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SLAM Interview 19/12/04 with Pimpim and Jaslyn

Josh Eagle: You're here playing for a wildcard?

Jaslyn: Exactly, that's everything for these 10 days and get into the best shape for the play-off

J/E: And it's great you get to hang out with your beautiful boyfriend if I do say so myself, Joachim Johansson welcome to Australia yourself and you're the first international player to land in Australia this early.

Pimpim: Yeah, I think more players should get here this early. I mean I arrived here on the 1st December 5 weeks before the tournament starts. I get a chance to play here with these guys-hopefully it's gonna give me and the other guys good preparation for the Aus open so it can't be bad for us.

J/E: Now mate you've had a fantastic year yourself, you must be wrapped with how your year's been.

Pimpim: Yeah I've put in a lot for the last 15 months and I improved from 200 to 11 in the world so obviously I've had a good year. Hopefully it's gonna be even better next year.

J/E: The guys must be wrapped to be playing with a guy of your ranking. How do you find playing with them?

Pimpim: I think and I hope it's good for them as well. Hopefully they learn something and so do I. I know I've played futures like a little bit more than a year ago so I know what it's all about and they can learn something from that.

J/E: Jaslyn, what do you look to do? There's so many different elements of this camp that you're here for.

Jaslyn: It's basically everything all in together. I mean they're trying to build a team bonding thing for the first 10 days, but after the first 10 days we're going head to head against each other and you're beingmore competitive. So I think we're just trying to get rhythm and be at our best for the play-off.

J/E: So what's it like being on the tour and dating a fellow tennis player? Must be hard-you don't get to spend a lot of time together.

Pimpim: Sometimes you see each other 24/7 for a few weeks and then you don't see each other for a few months. You get used to it after a while so I think it's good for us.

J/E: What was it like at the US Open when you had to play Lleyton and Jaslyn was in the stands watching. What was the feeling like?

Pimpim: It was the semi-final for me, so it was a little bit different, but it didn't matter than I played her brother. But it was probably more difficult for her than for me.

J/E: And Jaslyn, what was it like for you, sitting on the sidelines? Was there any favouritism or--

Pimpim: Yep there was. For my side (laugh)

Jaslyn: At the time there wasn't but after the first set I did feel a bit sorry for Pimpim for losing the first set. And then I kinda wanted it to be a set all and whatever...but someone's gonna win and someone's gonna lose so it was great that they were both in the semi.

J/E: Yeah look it was a fantastic result and hopefully there's lots more family matches to come.

Jaslyn: uh.......yeah hopefully. But only in finals!

J/E: So come January-the final of the Aussie Open it could be a Johansson/Hewitt final

Jaslyn: yeah would be great.

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