from his injuries?
  31. GO ROGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  32. Search Roddick fans
  33. ATP fathers and their CHILDREN (oops!)...pix...
  34. Men's Look Forward -- Rotterdam, Memphis, Buenos Aires
  35. Bob Larson scooped me!!!!!!
  36. Richard Gasquet : wallpapers
  37. OnCourt 3.2
  38. What's going on with the tennis channel in NYC?
  39. Goran committed to IW, Miami :D
  41. Rebels target Hewitt
  42. Mardet and Nan Cu slanging match
  43. New member
  44. Welcome to Africa in Morocco for playing Tennis and Surfing :...
  45. Marat on coach are we up to now???
  46. Tennischick...
  47. why doesn't Agassi play DC anymore?
  48. Moms talk about their kids...:)
  49. Fantasy Tennis 2003
  50. Sampras Withdraws from Arizona Event
  51. Fantasy Tennis 2003 - Members growing,Want 2 join?
  52. "The most unlikely lockerroom brawls"...
  53. Taylor "The Baracuda" Dent through to final
  54. Fantasy Tennis 2003 - Dubai draw size 24,want to make it bigger & better?
  55. Michael Chang's Birthday :)
  56. Who is Michaela Krajicek?
  57. March '03 American Tennis Magazine
  58. Fantasy Tennis 2003 - 12 hours to get your entries in
  59. Mad Max Kicks Ass in Rotterdam!
  60. OMG! A player with no skills & no talent just beat the world #7!
  61. Fantasy Tennis 2003 - Deadline passes in 51 minutes - Get those entries in!
  62. Moya Beats Coria in Three Sets for Second AT&T Title
  63. Men's Look Forward: Copenhagen, Dubai, Acapulco
  64. Fernando Gonzalez is hurt
  65. What's the worst match you've ever seen your favourite player play?
  66. Does anyone know why Dent fired his Aussie coach?
  67. Whose style of game do you like most?
  68. ..
  69. Is Croatian tennis players unlucky???:(
  70. Ivanisevic out at least three weeks:(
  71. Everytime I come to GM...
  72. Fantasy Tennis 2003
  73. Chesnokov faces 2 years in prison...
  74. I'm going to be in a foul mood for the rest of the day
  75. Who will be King of clay this year ?
  76. Who won his first tournemant the fastest?
  77. Who was the most unlucky player in recent history not to win a GS?
  78. Fantasy Tennis 2003 - Enter Scottsdale NOW!
  79. New Website
  80. Adios Francisco...
  81. Line judge drowns in sea at Acapulco
  82. Johnny Mac co-hosting the Late Show on CBS tonight
  83. "You've got to see 130-mph serve to return it" (USA Today)
  84. Fantasy Tennis 2003 - Enter Scottsdale NOW!
  85. Fantasy Tennis 2003 - Enter Scottsdale NOW!
  86. Will Federer win a Slam this year?
  87. Which player's service action do you like most?
  88. Why Does Scottsdale Draw Such An Elite Field Compared to Delray Beach?
  89. Paradorn Srichaphan (Video clip)
  90. Fantasy Tennis 2003 - Enter Scottsdale NOW!
  91. Fantasy Tennis 2003 - 2 hours until Scottsdale deadline passes
  92. No more Green Clay tournaments on the mens' tour?
  93. Champions Race heating up! Defending Champ Agassi out of Scottsdale in 1st round!
  94. Reigning tennis queen wary of playing men-Serena not ready to try battle of the sexes
  95. Wanna see a site from a young gun?
  96. Andy Roddick on Late Show w/ Craig Kilborn
  97. Tennis Stars Underpaid?
  98. Paradorn in a slump?
  99. If Roddick doesn't watch out, he's going to break the "retired" record
  100. Jeff Tarango discusses politics and French players
  101. Fantasy Tennis 2003 - New Tournament:Indian Wells
  102. Federer Sets Sights on World No. 1 Spot
  103. Nickname reference list...
  104. World Tennis substitution
  105. Fantasy Tennis 2003
  106. Top women tennis players skip, Sampras might play
  107. Timmy and his ranking
  108. Is WtaWorld Offline?
  109. Fantasy Tennis 2003
  110. A Different Face of Rios
  111. We are back!
  112. Filippo Volandri... plz vote
  113. FMTT will return!
  114. Go Philippoussis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  115. Tennis
  116. The "ALLEZ RODDICK- win wimbledon" thread
  117. Roddick Could Be Tennis' Alter Boy :PUKE:
  118. Wimbledon QF Predictions
  119. The ESPN "Kiss of Death" Thread: Mal's QF Predictions. Watch out ARod, Federer fans!
  120. H2H: Quarterfinals. Could upsets be brewing?
  121. What's the last competitive mens' final you recall?
  122. SCUD INTROUBLE lost 1st 2nd sets 6-4 6-4 NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  123. Points Explanation
  124. Indianapolis ( 21 - 27 Jul ) : Entry List
  125. Washington ( 28 Jul - 3 Aug ) : Entry List
  126. Sopot entry list
  127. Grosjean defeats Henman and is into the semis
  128. [5]Andy Roddick vs. [4]Roger Federer; Who Will Win???
  129. Join IWA!
  130. Semis H2H: Two backwards hat-wearing players vs. those other guys
  131. Rankings possibilities after semis
  132. SCUD INTO FINAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  133. Your favorite belgian?
  134. best performance in one tournament
  135. Federer spanks Andy's sexy butt
  136. We need to start handing out rep on this board too!
  137. Are the Wimbledon gentleman's and ladies championship trophies gold or silver?
  138. Will SCUD win wimbledon
  139. Go Roger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  140. Men's finals: first impressions...
  141. Federer is the Wimbledon champ!
  142. Men Player And....Their Girlfriends!!!
  143. congrats Florin Mergea winner boys singles and doubles!!
  144. ..
  145. How to change to personal avatar???
  146. How do i add my game thats on wtaworld to here becaz...
  147. IWA IS BACK!
  148. Boris Beckers Kic (a pic)
  149. Swiss Open give Roger a COW as a Wimbledon well done gift!
  150. Blake in a Slump
  151. SEVEN players test positive for steroids - ATP accepts blame
  152. Will Federer win the US Open?
  153. Article on the summer emergence of the New Balls. Federer compared to Sampras
  154. how about a "Bladder" thread?
  155. Do you want to see dominating or different Slam winners?
  156. Great NYTimes article on male athletes and crying. Federer headlines.
  157. Federer, New Prince of Grass
  158. Men's final rating lowest ever. Can Mac and Becker save tennis? (NYTimes article).
  159. YOU be the marketing executive.
  160. Size?
  161. Can McEnroe help the LTA?
  162. It's okay Nadal, that you wasted 5 match points in you loss again Lapentti today...
  163. Will Philippoussis ever win a Slam?
  164. Who's gonna miss out on Houston from the current Top 8 if any ??
  165. Who's gonna get into Houston from outside current top 8 ??
  166. Is Mark a broke, sex fiend??? (Article).
  167. I sell original autograph and photos
  168. What's the record for most singles title wins in a year?
  169. Bryan-Melzer Update
  170. Becker inducted into the Hall of Fame. Good stuff, Boris!
  171. ..
  172. Projected rankings, please
  173. Can Barry MacKay please retire and/or die?
  174. Gonzalez gets hit in head by thrown water bottle at Davis Cup, but ok
  175. looking for Wimbledon 2003 BBC Poems
  176. Anyone have the Fox Sports World tennis schedule?!
  177. Wertheim's Mailbag - 07/14/03
  178. Poor Juan Carlos!
  179. My Atp Game :)
  180. Life without the Blacks...
  181. Any News On Jeff Coetzee
  182. Which player has the best personality?
  183. Behrend confirms Hurley's fuzzy memories: "I am hot."
  184. Interesting story about Gaston Gaudio
  185. Mal: Battle for No. 1 heating up. Is Federer burning himself out???
  186. Question about Commitment Lists
  187. Thailand Open 2003 : 20 - 28 September
  188. Argentine Coria likes international foods...
  189. German Bundesliga - day 1
  190. Who's your all-time favorite American player?
  191. The Groomsmen Club: New rules.
  192. Sampras won't play in U.S. Open
  193. Amazing Guille Coria
  194. ..
  195. check it out!!!
  196. Wertheim 7/21/03: Agassi and Federer's smelly deul, Roddick better than Scud???
  197. *CAPTION*
  198. Safin returns tomorrow!
  199. Haas out for rest of 2003
  200. so Worthless thinks Roddick is the best player yet to win a slam...
  201. best player yet to win a tournament
  202. Your opinion please: Stanislas Wawrinka
  203. Andrei Pavel
  204. Roddick speaks out againt curbing power hitters
  205. New Xavier Malisse Website
  206. Bundesliga day 2
  207. Ferrero loses to Zabaleta 6/1, 6/4: Agassi still #1
  208. Half of you were right. Moya won in straights, 6/4, 6/4.
  209. Rubber?
  210. Attention posters! What you've been waiting for...Roddick has entered the building!
  211. Haas denies Season is over
  212. Is Hewitt still a contender or is he done?
  213. Baldy is alpha-male at USO...
  214. Bundesliga day 3
  215. Andy defeats Paradorn, 7/6 (2), 6/4 at RCA
  216. Moya barely claws out a victory at Croatia Open, 6/4, 3/6, 7/5
  217. Men's Look Forward: Washington, Los Angeles, Sopot
  219. Wertheim's Mailbag - 07/28/03
  220. [2004] The ATP OTW: Return of the Jinx! :EEK:
  221. Philippoussis Discounts Cash's Comments
  222. ATP releases 2004 calendar with enhanced events
  223. Update: Marat may be coming back to play before US Open
  225. Escude out until 2004
  226. "Marat Safin Expects a Family"
  227. Bundesliga day 4 (top-match: Volandri vs. Sluiter !)
  228. Andy and Mandy
  229. First Roddick now Agassi out of Washington
  230. A day for lovers: Kim and Hewitt reach the finals in California
  231. Another day another win for Coria, Nadal
  232. Update: Tim defeats Gonzo, Kafelnikov/Sargsian win doubles
  233. Anyone know where I can find men's US Open commitments?
  234. "Having a Blast" - Gonzo speaks out
  235. Bundesliga day 5
  236. Who's this?
  237. Where is Guillermo Canas???
  238. Software for predicting tennis results
  239. PMac commentating the Acura finals...
  240. Not a day for lovers: Hewitt loses 36 64 57 to Ferreira in LA
  241. Coria not sure he will play Canada
  242. Rules on Living Well in Tennis Retirement (brought to you by former champions)
  243. Tennis dad arrested for drugging son's opponents
  244. Melingini retires in style. Beats Marcelo Rios to win gold at Pan Am.
  245. Malisse is Roddick's Bagel Boy
  246. ..
  247. my tms montréal pics
  248. Why is Roddick playing so much and risk peaking before before the U.S. Open?
  249. "The Beast" upsets Hewitt in Montreal thriller!
  250. Hollywood Love for Philippoussis?