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  1. "Federer can emulate me" says Sampras. Comments?
  2. Is JesusFed back?
  3. Draw for the DC Final: Nadal Gets the Nod
  4. Nostalgia- I can't believe this was 10 years ago!!!!
  5. Spadea : Cheering for U.S. or against Mardy - Let him play against Nadal
  6. Some Tennis Facts and Information
  7. US loses opening match to Spain
  8. Australian Tennis Magazine - December Issue
  9. ..
  10. "Bambi" Slays the Presumptious Quack-Quack
  11. Davis Cup Choice of Court needs to be fixed.
  12. Farewell match for Marcelo Rios...
  13. Monte Carlo - A Question???
  14. Did they really Need Mardy Fish playing Moya
  15. CNBC Cancels the McEnrow Show
  16. Two handed forehand anyone?
  17. Which player has the best....
  18. Which is the greatest Spanish talent? (has most potential)
  19. Will the Bryan's make Spain take in 4?
  20. Ferrero wil play doubles with Robredo!!
  21. Davis Cup Surfaces
  22. Will the Bryans ever play singles more???
  23. I felt really sad for ferrero and robredo.......
  24. So will Moya choke against Roddick again?
  25. Harkleroad and Bogomolov to marry today
  26. Ferrero......a new raquet?
  27. What is your favorite Grand Slam Final in 2004?
  28. Tennis Fanfiction
  29. Who is the hottest player???
  30. Who is the 'most less fortunate' in looks?
  31. No caption
  32. Spain win Davis Cup 3-1 Moya beats Roddick
  33. 5th Match To Be Played !!!
  34. Moya beats Roddick, gives Spain Davis Cup
  35. Do you think that Marat Safin is the perfect husband?
  36. Santana Recieves ITF Award
  37. Rafael Nadal, The Youngest Davis Cup Champion Ever
  38. Has Andy set any serve speed records in DC Final?
  39. DC Final - PHOTOS!!!
  40. Read This!
  41. Finally 2004 Tennis Season Is Over........
  42. Bode Miller to play some satellites, who heard abou this?
  43. Who was that person?
  44. High Expectations from the 'Scud' next Year...What do u reckon?
  45. Who will win Davis Cup 2005?
  46. CooCooCachoo's Picture Thread
  47. Agassi vs. Nadal : who would have won?
  48. Spanish Masters Exhibition - DRAW!
  49. Whose top ten player's game is best to emulate?
  50. tapes of the Roddick/Nadal Davis Cup Match???
  51. Patty's Battle of Sexes Part 3 vs Austrian ATP pro
  52. If you want me to buy your Roland Garros Tickets, Contact me Now
  53. Who's hot and who's not?
  54. New old timer
  55. Will Ferrero bounce back to top 10 in 2005??
  56. Who will fall out of the top 10 in 2005???
  57. Why Press Conferences Should be Televised
  58. Who will get into the top 10 in 2005?
  59. Fantasy cooking contest: Sampras v Federer
  60. Fantasy Match : Tarango vs. Coria
  61. Kroger St Jude
  62. Neophyte to the boards!
  63. I need help on advice on picking a new racket!!
  64. Andre & Steffi Commercial
  65. Off season is so fun!
  66. Why do u root for the opposition but not your home country in DC???
  67. My Groningen Pictures (Parmar, Zverev, Kendrick, Fischer, Kim)
  68. Blake Taylor - one to watch!!
  69. Alvarillo's Pictures !
  70. Off Season News
  71. Top 10 Insider Moments
  72. What you don't like about your favorite players
  73. What is the price of the ticket to AusOpen??
  74. Australian Open Celebrates 100 Years!!!!
  75. Australian Tennis Magazine
  76. When will Rafael Nadal get into the Top 10?
  77. Which player in the top 10 has the worst fitness?
  78. Roger Federer on German TV tonight
  79. Who can be a heavy-metal singer?
  80. looking for pictures
  81. who will go in top 10?
  82. will robredo be in top ten ever?
  83. will g'rusedski be top 15?
  84. Some Vids
  85. superset tennis?
  86. Which players did you become a fan of in 2004?
  87. Roddick sacks Gilbert (And officially hires Goldfine)
  88. Bagel Time! - What were the 2004 Double Bagel results?
  89. Vector, vector, who's got the vector? C/P
  90. Please: DON'T EVEN SAY IT!!!!!
  91. The ATP year end tourney vs. the Grand Slams
  92. Hello
  93. Hello I am new here
  94. ATP Farm
  95. jerry
  96. BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year Award
  97. Who has the WORST chance of getting into the top 10 in 2005?
  98. Physics and Technology of Tennis!
  99. Washed-out Wimbledon organisers set up rain fund
  100. Dunlop Racquet Users-Men
  101. Who do u think is good to be a bachelor now?
  102. J.C.Fererro gets dumped from the Davis Cup Team...
  103. Australian Tennis Magazine
  104. How do you feel about Women's Tennis also played at Slams and Miami, Moscow, etc...
  105. Photos of the Members MTF playin' tennis ;)
  106. Which players have you met already?
  107. Nalbandian's Father Dies :(
  108. Holy freaking cow!
  109. How did you "discover"/why do you support your favorite players?
  110. Favorite Tennis Picture of all Time
  111. Scud skips wildcard camp
  112. Lapentti- what happened to him
  113. ..
  114. Did Tommy Haas make the biggest jump of all-time in the rankings within one year?
  115. Rafa Nadal In Match Against Poverty !
  116. Volunteer for a tournament
  117. Coach salary
  118. Top Welsh/Northern Irish Players
  119. Andy's new coach?
  120. Picture Game Tour (PGT)
  121. Timmy Has New Baby Girl :)
  122. POLL: Which Top 10 player would you pay to see in a live match?
  123. POLL: Which Top 10 player would you pay to see in a live match?
  124. American Junior Player Dies.
  125. Andy found a new coach finally
  126. Hewitt's Statement
  127. Federer in 2005 If he doesn't win 70 matches and 3 Slams will it be a failure?
  128. Gilbert, Andy's racket and the rubberband
  129. What isn't Lleyton Hewitt keeping in his pants?
  130. Shirts in 2005
  131. "foursome" tour : Duck, Fish and Twins
  132. Jan/Feb ACE Magazine
  133. How did these six guys beat Federer in 2004?
  134. Fantasy Survivor SIGN-UP!
  135. Younes is preparing for 2005 :)
  136. Roddick signs fragrance deal
  138. The Journeymen dvd (flip+kournikova related)
  139. Who's the best looking player
  140. Who's the worst looking player?
  141. Connors and McEnroe to do commentary together at Wimbledon, let the fun begin
  142. Roddick too lazy for Gilbert?
  143. Croatian players!
  144. The Top 10 Insider Moments of 2004
  145. Marcelo Rios def. Goran Ivanisevic in farewell match!
  146. Tennis Autobiographies
  147. Slam! Road to the Australian Open
  148. If you could hit with one pro?
  149. ..
  150. When will we see another ATG left-hander again?
  151. Roddick's New Coach
  152. roddick defeats agassi 7-6, 7-6 in mobile,al tonight
  153. Federer's courting Roche
  154. Which player is most respected?
  155. Which top players could beat Federer in 2005?
  156. New forum
  157. Vital question: does Tennis Week appear in the off-season?
  158. Recasting your favorite movie.
  159. Your greatest tennis wish(es) for 2005
  160. Do you play tennis?
  161. "ownership" of tournaments: (Last 15 yrs)
  162. Do you believe in tennis chaos theory?
  163. Roche says "no thx" to Fed
  164. Jon Werthless' "Baggie Awards"
  165. Worst Men's Tennis Performance of the Year?
  166. Carlos Moya : Will he improve his Grand Slam Performaces in 2005?
  167. Great Roger article from Tennis Week Mag
  168. Tennis-World
  169. Tennis Tournaments Near New Jersey
  170. Tennis Lookalikes
  171. Yannick Noah Article : Last Serve/Volleyer to win Roland Garros
  172. Which country is the strongest in men's tennis?
  173. Federer named ITF world champion
  174. Induced Learning system for Tennis
  175. Tournaments starting on Wednesdays?
  176. my dream
  177. Henman,Wimbledon2005 - Is it his last chance? (and can he even do it?)
  178. Need some help picking a few great matches
  179. Koubek suspended for doping
  180. Can't wait for Federer v Monfils
  181. Youzhny in TV AD of "Chupa Chups" Together With Plushenko (Figure Skating Champion)
  182. Which tennis players believe in God?
  183. Which player made you like tennis?
  184. players roger federer cannot beat
  185. will federer drop from #1 in 2005?
  186. The Ultimate GS Gauntlet
  187. Coria is a horrible horrible player...and a horrible horrible person!
  188. Rios plays his final match, defeats Coria 7/5, 6/4
  189. who can make No. 1- if there was no federer
  190. Multiple boards?
  191. Who was the better Year-End #1: Federer or Roddick?
  192. Is there anywhere i can..
  193. DO YOU THINK TIM WILL EVER LOSE AGAIN????EVER????!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  194. Agassi vs Sampras Video
  195. More cool clips
  196. And more cool Video clips
  198. Congratulations Max
  199. Tennis Magazine 40 Greatest Players of the Tennis Era.
  200. Can Agassi win another slam?
  201. Hopman Cup (Predict-the-SCORE)
  203. Pat Rafter article
  204. Question for the Rankings Gurus
  205. How well they do in 2005 ?
  206. old timers chances
  207. New Tennis Quiz
  208. Famous in the tennis world people compliments to Roger Federer...
  209. Convince me to spend money
  210. Ferrero Opens Tennis Academys in El Cairo, Dubai...
  211. Should ATP Chennai Be Cancelled ???
  212. Kooyoung Classic
  213. Coria and Nalbandian will NOT play atp in Buenos Aires.
  215. ATP Tennis polls results :2004's best
  216. Nicolas Kiefer SINGLE again!
  217. why is the Duck playing Kooyong instead of Adelaide?
  218. Anyone feels that Federer is looking better & better!?
  219. Final Call.. ATP Tour - The Game 2005
  220. Lleyton slams Australian Open organisers over Rebound Ace
  221. Brad Gilbert interviewed on KNBR, 680 AM band, San Francisco at 11:05 today
  222. To Juice or Not To Juice (Your Racquet)
  223. how will ferrero do in 2005
  224. Coria is an awesome awesome player... and an awesome awesome person!
  225. How many career Slam Titles will Roddick win?
  226. Federer's New Year Resolution :)
  228. Ankle Braces
  229. For all the Fed dominates Duck in GS talk
  230. Flip's new yr: new GF + working with JohnMac
  231. ATP Supports Relief Effort
  232. will roddick ever beat federer?
  233. TMC Uncovered II
  234. Godo Barcelona
  235. Hopman CUP
  236. Mark Nielsen (NZL)
  237. PAW Restarts
  238. Costs for driver's license
  239. Grand slams USA basic TV coverage
  240. Why are some fans so obsessed by their favourite player?
  241. Getty
  242. Sibling tennis!!!! Williams, Bryan, Krajicek, Safin(a)
  243. Dont you just love it
  244. Patience def Schuettler 6-2 6-2
  245. Federer breezing through his first match...
  246. Feds got himself a coach! *shock*
  247. Where can I find...
  248. Does anyone know what the Ducks schedule?
  249. Commentators crack me up...
  250. Most improved looks....and those on a downward spiral