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Re: ExcaliburII and LinkMage case discussion

Originally Posted by Zirconek View Post
It's you who's obsessed with me, who says things like "his moderation is a cancer to this forum". You are always talking about me, and I don't say a word about you for a long time. Obsessed too much? Many posters, who? You and prima donna? I consider a compliment you disliking me.

You make this forum worse with your posts. I can see some fun in some of your posts, but your arrogance is mostly annoying.

Nobody got 6 months for calling other bisexual. Not even ExcaliburII's first ban (1 week) was only because of that and it was explained that was based on previous happenings and his current ban was explained in banned users thread and the message was posted here, few posts above.

The old fascist tatics of twisting words and facts, that's not comedy, that's sad and dangerous.

You used the old fascist tactic of banning a person for "antagonizing" the ruler. You should know it.

It was clear you wanted Pablo out of this forum. After the first (unfair) ban, you had the chance to pair up things, banning Fiber for the ugly post at Pauchis (and that post deserved much longer ban than Pablo's). You didn't do it, because you knew that banning Fiber the conflict would have got solved and you knew that without a ban Pablo's reaction would have been furious. And I'd say his reaction was even lighter than you expected (I think I was more aggressive than him in reaction). But you wanted him out, no matter what. It's your choice. I accept it.

But it's also my choice to leave mtf. Life is elsewhere. I have plenty of things to be angry for in real life, I surely don't need to increase anger on an internet forum. Have fun ruling the "world"!!
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