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Re: ExcaliburII and LinkMage case discussion

Originally Posted by Zirconek View Post
Moderation is a task made by individuals who have their own beliefes, background, etc. The unbiased moderation is a myth, just like unbiased science and journalism. We are here expected to have good sense and stick to the rules, still a lot of interpretation has place in our work. That's why is important to have a team.

We were annoyed by all the mess that happened here. A lot of posts bashing our work, intentional twist of words and facts in order to troll, etc. The message sent to the banned user (that is private and since the user is banned it shouldn't have been disclosed here) wasn't the most bureaucratic/protocolar/polite/whatever, still is not wrong, Pablo was told to stop and knew what he was doing was against the rules but he opted to keep on it. Why are mods supposed to not express emotions, do you expect robots? The message wasn't rude at all, just ironic
it's all good to say mods are human too, that is nothing new under the sun. what's still unexplained is why you seem to avoid the fundamental question at the heart of this conflict: why are you imposing the rules arbitrarily? either you guys are displaying blatant favoritism OR you have this logical explanation that somehow has failed to be understood by those of us asking the question and is too complicated to be explained by you. or if there's a third explanation, please let us know.

if your response is that you don't owe us any explanation, we have no choice but to realize that you have power with absolutely no checks and balances by the people over whom you impose this power. what makes you think such a feeling amongst the members of this forum will make your job easier?

so i will ask very rationally with no improper language: why is it that the punishments have been one-sided? why are one poster's inflammatory posts being deleted without the poster being banned, while two other posters have been banned for similar (and apparently less inflammatory) language? why are you so reluctant to explain the reason to us? i assure you, if you have a reason that's not "because we decided so" people will listen because most of us are adults here. and please give us something concrete without referring vaguely to past issues/past conflict etc.

i have absolutely no prior interest in these parties. i am asking because i cannot understand what makes consistency so incredibly hard to comply with for you mods.

Originally Posted by Arkulari View Post
The referee help has been pretty blatant in many CL matches for Barcelona
Originally Posted by Action Jackson View Post
What penalty? Messi dived.
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