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Re: ExcaliburII and LinkMage case discussion

I didn't say he was innocent and neither he did; his explanation was in the post you deleted, and also his guess what got him banned was correct. His message focused on the whole surrounding.

Basically in the counter bad rep he adviced Fiber to go back to his gf. This is why I said he called him heterosexual. As we know, he used poor wording for expressing that.

Examples from all over MTF show some people are treated better than the others; my example with a Romanian poster being called a "fucking asshole" is just one case of many. And yes, I do think it's a difference between a TT joke recap and calling someone like that (or what LM said) in a bad rep. This is the boarder in joking and I think every sane person is actually able to catch it. I believe the perfect example of joking were the clashes between Jerry and Mistaflava where both loved reporting and bad repping each other with the world's worst words. None of them got a ban for it. Fiber and Pablo were at similar affection level. And yes, this is the joking part. A handicapped person wouldn't only tell the difference from this and a serious offence. Was the other poster of that Argie love affair also infracted several times, or only Pablo? I don't think Excalibur was reporting anything, this is for the start.

I believe the first case of a covered person was I adore him to the core but he avoided permbans thanks to his good relations with bad gambler, it's an open secret. Anyway I'm glad because he sort of grew up and isn't like the old anymore.

Yes, you are perceived biased in this direct case. There is a special cure for that - stepping back very, very far. Giving as many chances as possible. Talking. Not sending and infraction and ignoring everything else from that moment on. Asking him, "Do you know what was wrong in your post/rep? Do you know I can ban you for that now?" Giving more chances than possible. I do have a successful mediating history on MTF so I am not a random poster who came to bitch for the sake of it and I actually know how it works in both online and real life communities (being a leader of a group where your close friend or a family member works). Actually, when I happened to run the MTF popularity contest when I was losing to adee-gee Gulzhan by accident voted for him and begged for a change a minute later, but I told her "no vote changing" - even though her mistake was obvious. Or when in the SF by accident I counted myself the votes wrong and lost in the end, I didn't dig it up later on saying, "No I am in the final, there was a mistake." Yes, there was a mistake. But stepping back you will win more respect. And for sure you won't give a reason for people to bash you. I gave those examples just to show I really think these are the good ways of behaviour. Probably no one can deny my "street credential" as Evita called it once .

I especially have a high opinion of Milan, he's a fellow lawyer and a very smart person, certainly aware of the things I said here, as he must negotiate with people on daily basis. I know the mods must stick together outside no matter how much they disagree inside, but I hope this voice in the discussion is a valuable one, because at this moment I stopped the trolling. I am very glad you are working on a better transparency program - I am certain it will help a lot.

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