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Re: ~*~Nando's Chicas' & Chico Milan's Chillin' Cheery Chat World~*~

Originally Posted by xohxmyx View Post
FeVer is a good marketing if he is to bring out a clothing range or cologne or whatever his plans were i think FeVer is great for that! but to actually call him that is just weird...unless your trying to be fangirly and your holding a sign that says something like "Nando gives me FeVer" ...but then i still think thats weird. nando is much easier except it reminds me of chicken, so i too prefer to call him Fer which is easy to say and its 3 letters long and im lazy with names and will make a nickname out of anything to save having to say/type full names

cute bunny by the way, i have one aswell her names...Bunny original name huh? she has an eye infection atm though and she ate the lino in her cage which im guessing isn't a good thing for her to do
exactly! A marketing name! Or like Ales has in her signature: the fever hit me.

I think if I said hey Fever!!! I think he would if he would react at all

Fer is a good name Nando's Chicken... indeed

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