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General Messages

  1. WTF Final: Federer def. Nadal 6-3 3-6 6-1
  2. Destroying 4 out of top 5 in one tournament. Ever been done?
  3. Will Federer finally be able to beat Nadal at Roland Garros next year
  4. Can Federer win the CYGS in 2011?
  5. tying Sampras 5 YEC, what record does he still have over roger?
  6. Can Federer still get the #1 record?
  7. Is the next venue of the ATP World Tour Finals already known?
  8. WTF proved fresh Nadal will crush Federer in 2011
  9. WTF: Is Age Catching Up with Nadal or when will it
  10. so this was Rafa's best year ever?
  11. Federer peaked at the wrong time this year
  12. Poll: Did reaching the 2010 Madrid final in effect, harm Federers legacy?
  13. Bigger Achievement: WTF finalist or Masters winner?
  14. 2010 WTF proved that Nadal is not the fittest player on tour
  15. 2011 WTF seeds
  16. Davis Cup ATP ranking points
  17. Federer uses angles better than anyone on a hardcourt I've ever seen
  18. Speed and Bounce
  19. How many more years can Nadal dominate Clay?
  20. Does Federer have the most versatile single-handed backhand ever?
  21. Where will Söderling be ranked after Australia???
  22. Random Fed Stat
  23. Why did everyone show up AND ACTUALLY TRY at WTF this year?
  24. WORST part of the 2010 year?
  25. Givens, Probables, etc of 2011
  26. Davis Cup Final 2010
  27. Australian Open qualifying will be very exciting.
  28. I wonder...
  29. Musings about Rafa&Roger after WTF final
  30. Agassi still has the most complete resume in tennis' history
  31. Great year for some, bad year for others.
  32. Imagine if rather than 2 HC slams a year, there were two CC slams a year....
  33. The Djokovic Game : Is it the modern tennis game?
  34. 2010 AEGON Masters
  35. Rank the popularity of Tennis in the world.
  36. Hawkeye on WTF match point
  37. Dimitrov fined for attacking umpire, further penalties possible
  38. Let the battle begin: Davis Cup final
  39. O2 Arena: The future of tennis?
  40. 9 consecutive finals in a tournament....Ivan Lendl
  41. 2009 to 2010 comparison - rankings movers and sliders
  42. Who would be best suited to coach Murray and Nole in the future?
  43. How many slams will Rafa win in 2011?
  44. Which <insert nationality> will have the best season in 2011?
  45. J-W. Tsonga VS F. Verdasco : Who's got the better package ?
  46. Federer vs Dimitrov- match of my dreams
  47. ATP Rankings: Movers, Losers and Consistency
  48. Crazy moments in Tennis
  49. Categorize/Label the Top 20 player game styles
  50. Who has the best overall Serve in the Top 50?
  51. Clay Court Rankings for 2010
  52. Sampras serves right through Rafter's racquet
  53. Who has most effective dropshots?
  54. Olympic Games 2012 in London - where will they hold tennis events?
  55. Monfils and Tipsarevic exchange words and mind games before Davis Cup
  56. What Is Harder: Half Volley or Backhand Smash?
  57. Tennis news sources
  58. Janko Tipsarevic's New Facebook and Davis Cup Discussion!
  59. DC F: La Monf beats Tipsa 6:1 7:6(4) 6:0 France-Serbia 1:0
  60. De Bakker training in Vegas with Reyes.
  61. Davis Cup Djokovic d. Simon 63 61 75
  62. DC F: Djoko beats Simon 6:3 6:1 7:5 France-Serbia 1:1
  63. Who needs the doubles tie more tomorrow?
  64. Sampras/Agassi > Federer/Nadal
  65. Making the Top 4: interesting stats
  66. Which records will Rogie break...
  67. why fewer tennis events in Africa
  68. Del Potro to play an exhibition in a few days
  69. Most impressive/difficult slam "double" in modern era?
  70. Serve speeds, Karlovic's vs Dent's
  71. Highlights of Sampras Agassi matches...
  72. If Serbia wins the Davis Cup..
  73. Diego Hartfield decided to retire of tennis
  74. Who is Rafa's dream doubles partner?
  75. Is There A Dark Horse In Mens Tennis?
  76. DC Final: Can Serbia make another comeback from 1-2?
  77. Obradovic is now forced to select Tipsarevic in potential 5th rubber.
  78. dream hopman cup tournament.....
  79. Davis cup Final : predict the last rubber's players and result
  80. Do you think Murray will ever win Wimbledon?
  81. List here the one thing you'd bet big money would never happen...
  82. DC Final 4th rubber: Djokovic def. Monfils 6/2, 6/2, 6/4.
  83. Ivanisevic still has one of the best serves out there
  84. If next year Ivanisevic plays Atp he would be easily top100.
  85. Fifth rubber: Troicki against Llodra
  86. Davis Cup Final Rubber: Troicki Embarrases Llodra 6-2 6-2 6-3
  87. Biggest Davis Cup 'Spartan'?
  88. Serbian players celebrate with fans (video)
  89. Federer backhand assumption
  90. Serbia Davis Cup 2011 campaign: How far will Serbia go?
  91. Poll:Poll:Poll: Peak Berdych vs Peak Safin
  92. Is it time for Roddick to sack Larry Stefanki?
  93. Which Croat will have the best season in 2011?
  94. Will Roddick and/or Hewitt ever challenge for a slam again?
  95. WWW: Hopman Cup 2011 (XXIII)
  96. The statistical tribute to Taylor Dent (1997-2010)
  97. Who will be the biggest joke of 2011?
  98. The natural surface players of all time.
  99. 2010 Best Matches Of The Year
  100. Article: How Tennis Has Evolved in the Last Two Decades: Part 1
  101. Djoković & Vajda- should they "break up"?
  102. Best Matches of 2010 in our opinion
  103. How many titles will Federer win in 2011?
  104. Your Favourite Tennis Moment in Photo
  105. Nadal 3 Slams on 3 different surfaces in the same year, not even Fed did it!
  106. best 5 matches of the year!
  107. Which floater will go far in AO 2011?
  108. Will Nadal win the Laureus World Sportsman of the Year Award for 2011?
  109. Is Nadal indeed a bad indoor player ?
  110. Djokovic can win a Career Grand Slam?
  111. Does any ATP player play with rackets with bigger frames.
  112. Sampras did it right
  113. Prize money boost?
  114. Poll:Poll: Fedal vs Sampassi
  115. Which non-top 4 will win a Master in 2011?
  116. Who deserved the French Open more? Costa or Corretja?
  117. Who will be the next no.1?
  118. Andy Roddick's Backhand Slice - The Best Shot In Tennis?
  119. Australian Open, it's place in Tennis: A discussion
  120. And the best match of 2010 is.....
  121. Worst match of 2010?
  122. Who has the best serve out of Nadal, Djokovic and Murray?
  123. Most Average Match of 2010?
  124. Goran Ivanisevic comeback?
  125. Would you prefer if the tour had...
  126. Which Serb will have the best season in 2011?
  127. Serbia is ranked second in the Davis Cup Nations Ranking
  128. Djokovic/Roddick have been denied of so many more slams than Murray, why no sympathy?
  129. Anyone know what custom rackets many of the top pros use?
  130. WWW Zurich/Madrid Exhibitions Dec 21-22: Federer/Nadal hosts Nadal/Federer
  131. Clay Masters winner(s) in 2011
  132. How many slams did people expect Hewitt to win just after Wimbledon 2002?
  133. Winning all slams at least twice, how important is it?
  134. Nadal 2011 predictions
  135. Adaptability. Who is/was the best at it?
  136. Biggest upsets of 2010
  137. Players Outfits of 2011
  138. Poll: if Nadal retired tomorrow, has he eclpised John Macenroe in career achievement?
  139. Using S&V, was it more managable for best players to play doubles and singles?
  140. Ill Tomic withdraws from Australian Open wildcard playoffs
  141. The two most different GS tournaments according to the surface
  142. World Team Cup Düsseldorf is history, new singles tournament planned
  143. How do YOU select the players you support?
  144. Who was the biggest underachiever between Ferrero, Coria, Medvedev and Rios?
  145. Best tiebreak ever?
  146. Has Ancic retired?
  147. Agassi Kuerten exibition match in brazil (Nostalgic)
  148. which
  149. Which player(s) will win his first ATP Tour 500 in 2011?
  150. The eternal question: is Murray ready to win a grand slam in 2011?
  151. The statistical tribute to Alberto Martin (1993-2010)
  152. Isner vs Mahut... again!!!
  153. Juan Martin Delpotro 2011 predictions
  154. Top 10 Popular ATP World Tour tennisists
  155. hypothetically if Nadal were to SOMEHOW...
  156. The Greatest AO + RG champion
  157. Win-Loss VS top 10 results this year. Federer tops
  158. After Fedal what rivalry are you most looking forward to?
  159. 2011 Slam Final Matches
  160. Most intimidating players of all time
  161. How long will Fed keep the slam record?
  162. Best Grand Slam Predictor? Lil Wayne?
  163. Who is the most aesthetically pleasing player ever ? (in terms of game)
  164. Former Canada AMS winner Andrei Pavel of Romania to train Jelena Jankovic
  165. Your Reaction When Federer Hit That Backhand Winner On BP Against Nadal In London...
  166. You must watch this: stunning video of the Top 4 in super slow motion at WTF
  167. The 2009 FO court invader situation, how do you see other greats handling it?
  168. Australian Open 2011 Dark Horse
  169. What if Fed/Nadal were 90s players?
  170. Five fantastic tennis streaks
  171. MTF Myth Busters
  172. Would have Pete won Wimby 2001 if not for Fed ?
  173. The eternal question: is Soderling ready to win a grand slam in 2011?
  174. Best forehand at his peak (best tennis) only Active players
  175. 2010 MTF Bandwagon of the Year is Rafael Nadal (GOAT)
  176. Will James Blake participate in Aussie Open?
  177. AMS/Masters 1000 shield + TMC/WTF champion comparison...
  178. Is Roddick Done? The Verdict Please
  179. Post Fedal Dominance, Will we enter another mug era?
  180. Funny AO 2011 first round predictions
  181. Poll: How many slams before you stop being a "wonder"?
  182. Biggest beat down of 2010?
  183. Who would lead their slam h2h if Sampras/Agassi played 4 times at each slam?
  184. How much the psychological factor counts in tennis ?
  185. Which players did you find that take exhibitions seriously and which ones not?
  186. How much did Agassi increase tennis's popularity in US?
  187. Federer 2011 predictions
  188. WWW: AO Wildcard Play-off Final; Luczak (1) - Matosevic (2)
  189. OZ Open US WC playoff QF: Sock def D.Young 7-6(3) 3-6 6-4
  190. CA SF: D.Nalbandian def M.Safin 6-4 7-5
  191. The statistical tribute to Sebastien Grosjean (1995-2010)
  192. AO Wildcard Final: Matosevic def Luczak 6-1 1-6 6-3 4-6 6-4
  193. Poll: Who is the "strongest" tennis player?
  194. Do you think Andy Roddick will enter 2011 with a different approach?
  195. Is Stepanek done?
  196. Murray keeping current coaching set up til Wimbledon at least
  197. I interviewed Bhupathi and Bopanna
  198. Ryan Harrison wins WC to AO, def Sock 76 62 67 64 in US WC Playoff
  199. Peak Pioline vs Peak Hewitt on Grass
  200. Article - How The Humble Tennis Ball Has Helped Change The Game
  201. Do you think Roddick's 2003-4 game would be as effective now as it was back then?
  202. Which retired 90s player would you like to see mostly in 2011 wimby final?
  203. Who has the best return?
  204. Ending year at #1 - how important is it?
  205. Is Roddick's Backhand better than his Forehand now?
  206. Ending the year being top 8. How important is it?
  207. Which retired 80s player would you like to see most in next year wimby final?
  208. They played the most ATP Tour matches in 2010
  209. Player X in 2011
  210. Best Rivalry Of 2010?
  211. Has Rafa ever beaten Rogie indoors?
  212. Tsonga 2011
  213. If Federer wins a major in his 30's, will it silence the 'weak era' debate...?
  214. Generally, precision and flair beats power and will, agree or disagree?
  215. Who has the potential to win a Grand Slam this year?
  216. Who more born talent?: Rafa or Roger?
  217. CNNSI's Top Ten Tennis Stories of 2010
  218. Which player you do NOT want to win AO in 2011?
  219. Polish Federer will practise with the Swiss one
  220. Which one of these top 100 players is the WORST on hard court?
  221. have you ever been in a GS qualy?
  222. Why do you like Pippo?
  223. Slimmer, Faster, Stronger Baghdatis Ready For 2011
  224. Playoff finalists Dokic, Luzcak given Oz wildcards
  225. Which player you WANT to win Australian Open 2011
  226. The statistical tribute to Dominik Hrbaty (1994-2010)
  227. Roddick stronger and quicker for 2011?
  228. Mariano Puerta Performance Enhancers
  229. 2011 Week 1 Livescoring thread
  230. The statistical tribute to Carlos Moya (1994-2010)
  231. 2011 AO prediction
  232. Who will win Doha...
  233. WWW Brisbane
  234. WWW Chennai
  235. Which is worse: Fixing or Doping?
  236. Starting In 2011, When Will Andy Murray Win Another Hardcourt Title?
  237. Murray
  238. Who can get back into the top 100?
  239. Most consecutive sets won against Federer
  240. Most consecutive sets won against Nadal
  241. Tennis is more popular or not globally?
  242. Bagels vs Bagelled (Active Players)
  243. Greatest "weird" strokes of all time
  244. Poll: How many extra slams is the calander year grand slam worth, on average?
  245. AO - the return of the five deadly venoms
  246. Bagels Record Breakdown
  247. Who has the worst forehand in the top 20?
  248. What would be the result if Rafa and Roger met in the AO final?
  249. (Among the top 30) Who will enter the Top 10 in 2011?
  250. We could have 3 Rogie-Rafa meetings by January 30th...