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  1. Duck Hunt
  2. Shirtless ATP Players
  3. Prettiest Girlfriends / wife of players
  4. Multilingual players
  5. Male Player Bulges
  6. Who would you like to see fully clothed and then send to a monastery?
  7. ATP players favourite football teams? No, this doesn't mean NFL. List in OP
  8. Hottest Tennis Players!
  9. Do you share birthday with any players ?
  10. Which ATP players are still virgin?
  11. Pictures of pros when they were kids...
  12. Is golf more popular than tennis?
  13. Times you have embarassed yourself infront of a player?
  14. Post Photos - You And Players
  15. The gay male player speculatron
  16. men's fashion thread
  17. Tennis - why so expensive?
  18. Hewitt disses the women's game.
  19. Llodra found naked in Ljubicic's locker?
  20. Post Pics of Tennis players with their girlfriends or wives
  21. Now how about a piggy roasting thread
  22. Best-looking legs currently in men's tennis....
  23. mikhail's bum
  24. Someone needs a lesson in photography.
  25. ATP tattoos
  26. Support driven by looks?
  27. More Dominant: Tiger or Federer?
  28. Mens tennis players with skin disorders should come out.
  29. Roger Federer and his headband at the US Open 2006.
  30. Are prize money subject to tax?
  31. Roger Federer has his own street?-Roger Federer Alee-
  32. Goat Cheese (Federer losses Thread)
  33. Tiger this, Roger that ....
  34. Both Richard Gasquet and Arnaud Lagardere deny gay affair
  35. Tennis Players in Football Teams
  36. Which players smoke?
  37. Why Does Rafael Eat Bananas?
  38. Homophobic Players
  39. MTF Most Annoying Fanbase?
  40. Robredo dating Ana Ivanovic?
  41. Roger Federer: the Ego has Landed
  42. Whats your favorite tennis website other than MTF?
  43. Forum Name Change Imminent: **UPDATED FOR 2011**
  44. The Thread Where We Laugh When Nole Loses Bwahahahahahahahahaha!!!!
  45. Djokovic to appear on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno 3/12/08
  46. ESPN Tennis Song
  47. The secret diary of Andrew Murray, aged 20¾
  49. Players With Pets and Animals Photo Thread
  50. Andy Murray has won a major tennis title – as the No1 male gay icon.
  51. Tennis Player Songs
  52. Labadze: "Women should only open their mouth in bedroom". Recent Labadze clip
  53. Boris Becker wedding(s)
  54. Anyone find it slightly offensive that whenever Nadal is featured on TV...
  55. Most beautiful women on the planet
  56. Sponsorship Changes (rackets/clothing) for 2009
  57. Can anyone help me identify this person?
  58. Carol Thatcher dropped from the BBC, after being racist to a tennis player
  59. Nadal supports Phelps
  60. Tennis pros on twitter
  61. ugliest tennis player
  62. The best haircut in ATP Tennis ?
  63. Stick Tennis
  64. 100 year old man keeps playing tennis
  65. Federer advice helped Kuznetsova!!
  66. Mark Phillippoussis Blows $7 Million Prize Money
  67. in the mean time dr.ivo 'n nole sing :tape:
  68. Mug idea alert: The MTF podcast - where the clowns have a voice.
  69. Article : Safin furious at Mats Wilander
  70. fattest asses on tour
  71. A Champions Mind by Pete Sampras
  72. Stanislas Wawrinka's "Concubine" is Pregnant
  73. Rafa's Other Half **Xisca Perello**- Marks Out Of 10
  74. Best shoes
  75. Forum guidelines - UPDATED - see info on "Roast" threads
  76. Players and their Music
  77. Fedal Fans UNITE! :D
  78. Least attractive player in the top 10/biggest stud-muffin in the top 10
  79. Roger Federer Debuts U.S. Open Look
  80. Nadal cut his hair,
  81. Funniest nicknames for players?
  82. The Real GOAT: What Matters the most
  83. Is there too much hate on MTF?
  84. Bryan Bros Band
  85. Djokovic invites 9/11 victims children to players box
  86. DelPo, First Bumfluff GS Winner?.
  87. Tennis Player's Adverb Problem
  88. Israel and Spain Soccer re-match
  89. Del Potro is dating a sexy model
  90. Thread titles u don't wanna read for another year...
  91. Santoro FanSite?
  92. James Blake on the Colbert Report
  93. Tennis Quizzes on Sporcle
  94. Players' name pronunciation
  95. Top 150 Athlete Golfers (Golf Digest, November 2009)
  96. Two players in Stockholm Open arrested?
  97. Who is hotter? CHARDY or KOROLEV
  98. Will Nadal be like Platz?
  99. Global Tobacco Firm in Tennis Sponsorship Mayhem
  100. Jennifer Esposito of movie Crash Engaged To Australian Tennis Hunk Mark!
  101. *possible to make a good TENNIS-themed MOVIE? [Wimbledon was a flop]
  102. Is Chryst more bald than Agassi?
  103. What kind of food eating diet do the best tennis players swallow?
  104. ATP website and screaming
  105. Hottest current ATP player (updated)
  106. Why is it gay men love tennis!
  107. WWH : Davydenko wears a wig like agassi
  108. Ringtones you'd pick for your favourite players! Or just any player ...
  109. Is BERDYCH the man of the MENS TENNIS FORUMS tittle????
  110. Sponsor Switch Thread
  111. Paradorn Srichaphan .....He also turn back
  112. Murray's Sports Bra?
  113. Murray splits with his girlfriend
  114. Federer crying
  115. Serena fined, put on probation for US Open debacle
  116. Shocking!! MTF's Fav Player of 2009 is Marat Safin!!!!!
  117. Fed laughing his ass off during the interview
  118. Andre Agassi discussed by Kathy Griffin and Chelsea Handler
  119. Tennis PC game 2009
  120. I wonder how Federer fells about Tiger's indiscretions?
  121. Best Tennis Game 2009
  122. website
  123. Albert Costa released from hospital. Heart situation.
  124. Stan the Man tied the knot
  125. Is Federer still the best buddy with Tiger Woods..?
  126. Whom is a cooler dude Federer or Sampras?!
  127. The Associated Press' Male Athlete of the YEAR - Federer 2nd again....
  128. New pic of Myla and Charlene (+Rog and Mirka)
  129. Most "Googled" Men's Tennis Players for 2009
  130. Djokovic is gonna be a king...literally
  131. If they didn't play tennis....
  132. Puerta declares bankruptcy
  133. Christmas song?
  134. Chair Umpire Steve Ulrich...
  135. Has Federer got a new racquet?
  136. Time to kill the Parera nickname
  137. call me blind.. but Nadal fills out his clothes a lot better now
  138. ATP Music
  139. Check out ATP World Tour site...
  140. Tennis Ranked Most Popular Sport In Australia
  141. Nalby Accused By A Taximan
  142. vibration dampener?
  143. Baggy's fan chant
  144. Marriage proposal for Rafa
  145. ATP Tennis Players using twitter
  146. Gonzos GF
  147. Baghdatis has a new girfriend.
  148. Local tennis coaches & challenges faced earning a living
  149. Tennis and Sexism: Does it sell?
  150. Lacoste signs new players
  151. Tennis Players and their academic qualifications
  152. Novak is hot
  153. Whats the deal with MTF and Slam final losers?
  154. I dont love Roger
  155. [Pics & Clips] Former World No. 9 Paradorn Srichaphan turn to actor in Thai movie
  156. Haas now has German AND American citizenship
  157. Federer hilarious interview
  158. Poll: The final word-is Roger Federer fat or not? Opinions?
  159. Verdasco models for Calvin Klein
  160. Moya becomes a father with birth of daughter
  161. To help Murray get back with his girlfriend
  162. Marat's post-retirement life
  163. MTF best/worst thread parade
  164. Random: Verdasco now using Yonex
  165. Federer in a bill/AUSTRIAN stamp
  166. Stan the Man becomes a Dad! Alexia Wawrinka is born to the world.
  167. Federer in Ethiopia
  168. whats the best tournament to attend (for me)
  169. Nadal & Shakira ... I think it's on
  170. Tales of love and betrayal on the ATP tour!
  171. ATP finds a sponsor
  172. Taylor Dent wants to be a politician after tennis!
  173. The value of tennis is scientifically proven - can the same be said of golf???
  174. MensTennisForums Dictionary
  175. current status del potros wrist ;)
  176. New Tennis Micro-blog (twitter) Community
  177. Men's tennis bare feet
  178. Oxfam is a Fedtard organization
  179. Why are there no female trainers?
  180. Nadal Attire
  181. Is Charlie Pasarell dating Elisabeth Shue?
  182. The shirtless thread
  183. Verdasco and Calvin Klein
  184. WTA Pushers : Murray Included
  185. New Head commercial with Nole
  186. players that cheat??
  187. Murray and Kim Sears are back together
  188. Daniel Evans to be questioned by police over 'sexual assault'
  189. Whose girlfriend/wife is the hottest?
  190. What player has the most talented sibling??
  191. Tacky Tennis players on and off court
  192. Is Lleyton perceived as a 'cashed-up bogan' in Oz?
  193. Who's the funniest, coolest, smartest, dullest players? Tennis Media survey
  194. Federer in Time Magazine's 100's most influential people in the world
  195. What is the ATP techno song on Tennis Channel?
  196. Armada Boys in Elle Spain
  197. Sorry ladies but Feliciano López will be a father
  198. Fashion sins in tennis
  199. Roddick and Brooklyn beach anniversary
  200. Video:Federer on the Cover ESPN The Magazine
  201. Fans of RAFOLE: Adversaries, Not Enemies
  202. Jim Courier is engaged
  203. World's Worst Tennis Pro
  204. Friends on the tour?
  205. Name for kids tennis program
  206. Why is it fine to call Nadal "Rafa" but people get mad when you call Federer "Rogie"?
  207. Martina Hingis and Anna Kournikova will reunite for a double act at Wimbledon
  208. Why do you hate the WTA?
  209. Jelena Jankovic and Andy Murray
  210. Ernests Gulbis interview - What really happened in Stockholm?
  211. why do all the ATP sites suck so much?
  212. Origin of the term "mug" for a poor player
  213. Post all racket smash videos & pics in here!
  214. Queen Elisabeth II will be present this year
  215. Federer Staying Busy with Offcourt Stuff
  216. Serve Speeds
  217. Gianni Mina or Gael Monfils?
  218. French Open Schedule
  219. Smoking Players
  220. Roland Garros Jukebox 2010
  221. Djokovic does Gypsy
  222. What ATP player(s) should wear illusion fabric shorts on court?
  223. OT: Ljubicic's victory dance.
  224. Who is the highest ranked ATP player without a photo on
  225. Tennis Blogs
  226. Tennis and Royalty
  227. The ATP website....
  228. 8 year old schools Federer at the net
  229. Davydenko plaing now in Dunlop...
  230. Wimbledon will be completely outshined by World Cup
  231. Article - Monica Seles and Rafael Nadal: Similar Paths To the Top of Tennis
  232. Amazing rare portrait shots of Novak, Rafa, Serena...
  233. Murray knows his tricks
  234. Nadal vs. Federer in a Boxing Match, ATP players analyze bout lol
  235. Are there any countries where tennis is THE #1 sport?
  236. rick leach?
  237. Wimbledon Bans Vuvuzelas
  238. Brooklyn Decker-Roddick is voted 2010's Sexiest Woman Alive
  239. para portugueses: anyone else thinks Tânia Coutos comments (SportTV) are ridiculous?
  240. Nadal snubs The Queen
  241. At the Bar with Roger Federer
  242. Ex Wimbledon Ball Boys
  243. Lieutenant Joseph Hunt is the GOAT, the evidence is clear
  244. Predict the 4 Slam Winners in 2011 And Win
  245. Rafa with his little cousins
  246. Should players have sex while they off injured?
  247. Hewitt Loses Battle for "Come On" Catchcry
  248. Photos:Fed vacationing with family
  249. Bastad Interlude
  250. Forget Vannila Ice, tennis players wanna be rapper