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Re: ExcaliburII and LinkMage case discussion

I'd like to comment on the issue of Excalibur and his ban:

First, I have no personal issues with Excalibur. We have rarely interacted with each other before (he mentioned this in his previous thread as well).

So the latest ban that he received had nothing to do with any personal issues on my part. After his week-long ban Excalibur was quite adamant about violating the rules and making sure we knew about it. Near the end he even reported his own post just to throw it in our faces.

So his ban had very much to do with the way he behaved, and it was not a decision I made on my own. There was no emotional component to it.

Now, regarding people who have raised the issue of professionalism about the content of the message (e.g.):

Originally Posted by scarecrows View Post
very professional job from Raging **** with such message
I understand why people are bothered by the content in the ban message. To be honest, I thought he would appreciate the humor in it, but in retrospect, it was perhaps not the right thing to do, and I apologize to anyone who was offended by it.

Even though being a moderator is a volunteer activity (not a profession), I think it is fair for you to expect us to behave in a more sensible way that that.

But I think it is fair for us to ask something in return as well. I have personally received a lot of bashing and insults as a moderator on this forum, and have always shown restraint.

If the standard you set for me and the rest of us when moderating is to act professionally, then please apply some standards to yourselves as well when addressing us.

We are more than happy to fix our mistakes when we make them, or to comply with requests. But it is much easier to do so when we aren't being insulted.

Thank you.
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