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  1. Should I go through buying an Xbox mainly to play Top Spin?
  2. Best player of the year so far?
  3. Players name meanings
  4. A few non-player Davis Cup photos
  5. Agassi's sportmanship!!
  6. I think Roddick is losing it mentally
  7. Davis Cup QF: Cro vs Rom.
  8. The "One to watch" jinx starts fading...
  9. Looking for a special hat
  10. Tennis "school" and instructor tipping?
  11. Why Muster's playing style was so bad...
  12. Federer/Ljubicic ..... the new Roddick Kiefer?
  13. Hello, I'm new.
  15. Frisky
  16. Hitting flat on clay
  17. Top Players
  18. How Do You Keep Your Momentum?
  19. tennis-x news and quotes --very funny this week
  20. How do I add topsin to my groundstrokes without sacrificing pace?
  21. Ljubo: "Pat McEnroe inspired me to win against the US!"
  22. Chat with Ljubo & Coria on ESPN.COM link inside
  23. Tennis & Charity
  24. Anyone know the scorelines for...
  25. Two-handed backhand and serve questions.
  26. Men's Look Forward: Indian Wells
  27. Ivan Ljubicic ESPN chat transcript (Thursday, March 10th)
  28. Wayne Arthurs has held serve 98 straight times
  29. Ramon Delgado Qualifies for Indian Wells!
  30. What best defines Federer overall...
  31. If there's ever a Commissioner of Tennis, who would be the best choice & why?
  32. Pretty faces...
  33. Why is God's name isn't Nadal playing Indian Wells?
  34. Live Scoring Subscription??
  35. Well done Juan! JCF def. Igor Andreev 6:3 6:3
  36. Trying to develop a slice and ended up getting a singlehanded backhand
  37. Scud loses as expected
  38. Rusedski def. Salzenstein 3-6 7-5 6-3
  39. Perhaps the funniest thing EVER.
  40. Bad News
  41. The ATP All-Star Rally for Relief raised $18,282.76 for UNICEF!!
  42. ATP/UNICEF Charity Event at Indian Wells (cool pixs)
  43. IW webcast?
  44. OMG tennisradio sucks so much
  45. Mixed Doubles ?
  46. Should I Play With This Racquet?
  47. Tennis Games for PC
  48. MURRAY Andrew-where is he?
  49. Kiefer d. Sargisian 6-0 6-0
  50. Anyone watching this match between Roddick and Verdasco????
  51. Never mind the title now :)
  52. Former tennis star Pete Sampras and wife...
  53. Arthurs 1999 111 Service Games Held in a row
  54. I saw John McEnroe play tonight!!!
  55. robredo smokes monfils
  56. That was Fast
  57. CORIA STUNS KIM 7-6 7-6 !!!!
  58. Juan Carlos Ferrero vs Carlos Moyá: who will win?
  59. Flipper gets wild card into Miami...
  60. Miami WC for Donald Young
  61. (2) Lleyton Hewitt - Robby Ginepri
  62. Aussie Tennis Fans...
  63. maybe we all(european) have to wait till ROLAND GARROS to see LIVE TENNIS on EUROSP.
  64. Whose serve is the best to copy?
  65. Mathieu def Haas 7-6 6-3
  66. Causes of string breakage
  67. A. Clement (FRA) playing doubles with .. J. Levinsky (CZE)
  68. Kiefer/Stepanek playing together
  69. (4)M Safin (RUS) d J Nieminen (FIN) 46 61 75
  70. Which pros use Western-Forehand grip?
  71. Juan Ignacio Chela and Alberto Martin look like twins!!!!!
  72. Grand Slams - Should Every Slam Have Flood-Lights
  73. Matress Mac: US Davis Cup team would not have lost to Crotia in Houston
  74. Lets get this straight: Scud is Nicolas Escudé and not that other guy
  75. upcoming possibilities for Indian Wells
  76. tennis tournaments
  77. Paris Masters...
  78. Guga and Larri Split!
  79. guga fires coach after 15 years
  80. Andre's linesmen arent very good tonight...
  81. 2 handed backhand trouble
  82. KING CORIA Throttles PDorn 6-4 6-2
  83. JJ vs. Santoro - televised anywhere?
  84. Did Anyone Else Like Rafael Nadal's Pants?
  85. Ljubicic's year end ranking?
  86. Davis Cup losing its appeal to U.S. fans
  87. Differences Between ATP Rankings
  88. Question about grips
  89. So I saw the new dvd release, Masters Series Facing Federer, on The Tennis Channel...
  90. Live Scoring, Webcams, Radio + Website Portal
  91. A REAL JIM (Tennisweek article on Courier's induction into the Hall of Fame)
  92. Can Coria win Agassi???
  93. Tips on playing a scrapper?
  94. Mathieu def Hernych 6-4 4-6 7-6(6)
  95. Will Roddick and Hewitt suffer from the Venus Syndrome?
  96. The OAF is back! Marat loses to Dent.
  97. 4th Round: I.Ljubicic vs. R. Federer
  98. Ljubcic vs Federer...who will win?
  99. Roddick vs. Gonzalez... upset?
  100. IW coverage in Germany?
  101. Times a player has embarassed theirselves infront you?
  102. The closest R4 match-up...who will win?
  103. Ft Lauderdale Challenger has a stronger field than Delray Beach
  104. The nightmare continues
  105. no good
  106. What happened! Kiefer Def Nalbandian 6-1, 6-3
  107. If you want to see the Federer/Ljubicic match, PLEASE READ
  108. sabatini reborn....
  109. ESPN Deportes
  110. gonzalez is braindead
  111. Serving statistics
  112. Hewitt crushes Mathieu 6-1 6-0
  113. Agassi gave Coria a bit of a whipping......6:4 6:1
  114. Andre Agassi crashed Coria at this moment!!! 6-4, 6-1!
  115. TENNIS magazine articles
  116. Cañas vs. Henman QF
  118. Federer def. Ljubicic 7-6(3) 7-6(4)
  119. Roger beats Ljubicic
  120. I'm eager to see Ljubicic against Hewitt & Safin
  121. I am SOOOO pissed at ESPN right now
  122. Federer best match this year...
  123. Most beautiful/ugliest serve you've ever seen ?
  124. Whoa....look at this... (shame on you Marat)
  125. ESPN annoyed me so much that I called's their explanation
  126. Andre vs. Lleyton. Who will win?
  127. Canas OUTGUNS Henman 7-6(1) 7-5
  128. Please support a Karol Beck forum!
  129. The existence of a running double-handed backhand
  130. Federer destroys kiwi 6-4 6-1
  131. Questions about attending Roland Garros
  132. Comcast and Tennis Channel Sign deal!!
  133. Look at this picture...
  134. Last time Fed lost 2 matches in a row...
  135. Worlds Best Tennis Racquet 100% Take A Look
  136. Agassi out
  137. Agassi injured
  138. FUNNIEST but most pathetic thing EVER!
  139. Looks like Andy & Carlos are about to have a slugfest........YIPPIE!!!
  140. Anyone record the Roddick vs Moya match?
  141. Roddick on Fire: Ousts Moya 6-7, 6-4, 6-1
  142. Where Do You Guys Shop At?
  143. Hewitt Vs Roddick
  144. Federer or Cañas
  145. Hewitt v Roddick Part VII
  146. Attractive Pics....
  147. Gaudio TMS results on clay: What is, what was he missing so far?
  148. Pete Sampras talks about Roger, Tim and Wimbledon (c/p)
  149. ESPN
  150. Happy Birthday to LJUBO
  151. 'I cast doubt over federer's faecal qualities'
  152. Federer destroys Canas 6-3,6-1
  153. Men's Final (1) Federer v. (2)Hewitt/(3) Roddick
  154. Indian Wells final is a best of 5!?
  155. C'mooooooooon!!! 7-6(2), 6-7(3), 7-6(4)
  156. GREAT MATCH: BEST OF THE TOURNAMENT! (2)Hewitt d. (3)Roddick 7-6 (2) 6-7 (3) 7-6 (4)
  157. Poor Hewitt,
  158. Step back in time.....
  159. ESPN spoils Roddick vs. Hewitt result!!!!!!!!!!!!
  160. Martin Verkerk undergoes another surgery.
  161. Doubles Masters Cup
  162. International Tennis Hall of Fame - Membership
  163. Hewitt vs. Roddick
  164. Eurosport.
  165. poll: final federer vs hewitt
  166. Differences between Original Pure Control and Pure Control Team?
  167. Info about Cincinnati, please
  169. Ljubicic was been the closest player to beat Federer...
  170. Roger wins Indian Wells : def Lleyton 6-2, 6-4, 6-4
  171. Federer defec .. defeats Hewitt 6-2,6-4,6-4
  172. Can't wait till the french
  173. The savior. Who will stop JesusFed at Miami
  174. Who's this guy?
  175. At their best who is better Federer or Safin?
  176. Do you think federer can lose the Nasdaq TMS???
  177. Tennis agents?
  178. The Newsroom
  179. Hewitt: I can't beat Fed. Time for a real No. 2 player
  180. Miami: The Fifth Slam?
  181. Do you think Federer will going to win RG this year?????
  182. All Praise Ferrero: Part 2
  183. federer: a bit too hot to handle
  184. Donald Young... One scary pic :eek:
  185. New ATP rules?=)
  186. What is your favourite [established] current doubles team?
  187. most impressive?
  188. hewitt pulls out of miami
  189. Masters Titles?
  190. Rogers conditioning has improved from last year
  191. Roger's shirts
  192. Miami Draw
  193. Miami 1r: Olivier Rochus vs. Ivo Karlovic
  194. Miami may offer us a Federer/Ljubicic Final..................YIPPIE!!!!
  195. What happened to Nicolas Lapentti?
  196. New Indian Wells Photos
  197. Who will swim with the dolphins this year?
  198. Federer:An Unchallenged Champion or a Champion who Steps Up to the Challenge? ARTICLE
  199. Nalbandian to win Miami
  200. ATP All Star Rally Relief video recap
  201. Federer is to Hewitt as Sampras is to Agassi?
  202. LMAO @ Ducky's Miami Draw
  203. Burnout on the atp/wta tour?
  204. Is Chinese Taipei allowed to play Davis Cup?
  205. Hewitt looked great against Federer
  206. Is Guille Coria attractive?
  207. The 'No Federer' Thread
  208. Happy Birthday, Jiri Novak
  209. and
  210. Agassi to win Miami
  211. For all Moya fans...
  213. Pacific Life Open a great success
  214. anything tennis except....
  215. Dreams with tennis players
  216. for all you Marcelo Rios fans (doubt there are many)
  217. Do you play, watch or gamble on tennis?
  218. You can now download the unicef thing from the ATP page
  219. A different Topic: I just saw Serena Williams punked on MTV
  220. 2004 Award Winners: Houston is Awesome. Andy is a philanthropist. Fed is everything.
  221. Roddick scores shocking upset over Federer
  222. If Federer dominates the clay season...
  223. Instant replay: pro or con ?
  224. If Julien Benneteau does not play with lucidity, he'll soon be out of the Top 100
  225. The Nasdaq-100 Discussion Thread
  226. New challengers at the top of men's tennis? not from this batch.
  227. What 2005 Slam are you most looking forward to
  228. Federer appears a total of 18 times in the ATP's home page
  229. For those here who have played on different surfaces..
  230. Only in such idiots abound!!!
  231. chances philippoussis wins
  232. Men's Look Forward (MIAMI)
  233. Blake Vs Moya 2nd rd
  234. Is it just me or does Labadze come off like an idiot in this article?
  235. Donald Young lost but had the chance to serve for the 2nd set...
  236. Björn Phau beat Alex Calatrava 7-6 (7) 6-0
  237. New online tennis talk show (Tennis Live) debuts March 26th
  238. Sargis Sargsian - The ATP Bagel Guy
  239. MARK WON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO !!!!!!!
  240. Who will win : Tomas Berdych vs Arnaud Clement !!
  241. Various matches available
  242. Can anyone explain this pic?
  243. Tennis matches/tournaments via Satellite?
  244. What did Marat say about Nick B.?
  245. Monfils Def Davydenko
  246. monfils beat davydenko!!!!!4-6 6-1 6-4
  247. oh my god... Fernando Verdasco def Andy Roddick 7-6(9), 4-3 ret.
  248. JCF beat Canas!!!! 6-4 2-6 6-4
  249. WTF is up with Malisse?
  250. Marat is THE number one player!!