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All the GS and TMS results are included in the Race. But for the smaller tournaments which is all the International Series, only the best 5 results are included. For Moya, before HK, his best 5 is 50,35,35,18,15. In HK, he is the finalist and got 24 points, which then replaced the least points in the best of 5. Hence, he only get an additional 9 points to add on the Race. For JC, his best of 5 before HK is 3, so his 35 points win means he got 32 points to add on his total, hence, 425. Now Moya's least in the best of 5 is 18 points, so for the I.S. tourneys that he enters for the rest of the season, he needs to get to at least semi to get additional points to add on his total, sth like that...

I don't like that when he said he has no regrets if he didn't make Shanghai. I hope he's not counting himself out because he still get a very chance. Just do really good in TMS Madrid and he will be in, I'm hopeful.

And for Alex, his chance is slim, but he's not out yet, do really well in TMS and who knows.

And I'm pretty sure that JC will make it there.
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