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  1. Let's talk bottom half of draw:Coria and the 3 Americans
  2. Ok what happened with Coria and Massu?
  3. Who here is roooooooting for the Federer/Nalbandian clash of the titans?
  4. Tomorrow's matches
  5. ...
  6. Interesting NYT article on Gasquet: Ljubicic calls him "spoiled"
  7. US Open Shatters First Week Records
  8. who is going to be the biggest threat to federer during the next years?
  9. Guys, do you think we're living the last slam of Dre ?
  10. Roger Federer still has no consistent rival
  11. Verdasco vs Neminen
  12. Andre Agassi article from USA Today
  13. Isn't doubles best of 3?
  14. Nieminen def Verdasco 6-2 7-6 6-3
  15. Nieminen beats Verdasco in 3, makes Finnish tennis history!
  16. A Simple Question
  17. Federer will lose again to Hewitt ?
  18. Hewitt does Hrbaty with no vaseline 6-1, 6-4, 6-2
  19. Is winning Grand Slams the only thing that creates a true legacy in tennis?
  20. Worst Shirt Ever ?
  21. A rather odd, but possibly valid point about Federer...
  22. Fed now has a match!
  23. Nicolas Kiefer, unfulfilled potential?
  24. Federer bt. Kiefer 6-4 6-7 6-3 6-4
  25. Fed: "I've got a bad record against Nalbandian; I'd like to play him."
  26. Nalbandian defeats Sanguinetti 4-6; 7-6; 6-4; 6-2
  27. wtf sanguinetti won first set
  28. Guillermo "BAD BOY" Coria vs. Robby "ON FIRE" Ginepri, who is gonna win tommorrow.
  29. US Open QF: Who will win: Federer or Nalbandian?
  30. Nalbandian"The match i most want to play is against federer"
  31. You guys should read these articles!!!
  32. Doubles Controversy Just About Over
  33. Tennis has horrendous commercials!
  34. Post Match between Hewitt and Hrbaty
  35. Is "Mr. Nice-guy" becoming a new Hewitt ?
  36. US Open final
  37. When's Guy's night?
  38. Your Nightmare US Open Final
  39. Blockbuster Quarterfinal! Agassi vs Blake: Who Will Win?
  40. hewitt and clijsters
  41. Justin Gimelsotb has gone over the edge
  42. Ginepri wins the US Open...
  43. Jim Courier just took some shots at Coria
  44. Coria v. Ginepri: it's getting interesting now
  45. What happened to Guillermo´s serve?
  46. Ginepri def. Coria 4-6, 6-1, 7-5, 3-6, 7-5
  47. Pathetic US Open
  48. Nike must be kicking themselves for dropping Robby!
  49. Is coria the greatest choker on tour?
  50. Nobody's Talking About Hewitt/Nieminen
  51. God bless the 3rd/5th set tiebreaker at the Open...
  52. Andre defeats Blake in the battle of Americans 3-6,3-6,6-3,6-3,7-6(6)
  53. AGASSI defeats BLAKE in an epic: 3-6, 3-6, 6-3, 6-3, 7-6 (6)
  54. blake interviewed?
  55. Andre Agassi (6) VS Robby Ginepri - All-American Semi-Final: Who will win?
  56. James Blake = the new Paul Henri Mathieu
  57. Blake, Ginepri, Roddick = USA DC Team (official)
  58. Just unbelievable match!!!
  59. Is this true?
  60. Nadal won't go to South america next year
  61. Grand Slam Man
  62. Coria the mental rock??
  63. Agassi Fed Showdown in USO Final likely wat a joke
  64. Question on cortisone injections...
  65. Would you like Federer to play in South America in 2006 ?
  66. Blake could have won the tournament?
  67. ESPN2 isn't as bad as I thought ... USA sucks!
  68. Trade Tennis Matches on DVD?
  69. Finding good coaches??
  70. most talented nation of (male) players
  71. Who said doubles is boring...???
  72. Ginepri's outfits
  73. Gilbert and Tarango teamedup to play US Open Men's 35 Doubles...
  74. Would you like Edberg to play in the Tashkent Challenger?
  75. Lleyton's maturity
  76. Why is Hewitt>Coria on hard?
  77. C'mon: No Jarkko/Lleyton Thread?
  78. Send all your happy thoughts to David today
  79. Cmaaaaawn!
  80. Cmon Hewitt
  81. Question about Ivan Lendl. . .
  82. Jonas Bjorkman/Max Mirnyi vs Mike & Bob Bryan: US Open Doubles' final
  83. Agassi winning from 2 sets to 0 in the past
  84. NY Times: Hewitt is "irascible and a control freak"
  85. Anyone caught that "Mission Impossible" beginning of USA's coverage?
  86. Federer v/s nalbandian : Mission Improbable
  87. Fed vs Nalby Thread: Discuss (for the benefit of those who can't watch)
  88. If it weren't about Federer Agassi would win another Slam at the age of 35
  89. At 2-6 4-6 0-5 down, Nalbandian WILL come back and win - you heard it here first
  90. Super Sunday wanted matchup
  91. Federer defeats Nalbandian: 6-2, 6-4, 6-1. Grand Slam in SF for Roge this year!
  92. Roger Federer has no dress sense
  93. Monkey off of back: The difference between Federer of 2003 and the Federer of 2005
  94. How many Bagels will Fed feed Hewitt?
  95. USA reasons for pulling plug on Ginepri/Gasquet: No Stars
  96. Nalbandian booed by crowd
  97. Lleyton's chances on Saturday?
  98. Where are the post match interviews???
  99. Multiple GSs in consecutive years
  100. Wheelchair Tennis
  101. Are you bored of Federer?
  102. Us Open pics and report up in my forum
  103. Some nice tennis quotes
  104. Tennis Auction - Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund
  105. Roger at 70-3 in '05. Will he reach McEnroe's 82-3 ('84) ?
  106. If Horna had played badly this day, the tennis world would be different...
  107. Davis Cup Teams
  108. What time are the semis?
  109. Has men's tennis ever been in a worse state?
  110. Guess the player
  111. USO Doubles final : Bryan/Bryan def. Bjorkman/Mirnyi 6-1/6-4
  112. Ginepri a journeyman?
  113. Boys' Singles - Quarterfinals - Sun-Yong Kim def. D. Young 7-6(1), 2-6, 7-6(2)
  114. PMac:I'm sick and tired of injury timeouts and they've got to stop!
  115. Andre Agassi at No 5 in ATP Race!!!
  116. Should Injury TO rules be changed?
  117. RF about Hewwit match - just read this!!
  118. Who will beat the record of Ivo Karlovic ?
  119. Agassi has become a media darling
  120. Help please!
  121. LOL! USTA trying to help Andre, it's not going to work!!
  122. Roger attends fashion week during middle of USO
  123. Official Schedule 10 September, 2005 US Open 2005
  124. James Blake on Letterman Tonight
  125. This partly explains why Agassi's gonna play tomorrow
  126. Hantuchova-Bhupathi: Mixed Doubles Champions
  127. Hewitt is Going to Beat Federer
  128. PMac and Rich Eisen made a mock of Hrbaty's new shirt
  129. now wouldnt it be nice if agassi won the title.
  130. here is an odd picture.....
  131. Carlos Moyà Opens a Gym in Palma (Mallorca)
  132. Aussies
  133. mens semifinals stats
  134. Men have bigger balls!?!
  135. Safin out of Davis Cup
  136. Jerome Haehnel is an odd guy.
  137. The Agassi vs. Ginepri thread
  138. What is that pink drink Agassi drinks during breaks?
  139. Jeremy Chardy in second consecutive junior grand slam final!
  140. USTA & poor scheduling, favoring Americans... AGAIN.
  141. Romanian Open Qualifying
  142. Andre Agassi def. Robby Ginepri 6-4, 5-7, 6-3, 4-6, 6-3
  143. Federer into USO final, defeats hewitt 6-3, 7-6, 4-6, 6-3
  144. Good Agassi, Bad Agassi
  145. When was the last time the big names got bageled?
  146. The Locker Room Code of Honour...
  147. it's all about the big points...
  148. The old man will pulled it out!
  149. Valiant Effort by Hewie
  150. Federer-Agassi US Open final
  151. Federer is going to beat Agassi
  152. Federer-Agassi:who will win?
  153. Why I don't like Hewitt...
  154. PMac: Agassi's chances are pretty slim
  155. Why Fed will win (the easy answer)
  156. USO 05 Wooden Spoon Award?
  157. Federer's playing poorly
  158. The more Agassi wins the longer he will play
  159. Only Blake had a chance in this tournament to beat Federer
  160. Agassi and Federer: A Grand Slam Finals History
  161. Save doubles!
  162. why did Agassi do this:
  163. Federer- Agassi stats
  164. hollywood ending if Agassi wins
  165. does it bother you that agassi faced no top 30 players until the final?
  166. A picture of Rios's jacknife backhand?
  167. Ryan Sweeting (BAH) def. Jérémy Chardy (FRA) 6-4 6-4 in Junior Final!
  168. anyone else reminded of 2001?
  169. Roger on Letterman Late Show TRANSCRIBE INTERVIEW posted
  170. Skipping a Doubles winner?
  171. Romanin Open Qualifying Sunday
  172. Federer defeats Agassi USO FINAL 6-3,2-6,7-6,6-1: Slam #6, Consecutive Final Win #23
  173. CBS
  174. US Open ballMEN v Madrid ballMODELS
  175. Watching the Tie-Breaker, is there any doubt that Agassi is a choker
  176. Roger and tiebreakers in major finals
  177. Roger or Miroslava?
  178. Oh myyyyyyyyyy!
  179. In which tournament will Federer be beaten?
  180. Feds and his "comfort zone"
  181. Agassi hinting at retirement?
  182. Feds: I waited to play my best in the finals, as usual
  183. Has Roger now secured the No. 1 ranking for 2005?
  184. Fed now has as many slams as Becker and Edberg...
  185. ca roger beat jmac's record?
  186. all of Agassi's Grand Slam finals wins came against 2nd/3rd Tier opponents
  187. Andre: Roger is the best I have ever played
  188. The last Federer's early title?
  189. Would Agassi at 30 have beaten Fed today?
  190. Did anyone see Ivan Lendl today?
  191. Hewitt will never give up trying
  192. Has any player in the Open Era won 10+ tournaments 2 years in a row?
  193. How many GrandSlams will Fed win in 2006?
  194. Translation from Spanish to English needed!
  195. What is your favorite match of the US Open 2005?
  196. Who would win... Peak Rod Laver or Peak Ivan Lendl?
  197. Jimmy Connors circa US Open 1991 vs. John McEnroe circa US Open 1981
  198. Who's the real deal Blake Vs Ginepri?
  199. Since Agassi is guaranteed into Shanghai
  200. Happy Birthday Goran Ivanisevic vs Thomas Muster at Romanian Open
  201. Federer: Hero or Villain?
  202. Is the end of year #1 ranking officially sewn up now?
  203. Poor Fed, still can't get his due in the American media
  204. Wertheim: Parting shots
  205. need help finding video highlights of the final online
  206. safin is #3 now ?
  207. Umpires Grand Slams
  208. Article: Hewitt stunned by personal attack response to NY Times Article
  209. so what is the deal with new doubles scoring sistem?
  210. Interview with Ivan Lendl: Article added #73 and #74
  211. The Return of the King: Moya defeats Srichaphan 7-6 6-3
  212. Federer makes tennis sink to new low?
  213. Wash DC area players -- Tournament to Benefit Katrina Relief Aid
  214. Nadal gives up #1 race to "amazing" Federer
  215. "I love you Dad" and "Andy's Mojo"
  216. Roger will win RG next year because.......
  217. Steve Tignor: USO notebook
  218. I'm going to make some interviews, but I need your help !!!
  219. Match-fixing accusation, 2nd round, USO
  220. Mens ratings up 100%
  221. The standards of being #1
  222. Roger Federer on Letterman right now!
  223. Federer joins Nastase and Connors as the only players ever to...
  224. What did Andy do after losing his first round US Open match?
  225. Federer the Conqueror Isn't Done Yet
  226. NY Times journalist irked by "Agassi" final
  227. Becker: Andre should retire.
  228. Page 2: How to stop Roger Federer
  229. sportswriter humiliated for USO prediction: Fed had zero chance to win title!!
  230. Bahamian wins Boys USO (Ryan Sweeting)
  231. Anyone from Switzerland?
  232. Jarkko Nieminen: one wily motherfucker
  233. Young Players that can challenge Roger?
  234. Sampras in 1995 and Federer in 2005
  235. Konstantinos Economidis will challenge Federer
  236. Wang keeps Nadal waiting for DAYS!!!
  237. Queens club for sale
  238. Coria : Argentines unfairly under the spotlight for doping
  239. LOLOLOL.............Nadal, Moya & JCFerrero
  240. The best tennis match in recent memory
  241. Let's hear it for Roger and Kim
  242. What was your favorite Grand Slam final of 2005?
  243. Appearance Fees - Honest incentive, or pure greed?
  244. What was the best GS match of the year?
  245. My Dominik Hrbaty site finally published
  246. Feds: Even smarter than we thought?
  247. Marc De Hous, former coach of Clijsters, will now coach Malisse!
  248. An Andre walking away hypothetical...
  249. Carlos Moya won two matches in a row! I'm not lying, I promise.
  250. Safin qualifies for Shanghai