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Re: ExcaliburII and LinkMage case discussion

Originally Posted by Zirconek View Post
Moderation is a task made by individuals who have their own beliefes, background, etc. The unbiased moderation is a myth, just like unbiased science and journalism. We are here expected to have good sense and stick to the rules, still a lot of interpretation has place in our work. That's why is important to have a team.

We were annoyed by all the mess that happened here. A lot of posts bashing our work, intentional twist of words and facts in order to troll, etc. The message sent to the banned user (that is private and since the user is banned it shouldn't have been disclosed here) wasn't the most bureaucratic/protocolar/polite/whatever, still is not wrong, Pablo was told to stop and knew what he was doing was against the rules but he opted to keep on it. Why are mods supposed to not express emotions, do you expect robots? The message wasn't rude at all, just ironic
I'm sorry Edu, but I beg to disagree. Of course that mods are human and they maybe are sometimes overwhelmed by the work they are doing but i think they should be fair in their decisions and in expressing them.
I don't see why it's more of a problem that Pablo disclosed a mod PM than the way the afordmentioned mod expressd himself. In the end Pablo was described by all of you as something like a black sheep, rebelious, unpolite,rude character and we should not expect much from him, no?
In the meantime, I really expect mods to be different, not inhuman or robots but above personal bias and I'm sorry if I had a wrong idea. If is not like that than it should be like Snoo says bellow, let's all get mods by rotation to have the chance to have personal vendettas against the ones we don't like.
The reason I got involved in this all situation I told you before: i got horribly verbally abused by a poster in a rep and the mod whom I reported said to me that and I quote "people on MTF calls themselves all kind of things on reps and if we banned people for the insults they throw each other we would left with 30% of MTF. We only ban for wishing death of posters" Then another poster gets called "bisexual" and that leads to an one week ban. And then the same poster gets quoted in a sig( with a very rude post btw) and the same poster that got banned the first time gets 6 months. I'm sorry but I really don't understand, this is looking like biased moderation to me. That's the way it is and I doubt that i can get an explanation that I could comprehend but I'm willing to listen

Originally Posted by Snoo Foo View Post
if we must simply concede that the mods are biased, gossipy, impulsive and overemotional, maybe they should at least be rotated quarterly or something to give everyone else a chance to ban and infract people they don't like and protect their friends. at least that way the biases of the powerful will be evened out.
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