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hey all,

I'm new to the forum and have been playing tennis for about 6 months now, I'm in 8th grade but a little bigger than your average 8th grader,the racquet I am using right now to me isn't very good, it's a wilson hammer that I can't find anywhere else on any site, the racquet isn't very good, not very much control, hard for spin, and for me almost too much power. I do have proper form on my forehand and backhand but I really just need a better racquet that suits me. I have a couple friends who have the prince hybrid hornet mp, and I really like it, and I also have a brother with a wilson Ksting which I like the feel better on it, but not really as much the stats. The racquet that I was looking at was the Ksurge, it is really close to the prince HH, but is a wilson. Is that racquet very good? I had heard it can be a little light so I planned on getting some lead tape, and when my game got to that level put it on. The level I'm at right now isn't exactly beginner, but maybe between beginner and intermediate(sorry I don't really know the whole rating system) Will I quickly grow out of the Ksurge? Is that racquet considered a decent racquet? Is the prince racquet considerable better or different from the ksurge where another wilson would be a better choice or is the prince just a one of its kind racquet. One problem I do have is that I can't really demo the racquet, local shops don't have it, and I couldn't find it at a decent demo price online, I really don't want to spend a ton of money on a demo.

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