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  1. To whom does all the prize money go?
  2. Don't you just hate it when...
  3. :) :) :) :) :)
  4. Federer - Santoro
  5. Johansson's battle of the Swedes Part Deux
  6. Pro Racquets
  7. The Tennis Channel
  8. Dancevic...How good is far will he go?
  9. Bhuphati & Paes reunited?
  10. Why did Max Mirny and his partner Buphadi split? (spelling?)
  11. Cincy Main Draw Singles
  12. Jurgen Melzer's.... boyfriend?
  13. I've got the world on a string.....
  14. Kiefer will be-how you say-"pissed"
  15. Who is the most pop. player on the board...
  16. Tim Henman's legs!!!
  17. Cinci Main Draw
  18. TV Coverage - Is It Adequate
  19. UK Viewers, Do you have sky?
  20. Q1 Arthurs Def Cermak 6-1 6-0
  21. Federer - every mishit in the book
  22. Espn/TMS Canada
  23. Surprise! It's a Fed/Andy final in Toronto!
  24. Why did so many seeds lose so early in Toronto?
  25. At 7-5 4-2, Andy responds to one of his serves being called out ...
  26. Federer's Frustration
  27. Do you think Andy likes Roger?
  28. Is it true...
  29. Is Andy the most "un-natural" former #1 ever?
  30. Patrick Mcenroe
  31. RODDICK... Like? or Dislike?
  32. Roddick fans
  33. I now love Andy Roddick more than ever...
  34. Roddick...
  35. Roddick II
  36. Roddick III
  37. Why is this board full with thread about Roddick?
  38. Swiss Independance Day
  39. what do you think about when you serve?
  40. Players in your dreams?
  41. Masters toronto tv schedule?
  42. Tennis Videos! Update!!
  43. Roddick lost...
  44. Tennis Coverage on CNBC
  46. Federer-Roddick, the new Sampras-Agassi or the new Sampras-Courier?
  47. Roger vs. Andy= Serena vs. Venus?
  48. How about a Federer-Hewitt Rivalry
  49. How much do Masters-Series events really "mean" to players?
  50. Question about rules
  51. What did Roddick say to Federer at the net?
  52. Andy needs to HATE Roger with all his guts...
  53. Raquets that play all by themselves...are they a good thing?
  54. um,has anyone else noticed that Roddick hits his insideout forehand to the backhand
  55. Federer and Roddick have a big butt...
  56. Can anyone stop Federer????
  57. Don't be surprised if Roddick doesn't get to Cinci final...
  58. What will ESPN show tomorrow
  59. What does Andy do wrong against Fed?
  60. Andy called Roger a F*cking dickhead.....
  61. Nalbadian withdraws from Cinci :(
  62. Arrogant/rude quotes from players...
  63. Federer should not go in Cincy...
  64. I'm tierd of Roger and Andy threads.
  65. what music is your favourite into?
  66. Why is Kiefer only good on hardcourt
  67. Andy,Ferrero,Ferreira,Kucera,Henman,Agassi fans needed, help!
  68. Gavin Hopper Found Guilty of Sex Charges
  69. Coria withdraws Cincinnati, too!
  70. Kiefer Runner-up streak
  71. Chela d. Nadal 4/6 6/4 7/6
  72. Breaking news! Haas no longer a bitch to Scheuttler!
  73. Agassi gets to the 2nd rd. after Fish retires 4-6, 7-6(3), 4-1
  74. marat won...For the real happy hippo...please stand up!
  75. GREG WON!!!!
  76. "SE" stands for?
  77. Is Winning "The Grand Slam" A Possibility In Men's Tennis Today?
  78. McEnroe Tantrums
  79. Andy on cover of "Player" magazine
  80. Olympic points???
  81. Agassi
  82. Marcelo Rios on Rome "Cops"?
  83. Robin Soderling....Scary
  84. Hewitt v. Guga: Who will win?
  85. does anyone know??
  86. Carpet Court
  87. Players better from the baseline than Roddick
  88. Suprising Tennis Results
  89. Ask Jim Courier
  90. Does Gaudio Have The Best Backhand?
  91. Henman def. El Aynaoui 6-1 6-0
  92. (LL) Wayne Arthurs Def (16) Andrei Pavel 7-6(5) 6-3
  93. Cliff Drysdale...I can't stand him...
  94. Roddick Googles
  95. Agassi vs. Thomas Johansson. Who will win ?
  96. Holy Crap! Hrbaty just took out Roger! 1/6, 7/6, 6/4 Tangy you have your heart attac
  97. Hrbaty beats FEDERER 16 76 64
  98. IMG For Sale
  99. Roger: No one should feel sorry for me
  100. Extra! Youzhny wins a match...again!
  101. Why did Spadea retire
  102. Ferrero beat Clement 6/4 6/4
  103. Ferrero wins handily against Clement: 6/4 6/4
  104. Ferrero a winner
  105. Andy will not defend US Open.
  106. Jim Courier Compares Federer & Sampras
  107. World Team Tennis - 2004 Regular Season Results
  108. Dmitry Tursunov Sweeps World Team Tennis Male Awards
  109. Nicole Vaidisova Sweeps World Team Tennis Female Awards
  110. Federer's First For Houston (Another Record)
  111. Paris Masters Series!
  112. Do players feel embarassed when they have to retire from heat exhaustion?
  113. Did he just do what I think he did
  114. Your supposed to blow this match Andy!
  115. Yes! It's another Roddick/Kiefer matchup!
  116. Coria is not going to Athens
  117. Mal: Don't forget about Gaudio, Moya, and Henman this summer
  118. Now that Federer is out....who has a realistically chance of claiming cincy???
  119. Ancic
  120. Interesting article on Safin's Psyche!!!
  121. The Ultimate Tennis Photo Quiz
  122. Are the top players risking burnout by playing so much?
  123. Jeff Morrison vs Marat Safin and Hicham Arazi vs Tim Henman
  124. Coria Just withdrew from the Olympics
  125. Cincy Report-Tuesday
  126. Moya called his own ball and it lost him the set!
  127. (LL) Wayne Arthurs Def Mariano Zabaleta 6-2 7-6(6)
  128. Are Daniel and Sebastian defending their gold medal in Athens?
  129. What's ESPN Showing?
  130. Andy RODDICK is my new favourite player!
  131. Please help!!!
  132. marat won two matches in a row...can he go further?
  133. Forehand grip
  134. Longest ESPN Coverage???
  135. Santoro Destroys Bjorkman 6-0 6-3
  136. Your picture..................
  137. Carlos Moya def. Wayne Arthurs (7/6[5], 4/6, 7/6[5])
  138. Carlos Moya Def (LL) Wayne Arthurs 7-6(5) 4-6 7-6(5)
  139. Moya Def. Arthurs 7-6 4-6 7-6
  140. happy hippo def big Ivo 7/6 6/7 6/4
  141. What String Tension do you have?
  142. Lleyton Hewitt def Tim Henman 6-1 6-4
  143. Sick of pathetic "rivalries"? Bring on Safin/Hewitt!
  144. Does Federer vs Roddick really constitute a rivalry?
  145. Tommy Haas (GER) vs. Andy Roddick (USA)-> Tommy Haas (GER) leads 4:0 and then ?
  146. ESPN's USA coverage:(
  147. Do you play Java Tennis Game on mobile phone ?
  148. BB Special: Andy says 0-4 to Haas is "a deceiving stat" LOL
  149. Sluiter denied a spot in the Olympics: Should the ATP boycott?
  150. Flashback 2000:In-depth Andrei Medvedev, a player with personality and honesty
  151. Tennis fan nabbed on court trying to invite Russian stars to dinner
  152. Guilty of saying "out there..." too often
  153. ..
  154. Did marat just....?
  155. Lleyton Hewitt def Marat Safin 6-4 6-4
  156. Hewitt to meet his fav "next rd. he'll go" Robredo!
  157. Agassi v. Moya: Who will win?
  158. Coria and Gaudio out
  159. If Bryans Brothers win the doubles Gold, can they become as hot as Andy Roddick?
  160. OMFG 14-12 in the tiebreak!
  161. Agassi Beats Carlos 7-6(14-12) 6-3....was that the longest ATP tiebreak of the year?
  162. Agassi is BACK!
  163. Three No. 1s and Robredo: Who do you want to win?
  164. Can Agassi stop Duckboy?
  165. Which Mercedes commercial...
  166. Will the Agassi Rodduck match be on Espn?
  167. Roddick Beats Haas, 6-3, 6-3...Agassi Next Up
  168. Lleyton Hewitt def Tommy Robredo 6-3 6-2
  169. What gesture does Lleyton Hewitt make?
  170. how many mistakes will Cliff make tonight?
  171. Any male players carrying the flag for their country at Olympics opening ceremony?
  172. Yes! Andre beat Andy 7-5 6-7 7-6
  173. Old Baldy Roasts Duck 7/5 6/7 7/6
  174. Congratulations Haters
  175. Another great rivalry: Agassi-Hewitt
  176. When Rocky Llegs wins Cincy will he get credit?
  177. How many points would a top woman win against a top 100 male player?
  178. Happy Birthday, Roger!!!
  179. Can Agassi stop Donkeyboy?
  180. My Wimbledon pictures plus tennis forum
  181. Guillermo Garcia
  182. Nandrolone Article
  183. Old Baldy bakes Potato 6/3 3/6 6/2
  184. Players who are nice in person :)
  185. Who will win the Olympics!!
  186. televised matches?
  187. Whats going on?
  188. Which style of score-writing do you like best?
  189. Need a little help....
  190. Winning 2 titles earns more than winning 5, Why ??
  191. who is your favorite American player?
  192. Tribute To Agassi
  193. Q: anyone saw this?
  194. How do you know who's better?
  195. AO VS USO
  196. Agassi gets credit; Propaganda Minister Crisis of Confidence!
  197. the carpet surface
  198. the grand slams show favortism to fast surfaces....
  199. TMS events importance
  200. Roddick Against Serve Volley Players
  201. grass and carpet gimmick's only?
  202. Adrian Garcia vs Nikolay Davydenko--who will win this matchup?
  203. Which player has won the most TMS?
  204. Mixed doubles matches?
  205. Did you know that Marat Smokes?
  206. Why isnt Olympics only for amateur tennis players?
  207. Coria had surgery today
  208. (Q)J Vanek (CZE) d B Ulihrach (CZE) 26 62 76(5) Saved 9 M.P.
  209. Of which players of the ATP do you have an autograph???
  210. The Best tennis player in HISTORY.
  211. What Surface Is The Olympics Being Played On?
  212. Wertheim : Agassi will hijack the U.S. Open
  213. US Open Series, a moneymaking blockbuster
  214. ATHENS predictions!
  215. Juan Carlos Ferrero
  216. Sopot breaking news: Happy Hippo did not tank his match
  217. Abt the opening ceremony
  218. Why Agassi is a good bet to win the US Open
  219. Anyone have a nice photo of Knowles/Nestor?
  220. Masters Qualification.
  221. Tennis pairs
  222. Are you a poster or a reader?
  223. Who will lose the earliest in Athens?
  224. MR. Marat safin , commonly known as Hippo, got broken by Lopez 4 times to LOSE.
  225. Bryan Brothers
  226. Which of these players will do the best at the US Open?
  227. Why is Roger Federer's weakest surface clay?
  228. 2 questions about Hewitt?
  229. Do the guys who are signed up to play Beijing care how they do at the US Open?
  230. Igor Kunitsyn Def (1) Dmitry Tursunov 0-6 6-3 6-4 50K Binghampton 2nd round
  231. Who is Filippo Volandri?!
  232. Is it true that Marcol Rios was the least nice player on the tour?
  233. Federer and Roddick vs Tim Henman
  234. OLYMPIC DRAW!!!!
  235. Tennis Matches Torrents/Sites/Match Download links
  236. Rate these events in order of importance
  237. Is Agassi still the best returner or has Federer surpassed him?
  238. Love, McEnroe. New show gets 0.0 rating
  239. Night Shift: Oz Open Men's Final To Shine At Night
  240. The Player List
  241. Olympics tennis TV schedule (US)
  242. 2005 ATP Calendar
  243. So who did you spot?(Olympics)
  244. Tennis Matches Torrents - First Post Has Info.
  245. Andy Roddick: Serious about that Gold medal
  247. BBC UK Viewers (Olympics) Saturday Coverage at 3pm
  248. Sopot Semi: Rafa "WhizKid" Nadal vs Felix "the wise cat" Mantilla
  249. Can anyone give me the address of the Cincinnatti scoreboard?
  250. Nadal Defeats Mantilla 7-5 6-1