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Re: ExcaliburII and LinkMage case discussion

Originally Posted by Nathaliia View Post
As many posts got deleted here and I have a rep to answer and can't, because I must wait to spread blah blah... yes, I do know what was in that bad rep. LM admitted "though I think it was my counter bad rep to Fiber" - it was in that deleted post. Basically in rude words he called Fiber heterosexual. I agree the way of saying it was rude, yep.

I still think Fiber is a nightmare pansy and a source of all these troubles, while the pansies mods give him the special treatment. Why did he need to comment on Linky in a bad rep to receive his answer? Last person who was able to provoke the shit out of people and get them banned afterwards having no harm himself was safin-rules-no1.

I can be banned myself, I don't care Speaking my mind.
If you knew why LM was banned and knew of his badrep (even if your description of the content is off), then why did you post the message from LM saying he was innocent? It's not like the posters need any more incitement to turn against the mods. If they do it based on actual facts and for proper reasons then okay, but not when the truth is twisted like that.

Pablo was warned numerous times either formally (infracted) or informally, bottom line is he should've known better and at the end of the day he's only suspended for one week. This has nothing to do with FiBeR being a pansy or not and he certainly wouldn't get any special treatment from me, nor from any other mod. If we are to be perceived as biased in certain cases, then we try to stay out of it as much as we can.

At the end of the day each person perceives differently what can be considered an insult, I for one have a thick skin, especially when it comes to mtf stuff, but I understand not everyone does and as Castafiore said above, we can't go unbanning people just because "it was a joke".
Originally Posted by Castafiore View Post
Those bans and how much it takes to actually get a ban should be more open information.

I'm guessing that wishing death to somebody is the only thing that can lead you to an instant ban but if you insult somebody, you get some sort of warning. Add enough warnings up and you can get a ban for that as well.

Yes, that is basically it. We have been working on ban guidelines, which will be made public once they are finalised pretty soon I would imagine, but we have been using them internally for a while now trying as much as possible to stay consistent. Obviously everyone has their own opinion on that and at the end of the the day no two cases are alike and we can't see every single post, unless it's reported and sometimes if no one is online it takes a while before the posts are dealt with.

So if anyone has any further questions, I'll be more than happy to answer them, but please keep it civil, no need to sling insults all over the place.
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