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  15. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Kuznetsova reaches first grand slam semi
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  87. [Yahoo] Roddick bounced out of Open in five sets
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  104. [Topix] Former champion cruises into semis with straight set win
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  108. [Reuters] INTERVIEW-Lack of confidence hurting German sport-Becker
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  112. [Topix] 50th Anniversary of Guinness Book of World Records
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  114. [Reuters] UK tennis coach jailed for sex with underage pupil
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  116. [Reuters] Injured Pavel to miss Romanian Open
  117. [Reuters] Open-Knowles and Nestor win men's doubles at U.S. Open
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  120. [Reuters] Open-Kutznetsova dumps Davenport to reach U.S. Open final
  121. [Reuters] U.S. Open women's singles semi-final results
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  125. [Yahoo] Kuznetsova downs injured Davenport
  126. [Topix] After loss, Agassi ponders what may lie ahead
  127. [Topix] Canadian Daniel Nestor and Mark Knowles win U.S. Open doubles title
  128. [Reuters] Open-No hasty decisions on future for beaten Davenport
  129. [Topix] A Package of News Briefs From the Caribbean
  130. [Topix] Kuznetsova ousts Davenport to reach U.S. Open final
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  133. [Reuters] UPDATE1-Open-Kuznetsova stuns injury-hit Davenport
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  136. [Yahoo] Dementieva beats Capriati
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  141. [Topix] Defending Champ Roddick Ousted in U.S. Open Quarterfinals
  142. [BBC News] Henman eyes final place
  143. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Semi-final heartbreak for Capriati
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  146. [Reuters] WRAPUP 1-Open-Russian women swoop to conquer at U.S. Open
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  148. [Yahoo] Davenport to decide on retirement later
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  150. [Foxsports Australia] Dementieva downs Capriati
  151. [Topix] Davenport, Agassi still alive at U.S. Open
  152. [Topix] Dementieva, Kuznetsova Arrange All-Russian U.S. Open Final
  153. [Topix] Agassi loses to Federer; Roddick upset
  154. [Topix] Davenport will decide on retirement in due time
  155. [Topix] Davenport will decide on retirement, all in due time
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  157. [Yahoo] Russians oust Americans in Open semis
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  159. [Topix] Village Voices by Carol Henderson:
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  165. [Topix] Davenport reaches semis
  166. [Topix] Federer, Hewitt could setup blockbuster Open final
  167. [Scotsman] Tim ready for 'toughest task' against Federer
  168. [Topix] No U.S. in Open
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  170. [BBC News] Live: Hewitt v Johansson
  171. [Topix] Russian Upsets Davenport
  172. [Topix] Federer Two Wins From Another Major Title
  173. [BBC News] Murray into junior final
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  175. [BBC News] Hewitt into US Open final
  176. [Reuters] Open-Untroubled Hewitt reaches U.S. Open final
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  178. [Yahoo] Mauresmo reaches No. 1, without Slam
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  180. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Untroubled Hewitt reaches U.S. Open final
  181. [Yahoo] Hewitt tops Johansson to make Open final
  182. [Foxsports Australia] Hewitt powers into final
  183. [Topix] Navratilova loses in U.S. Open semifinals
  184. [BBC News] Federer ends Henman bid
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  188. [Yahoo] Federer, Hewitt sweep into Open final
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  207. [BBC News] Kuznetsova takes US Open title
  208. [Reuters] WRAPUP 1-Open-Federer, Hewitt stroll into final
  209. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Open-Kuznetsova overpowers Dementieva in final
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  212. [Topix] Sporting world remembers Sept. 11
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  215. [BBC News] Henman looks to the future
  216. [Reuters] Open-I'm so excited, says U.S. Open champion Kuznetsova
  217. [Foxsports Australia] Terror overshadows tournament
  218. [Topix] Kuznetsova Tops Dementieva for Open Title
  219. [Topix] Three U.S. Open chair umpires dismissed
  220. [Topix] Nestor and Knowles win the big one: a doubles title at U.S. Open
  221. [Topix] No Americans, but still intrigue
  222. [Topix] Federer and Hewitt Roll into U.S. Open Final
  223. [Topix] Three U.S. Open Chair Umpires Dismissed
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  231. [Foxsports Australia] Myskina is Bali top seed
  232. [Topix] Notebook | Tennis honors 9-11 and Russian victims
  233. [Topix] Serena, Venus, Anna to play in Lexington
  234. [Topix] Hewitt Wins Over Sis
  235. [Topix] Travelers bond awaiting flights to Florida after Hurricane Frances
  236. [Yahoo] Tributes paid to 9-11 and Russia victims
  237. [Yahoo] Bali tennis event gets extra security
  238. [BBC News] Murray wins US junior crown
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  240. [Topix] Roger Rarin' To Go
  241. [Yahoo] Ruano Pascual, Suarez win Open again
  242. [Reuters] Open-Women's duo make U.S. Open doubles history
  243. [Topix] Ruano Pascual, Suarez three-peat in Open doubles
  244. [Yahoo] Federer, Hewitt to meet for Open title
  245. [Topix] Ryder Cup No 1. in wide world of sports
  246. [Topix] Mauresmo to become No. 1
  247. [Yahoo] Ratings for women's final down again
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