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  1. I am just Loving Roddick Right Now!!!
  2. Andy defeated CORIA 6/3 7/6 6/4
  3. Tension between Roddick and Coria?
  4. TOJO def. MIRNYI 6-4, 7-5, 6-4
  5. Which semifinals would you like to watch?
  6. Aussie Tennis Fans (TV Stuff)
  7. Sharapova-Ferrero
  8. Grogro def. Dimo 6-3 6-7 6-3 3-6 6-1
  9. I can't believe what BBC just did
  10. Federer def. Ferrero 6-3, 6-4, 7-6 (6)
  11. Now interviewers are getting into the Spanglish lingo ! :-)
  12. Gonzalez OR Federer
  13. Caption Coria :D
  14. tickets for wimbledon 2006
  15. Place your bets...
  16. Did they show Federer v. Ferrero?
  17. Who has the best chance to stop a Roger/Andy final?
  18. has the complete Federer/Ferrero match available for viewing
  19. Wertheim's Midterm Grades: Includes GWH's fav topic 5-setters!
  20. Qts H2Hs: A Tale of Two Pigeons...
  21. Bad News for fans of Doubles
  22. Argentine Players and suspensions for banned substances
  23. 1/4 David Nalbandian vs Thomas Johansson
  24. Puerta leads Argentina's challenge
  25. Infantino about Nalbandian
  26. feli biggest threat to federer
  27. Wimbledon court speed and bounce discussion
  28. Donald Young: Just How Good is He?
  29. pics
  30. Will someone break the Career GS in a year?
  31. Huss/Moodie reach Wimbledon semis | Beat Knowles/Llodra 6-4 6-4 6-4
  32. Have qualifiers ever won a doubles Grand Slam?
  33. if tennis was played with wooden rackets
  34. The end of the road for Henman?!
  35. Who is Juan Martin del Potro ??
  36. Becker's take on Wimbledon, etc.
  37. Any chance of Hewitt beating Federer?
  38. Murray's mum calls for funding
  39. Safin upset by scheduling of tournaments, Davis Cup
  40. Juan del Potro beat Niemenen and Di Mauro in Biella
  41. U.S. boys kicking butt!
  42. Biggest Disgrace In Tennis History - Wimbledon Show Their True Colours
  43. Roger finishes match in style with ace, just before Hewitt & in time for NBC.
  44. Federer vs Gonzalez spoiler
  45. Oooo-Wwweeee, I can't WAIT till Roger Kicks Hewitt's ASS!!!!!!!
  46. Hewitt makes López wake up, 7-5 6-4 7-6
  47. Federer is such an arsehole
  48. Federer vs Hewitt Semifinal - Vote now
  49. Anyone rooting for Nalbandian?
  50. Federer number of weeks as Number 1... (1st post updated)
  51. Grosjean wins first set vs Roddick
  52. Johansson defeats Nalbandian 7-6, 6-2, 6-2
  53. Heading for a Roddick - Johansson semis
  54. Roddick def. Grosjean 3-6 6-2 6-1 3-6 6-3
  55. Todd Woodbridge retires
  56. Not since the 2004 Australian Open.... (d'oh)
  57. what if Johansson wins Wimbledon 2005?
  58. Better chance at beating Fed...Hewitt or Roddick
  59. The Wesley Moodie & Stephen Huss story || def. the Brian Brothers to win WIMBLEDON!
  60. Men and Women's semis, a ?
  61. Slow-motion shot of Roddick dropping the F-bomb ...
  62. SF Wimbledon: Federer or Hewitt
  63. "The Fortunate 50"
  64. Here's to Maria and Andy dancing at the 2005 Wimbledon Champion's Ball!
  65. I hope Johansson reaches the final
  66. ESPN viewership increased by 20% from last year
  67. Detroit had an ATP tournament?
  68. Where would you want to see a new ATP tournament?
  69. George, you're not going to convince Wertheim. Continuing Best-of-3 Slams debate...
  70. Caption This:
  71. Who are the three player representatives ...
  72. This is the true story...
  73. From the Swiss Press
  74. Boys Semi's
  75. roddickalways gets easier draw
  76. Rohan Goetzke breaks with Ancic; new coach of the Dutch youngsters!!!
  77. Rafa Nadal def Carlos Moyá 7/5 6/1
  78. See you all in a few months
  79. Roddick vs ToJo: Who will win?
  80. If ToJo sneaks through and wins Wimby...Fluke#2???
  81. Wimbledon SF's who'll come out on top
  82. More Doubles news
  83. Should coaching be allowed?
  84. It's good that Roger Federer doesn't have the looks most shallow women go for...
  85. LOL... Hewitt and Figueroa resemblence :eek:
  86. The thread for those who don't want the game of tennis to change...
  87. King Federer d Hewitt 6-3 6-4 7-6
  88. US Fans going to have to wait till Noon to watch Roddick
  89. COME OOONNNN!! Not Today!
  90. HELP !! Where to watch Roddick MATCH LIVE in USA ??
  91. Junior Final: Robin Haase NED (14) vs. Jeremy Chardy FRA
  92. Interesting interview with Hewitt after SF loss...
  93. Funny or different ways you've heard players' names pronounced by commentators?
  94. Are Roger and Juliette estranged?
  95. Super Mario is no more with Rohan Goetzke!
  96. One day of rest for Roger, sucks to be Andy...
  97. The Tennis Channel
  98. Beating Rafa on clay: the only H2H challenge of Roger today ?
  99. Lleyton Hewitt finished?
  100. How many gran slam single titles do you think roger will win?
  101. Jeremy Chardy def. Robin Haase in Junior Final ; 6-4 6-3
  102. Roddick def. Johansson | 6-7(6-8) | 6-2 | 7-6(12-10) | 7-6(7-5) |
  103. The final
  104. When a netcord happens, do you think the point has to be replayed?
  105. the final showdown
  106. Stats anyone?
  107. Rematch final! Federer vs Roddick: Who will win?
  108. Roddick confirms that Hewitt is Federer's pigeon
  109. Rafa Nadal def David Ferrer 6/3 6/2
  110. Sorry for Net Cords?
  111. Whats Andys chances of beatin Roger tomorrow?
  112. John McEnroe: Depth may put Sampras record beyond Federer
  113. WORLD TEAM TENNIS in houston this wednesday
  114. Stats from last year final
  115. Roger outguns Roddick, he trashes him 6:2
  116. I'm Looking for a Certain Picture
  117. Roddick vs. Hewitt
  118. Roger defends Wimbledon, defeats Roddick 6-2, 7-6(2), 6-4
  119. 22 Minutes
  120. Ha ha Funny Andy: "Maybe I'll just punch him."
  121. Roger to Sue Barker: "I played another sick match."
  122. Alan Mills
  123. Discrimination in Wimbledon
  124. When Roger plays his "A Game"
  125. Barring the 3rd set, Federer hit 33 winners to just 3 errors.
  126. Roger's tears were very touching.
  127. Poll: Does Roger know how to carry his greatness?
  128. When will Federer qualify Masters Cup this year?
  129. Did Yannick Noah plays at Live 8 - Paris yesterday?
  130. Which Was Better:Federer/Ferrero or Federer/Roddick??
  131. If someone can just take Federer out at the US Open....
  132. There *is* one shot Fed could develop more
  133. show them the money, no?
  134. too bad Rogi and Sampras can't be compared because of different grass.
  135. Slight Justice for USO 2003.
  136. Roger: "Best match I ever played"
  137. Federer taking the whole month off!
  138. In the end do you think people will question Federer......
  139. top 8 at the end of the year
  140. Federer: 30 Singles Titles, 5 Grand Slams, and the best player in the world!!!!!
  141. Wimbledon Dinner 2005-Pixs
  142. Keith Wilson
  143. Looking Ahead at Roger's Streaks
  144. Who will win Gstaad?
  145. Who will win Bastad??
  146. Federer is great - but remember tennis has always been a sport of MATCH-UP issues...
  147. Do I look like Roger Federer
  148. Traveling with Raquets
  149. Fed still in the race with Sampras...
  150. federer def roddick
  151. Post-Federer Watch 2008
  152. A player got defaulted at Schevengen challenger qualifying rounds
  153. Was that the guy from CSI ?
  154. weight balnce on my racket.
  155. Wimbledon Commentary/i.c.Birmingham (u.k. Press report)
  156. Lobster Elite models - Battery questions
  157. Roger considering changing his schedule to focus on winning FO
  158. Rankings question
  159. Andreas Vinciguerra def Michael Ryderstedt 63 61
  160. Nadal/Federer = Agassi/Sampras
  161. How do you get a Sub-Forum for a Fantasy Game?
  163. Interview Transcripts
  164. Nadal's route to world no. 1
  165. Wertheim's Fifty Wimbledon Parting Shots
  166. Rafa And Rogi
  167. Trying to describe federer's and safin's style
  168. Why Isn't Nadal Playing Newport This Week?
  169. What kind of game do you like the most?
  170. Tennis-X: 5 Questions for Wertheim. [Please read. May answer YOUR q's about the blog!
  171. Doubles: Federer and Roddick?
  172. How will Nadal fare at the USO?
  173. Are defensive Players underrated/despised?
  174. Federer vs. Becker/Edberg
  175. Andy article
  176. WIMBLEDON: Best and Worst
  177. The "hometown love" ESPN claims Roger doesn't get...
  178. Which of the following matches would you love to watch?
  179. Philippoussis out of Davis Cup team
  180. Feli def. Andreev 7:5 6:3!!
  181. First-time title winners of 2005
  182. Federer's confidence
  183. Sargsian def Davydenko 1-6 0-1 ret.
  184. Andreas Seppi def. Stefan Koubek 6/7 7/6 7/6
  185. The games of top ATP players
  186. Taylor Dent vs Amer Delic- who do you think will win?
  187. Am i the only Sanguinetti fan here?
  188. Does Argentina stand a realistic chance of beating Australia?
  189. Martin Verkerk will back on the court in..... 2006.. :sad:
  190. Stéphane Robert beat Olivier Patience 6-0 6-1
  191. Gstaad: Di Mauro Defeats Ferrer 6-4 1-6 6-3
  192. Jon Wertheim "What will happen to our sport over the next few decades?"
  193. Murray def Carraz - 6-4 7-5!
  194. Muster May Step Down As Austrian Davis Cup Captain In Protest
  195. Roger Federer: The Master
  196. Least Fave Players -An analysis.
  197. Would agassi have won more wimbledons if he played more warm up events on grass?
  198. Best Forehand: Lendl or Federer?
  199. who will be the next player to win his first slam?
  200. DC quarter without Marat
  201. London wins the OLYMPIC bid for 2012!!!
  202. Zabaleta def. Moya 7-6 6-2
  203. Federer qualifies for Masters Cup
  204. THIS NEEDS A CAPTION! Andy, Andy, Andy
  205. Wimbledon trophy
  206. what London2012 could mean for the Wimbledon Organization?
  207. Do all major tournaments give replica trophies?
  208. Sebastien Grosjean
  209. Will Andy Murray ever win a Grand Slam?
  210. A Dupuis (FRA) def (WC)A Murray (GBR) 64 61
  211. Kohlschreiber?
  212. ATP Hall of Shame
  213. who do you WANT to win...Australia or Argentina?
  214. Roddick - Mentally the weakest player of modern times??
  215. Who's the next McErios? (Bad-tempered genius)
  216. LaLo eats a bagel in the mountains lol
  217. My Lleyton & Andy Music Video!
  218. A sincere Consolation to the British People..
  219. SWEDISH OPEN-On TV? OR pics of the match??
  220. Is Federer bad for tennis
  221. Help with Deutsch Tennis Terms
  222. Bastad: Battle of the clay kings! Nadal vs. Ferrero
  223. Deivid's joy turns to misery as Verdasco goes down 7-6 in the third to Wawrinka...
  224. Record for most tournaments won in a 2 and 3 year span
  225. Roddick asks Federer to play doubles
  226. Tommy Robredo v Mikhail Youznhy= who do you think will win this?
  227. Roddick the new Goran on grass ?
  228. Rafael Nadal vs. Tommy Robredo --> Who do you think will win?
  229. My racquet broke!
  230. Winning Ugly
  231. Båstad Final: Can Berdych defeat Nadal?
  232. Link to a scary pic
  233. Wawrinka def. Sabau 7/6 6/4 and reaches his 1. ATP Final!!!
  234. Worst server?
  235. Berdych - still not a claycourter?
  236. Nadal wins 8th title :D
  237. Nadal's Swedish win available on download or dvd-r to watch???
  238. Changes on the US Open grounds
  239. My Rosmalen photo's
  240. speaking of clay court specialists, the extreme case
  241. Rusedski retains title in Newport!
  242. In honor of Mahut, the record for most tourn. won without dropping a set
  243. Tennis and other sports
  244. The last amazing finals in the Slams?
  245. Federer's and Sharapova's 1000$ gold shoes should be forbidden
  246. Federer:"I want our child to see me play. I want to play in the 2012 Olympics……"
  247. Tourmalante's Picture Thread
  248. Greatest grass court player of all time?
  249. confused about Indesit 2005 Race pts
  250. Sampras returns to competition!