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Re: Do women think about sex more than men?

Originally Posted by Groove Dude View Post
I am a man of multiple talents

That 9 seconds thing is bullshit. Even I don't think about sex that much.

...that she would love. I like to think of myself as very "clitorate"

How you could possibly create a porno in your head from a song as violent and hardcore (albeit fucking awesome) track as that says more than one thing about you and your bed behavior

Feel free to pm. Like I said before, I believe this says more about you in particular than women in general. I'm not sure how many women listen to rock tracks and are moved to create a vivid porno in their minds. Maybe you are a bigger perv than Larah

I'd agree with that to an extent, but it all varies from person to person. I recall one girl who challenged me to give her an orgasm without using my penis.

Seriously? I love taking in pussy. Exploring it.

A bit more descriptive and romantic than my example, and I fully agree.

That 9 sec thing they must be counting everything as sex

You think of a girl=sex
You miss somebody=sex
Oh that girl is cute=sex
I think i remember something=sex
Ate Ice cream=sex
I need to sharpen my pencil=sex

Well pussy i only like it when girls are masturbating
But i always make em do it themselves and only touch it with a towel. Some girl wanted to kill me

justin bieber is not the best in history.
funk was better than rap.
techno not better than classic rock.

numbers are not everything.
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