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Re: ExcaliburII and LinkMage case discussion

Originally Posted by Zirconek View Post
The unbiased moderation is a myth, just like unbiased science and journalism.
of course, but usually the try to hide the bias rather than shove it on people's face

Why are mods supposed to not express emotions, do you expect robots? The message wasn't rude at all, just ironic
probably RL has watched many police movies when the officer tells the criminal "I got you" in the end

Originally Posted by FormerRafaFan View Post
That will be the last victory of Rafa for quite some time.. With his joke mentality and pathetic game, I hope the disgusting player loses every single match next season. He's disgraceful. He should just retire. He's a joke.
Originally Posted by l_mac View Post
(10) Corey Feldman vs. (12) scarecrows
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